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No Olho Do Furacão (In The Eye Of The Storm)

Fiends are rioting in Brazil. I’m not gonna front and tell you I know why. I think it’s pretty crazy that we all know that Kanye and Kim named their kid North West and are getting married but we have no clue why the youth of Brazil are in the streets burning shit. Peep as Photographer Michel de Souza puts himself dead center in the middle of Brazil’s protests. This shit is dope.


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The OffLine Glass

Dumbest shit I’ve seen in fucking months. I get the idea of let’s get rid of phones in social settings but goddamn this is so dumb it makes me sad. No beverages should ever be placed ontop of a phone. Pretty simple premise no? That’s all I got. Nothing funny. I’m just actually mad these mugs think this is a good idea and that the ad world is giving this homies shine.


PS. I’m bout to be on my 3rd iPhone in the last 4 months. FUCKKKKKK

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A Very #Fiend Week


So on Monday night we were all sitting at The Dub mookin a blunt before bed talking bout the week. Wave looked over and was like “yo … we’re bout to get shitfaced for like four days in a row”. This dude didn’t even know how bodied we were gonna get. Tuesday night we hit Catch for Cole’s album release party. We mooked a few dutches … crushed a bottle of Fireball and hit the club. Fiends really turnt the fuck up. It was a Tuesday night and all of these mugs had work the next day. That didn’t stop anyone. I tried to holla at this one jawn who was wearing Lady Gaga shades and a dust mop tube top. I ended up taking the L train home at 5 am and eating pita chips by myself in my bed.

I don’t know how this niggas went to work the next day but everyone made it. Nobody got fired. Nobody puked in a meeting. Successful weeknight party. But Wednesday didn’t bring a calm ass night in with the Fiends. That night we copped another bottle of Fireball, mooked a few more blunts and then hit Irving Plaza for Cole’s “A Dollar and A Dream” tour.

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I can tell you for sure that there was no way in hell I thought I’d be doing what I’m doing today. When I was finishing up at NYU, the world collapsed financially. All my plans kinda went to shit. At the same time Cole’s career took off. Cole said he was gonna become a rap legend … began the journey to become a rap legend. It was crazy to see. Watching Cole do what he has done is the most inspirational shit I’ve ever witnessed. I really believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. I always knew that, but I don’t think I ever believed it till Dreamville happened. Watching Cole create Born Sinner has reinvigorated my passion for life. This nigga put his heart and soul into this project. EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT. Seeing someone care so deeply for something makes me want to care about something that much.


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Is This Racist : KMart ‘Knickers’

So homies made this video and KMart has been taking heat for it over the weekend. They said that they had nothing to do with such a racist video. After reading about the video, I watched it. This shit is funny. I don’t really think it’s racist at all. But I’m also a Black Jew who pretty much hates everyone equally. What do you fiends think?


PS. They needed a black chick to hit an employee with a “Knickerss pleaseeee” and I woulda been super geeked.

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Unlocking The Truth

This shit was fucking cool as shit. Everytime I see something like this. Two black kids that get the world on a level that it took me 25 years to get to. Lil homies so comfortable in their own skin that they started a metal band and rock the fuck out in NYC. Everytime I see something like this … I cannot believe I legitimately thought I was gonna be in the NBA. I wasted so much time practicing lefty layups and trying to be cool. This nigga said I don’t care, I know I’m gonna be famous. He’s right. He is gonna be famous. He’s got the confidence of Jimi Hendrix reincarnate. These fiends are cool as shit.


PS. It’s gonna be sad when they get a female lead that they both fall in love with and end up tearing apart the band over.

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Never Been Happier To Be Called RATCHET

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.32.52 PM

This weekend, the re-entry stamp for the world famous DJais bar at the Jersey Shore was fucking RATCHET.

If you follow us, then you know we love getting blacked out and doing drugs at DJais in the summer. We post about that shit all the time, but one thing I noticed is we never mentioned how important the re-entry stamp is. The DJais re-entry stamp is your life-blood for the Jersey Shore in Belmar. Before night falls, your only goal is to get that stamp. The best move is to go there for happy hour, get stamped, and then you are free to come and go as you please. Otherwise once it’s night time, the line to enter is literally 1-2 hours long.

When you get the stamp, it’s like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders. You can skip the line at any time. I can’t describe how good this feeling is and how important this is. Let me paint a picture for you:

The Jersey Shore is like a mix of a fiend summer camp and a college campus for adults. People are partying literally everywhere all day long, from the house parties, to the beach, to other bars and around town. All throughout your J Shore travels you will meet people. So say you and some friends meet a cute group of girls or guys. You all are hitting it off and then one of them says lets got to DJais. Everyone gets excited and goes in. BUT, you were an asshole and didn’t get stamped earlier in the day. Now your ass is in a 2 hour long line while everyone else already went inside and is turning up. Yea sure, the cute chick/dude said they would wait for you inside, but it’s a fiend jungle in there. By the time your dumbass gets in 2 hours later that person is 100% going to be grinding on someone else. You just lost out on cutty because your bitch ass didn’t get stamped.

That is just one reason why that shit is so important. I can think of thousands. But the moral of the story is: get fucking stamped. And when you do, you do everything in your power to protect this stamp. If you shower, you wrap that bitch up in plastic. This shit is like your fiend passport.

But this weekend the stamp was fucking RATCHET. I’ve never seen so many grown ass men and women so happy to have RATCHET written all over their body and clothes. Shit was funny as fuck. Everywhere you went, just drunk ass white people with RATCHET all over them. I saw a group of black dudes that literally could not comprehend this shit. Shit must have been so confusing to see some preppy white girl, happy as hell she has RATCHET written on her. Mind blowing shit.

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Poor Miss Utah

It’s 2013. Why are we still doing this? Why do we ask them to talk? Why can’t we just get mad homies to sit in an audience and decide on a scale of 1-10 who is the baddest bitch? Also. Why the fuck am I not in charge of this shit? Why aren’t we testing out their cooking skills? I’m not even trying to be a dickhead but chicks tend to cook better then dudes right? So if I’m judging chicks I feel like they should bust out their number 1 recipe.

OHHHH you’re mysgonistic oakshades. AM I? Am I really a bad guy for saying that I’d test cooking in these pageants? You’re gonna put an idiot in high hells and a tight dress and purposefully lob questions at her waiting for her to say some dumb shit like she did and I’m the bad guy? You strutting out chicks in Bikinis playing Banjos but I’m a bad guy for wanting to see her whip up some grub?

This whole culture is weird to me. And this aint some dude shit. This shit is definitely a woman’s world. Ya’ll are the weirdos. Feminists need to fix this shit before they give us normal dudes who love chicks a hard time for literally anything us dumb fucks say.


PS. I feel so bad for her man.

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One of the craziest things that I’ve learned about America was told to me by Ced. If you get arrested for committing a crime, go to jail and then get granted probation … you have to pay to stay on probation vs going back to jail. Seems like a pretty fair punishment until you dig a little deeper. You just got out of jail for doing something illegal … most likely because this was your source of income. So you are fresh out of jail and now you need a job. So you go to apply for jobs but you cannot get a job cause you are fresh out of jail. But if you don’t pay what you owe, your probation officer is gonna let the system know and then you’re back in jail. So what do you do now? You prolly end up doing what you know can make you some money.

You see the cycle?


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