Rich 16 Year Old Get’s Probation After Murdering Homies Cause of “Affluenza”



You mean to tell me that in 2013 … In AMERICA a 16 year old rich kid got twisted, drove 7 people in his family business owned truck until it flipped and killed four people and he’s gonna get away with it cause he’s so rich that he didn’t understand his actions?

That’s where we are at as a society? Can a Federal judge come in and shut this shit down? FUCK this little fuck. You wanna send him to rehab to learn about real life. Don’t send him to a fucking country club. Send this nigga to the 3rd world. Send him to a trailer park. Send him to live in the trap down south.

This shit is crazy. For the last year or so I’ve been watching the news, realizing more and more that we’re going crazy. We can’t let this shit happen. I feel like a 46 year old housewife watching Fox News getting scared into thinking our country is going to shit BUT INSTEAD I’M JUST BEING A NORMAL AS 26 YEAR OLD WATCHING CNN CLIPS A FIEND EMAILED ME JUSTIFIABLY SCARED CAUSE THIS COUNTRY IS GOING TO SHIT.

Disbar this judge. Take away the medical license of the doctor that testified at the behest of the rich defendant. And lock up the parents. Not for the kids actions. But because the excuse they used is that he didn’t understand what he was doing cause he was too rich. WORD???? Then that’s your fault and you should be locked up.

I’m fucking heated cause I literally cannot catch this disease aka I can’t kill mugs and get away with it. We already knew being rich was a get out of jail free card but this shit cannot be set as legal precedent.


PS. Someone save this email for when I’m a billionaire and Oakshades II and his dickbag homie Wave_Bandana II get arrested for a yammed up joyride where they killed the local sacred cow. <== Apparently we will be on a baller ass vacation in India or something

PPS. CNN you aint wrong about the 14 year old playing knockout cause lowkey being a kid is reason enough to be dumb enough and not understand the repercussions of your actions but goddamn chill with the race baiting huh?

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2 comments on “Rich 16 Year Old Get’s Probation After Murdering Homies Cause of “Affluenza”
  1. Amir says:

    Number 14 is a curse though, i always wish I’m wrong…

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