What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains

Yo fuck this nigga Nicholas Carr. I read his book The Shallows in 2010. I was writing an article for new iPad magazine called ‘Takeout’ when I decided to go ham on his POV. I’m pretty sure my argument still holds up today. It’s not a light read. Fuck with me tho so you can prove this nigga wrong. 2010 @oakshades wrote this ==> Read more ›

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Recapping April For Kids In America And Guns

April 5th, Utah: 5-month-old shot and killed in murder suicide attempt.

April 8th. Tennessee: 2-year-old shoots mother in the stomach.

April 8th, Tennessee: 4-year-old shoots and kills deputy’s wife at cookout.

April 9th, New Jersey: 6-year-old shoots 4-year-old,  killing him.

April 10th, South Carolina: 3-year-old finds gun, accidentally shoots and kills self.

April 12th, Kansas: 7-year-old shot in the head and killed while handling a handgun.

April 15th, Oregon: 9-year-old killed when gun accidentally discharges.

April 15th, Brooklyn: 1-year-old shot and killed in murder-suicide.

April 18th, Idaho: 8-year-old boy killed in accidental shooting.

April 21st, Oregon: 4-year-old shot and killed in accidental shooting.

April 24th, Illinois: 1-year-old and 5-year-old brothers killed in murderous rampage.

April 26th, Ohio: 10-year-old killed in accidental shooting.

April 30th, Alaska: 5-year-old shot and killed by 8-year-old brother when they were playing with a rifle.

April 30th, Kentucky: 2-year old girl shot and killed by 5-year-old brother.

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I Can’t Stand People Who Read on the Subway


Quick thought I had on the L-train this morning. Does anyone else fucking HATE when they see someone reading on the subway?

Whenever I see this I just get unreasonably upset. I can’t figure it out, but that shit irks me like no other. Like am I crazy?

I understand if you are commuting from a far distance or something. But today I saw this motherfucker get on for one stop, read like a half page, and get off at the next stop. Like that book can’t be that interesting. I just refuse to believe that.

But it’s more than just the fact I feel like 60% of you are just reading because it looks like the cool thing to do. I’m not trying to be like ignorant here. I’m not trying to shit on reading or tell kids reading isn’t cool. I just think it’s twice as ignorant to be reading in a place as fucking hectic as the NYC subway. It is way too crowded for people to be engaging in activities that require you to take all your focus off your surroundings. Like my big ass has to get shoved in the back by some douche because you are too slow to react because you just HAD to read right now. You people are always blocking the exits and shit. You are basically telling me you don’t give a fuck about  being considerate to others.

I’m not trying to be funny here. I’m just hoping I can find one other person on the entire internet that shares this pet peeve.

@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

PS – Same goes for the assholes playing games on the big ass Ipad 1.

PPS – How fucking perfect is that reading douche I found for the image of this post?

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Remember 2002?

Jesus christ. I was a freshmen in High School. I spent so much time jerking off. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.


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The Best Fails of April 2013

I don’t know how these FailArmy fiends compile all of this footage but god bless those fucks for doing it. Hit a bong… then watch this shit and try not to piss your pants.


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Peep This Dude Who Rescued Three Kidnapped White Chicks

Charles Ramsey, who helped rescue three missing Cleveland women from the house where they’d been held captive for a decade, is more than just a good Samaritan and hero: He’s also an amazing interview. (And even better on the phone with 911.)

Dude has quotes for days. “We ate Ribs and listened to Salsa music… I’m eating my McDonald’s; I come outside; I see this girl going nuts,” he says. “I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway!”

YOOOOO! “She been kidnapped bruh, put yourself in her shoes.” Someone give this nigga a TV show. Let him just report on his day. Something tells me Charles Ramsey might be the most interesting man in Cleveland.




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Today I Learned About Hemo-Goblin

Today I Learned that in the 80s, DC had a line of comics called “New Guardians” that featured a villain named the Hemo-Goblin. The Hemo-Goblin was a white supremacist vampire who drank AIDS-infested blood and bit black people. Yupp. A Nigger hating vampire in a comic book.

The Hemo-Goblin was a vampire created to help a white-supremacy group eliminate non-whites. He is notable mainly for infecting members of the New Guardians with the AIDS virus. He was killed in battle with the team.

I’m kinda mad that I missed the 80s. Can you imagine that meeting?

Umm hey ummm Steve, we’re a little confused with The Hemo-Goblin… Can you take us thru his story real quick?

Yea I can… He’s a vampire that drinks AIDS and tries to infect black people by biting them.

That’s almost as amazing as this cocaine we are snorting right now.




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Weekday Vegetarian

Honestly I could give a fuck less about carbon emissions and cow farts and shit but I’m gonna kinda fuck with this weekday veggie swag. Why?


2. Straight up Health reasons.

3. It’s pretty goddamn cheap to cook and eat veggies.

That being said. I just ate made veggies and I’m hungry as FUCK.


PS. I bet you $20 that I eat a steak tonight.

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When I’m High In A NYC Cab

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How To Use Google Glass

1. This is the most futuristic shit we’ve ever seen.
2. This is gonna change the porno game.


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