Happy New Year My Jew

It’s the new year according to the torah my niggas. Did mad Jewish shit yesterday with the fam so that’s why I didn’t post any funnies. We back tho and guess what? We got our first mockup of the new layout. It looks clean. Movementos being made fiends.


PS. I’m not religious ala all my rants but there is something nice about family traditions and shit.

PPS. I’m still laughing at this tweet from the #HateHard Emperor

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J. Cole – I’m a Fool

The final cut of Cole’s new song he debuted at the San Bernardino Rock the Bells stop. People were really fucking with this one, a lot of fans constantly requested this on Twitter. Cole did some dope shit today and responded to a random twitter fan’s request for this record by emailing him the song:



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Elite – Last Round/Crabs in a Bucket (VIDEO)


The big homie Elite dropped this video this morning. I’m pretty sure he was the editor + director and yupp he’s his own boss (that’s a Kreayshawn reference for those who didn’t get it). Shit is dope man. I love when artists give you a peak into their real life in their videos. Who hasn’t drank way too many forties, crushed handfulls of potato chips and then fell and got stuck between signs? I HAVE. Fuck with it. Dreamville shit.


PS. Do yourself a favor and bump Awaken. You need a little Elite in your life.

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#FIENDFRIDAYS is Finally Upon Us


I don’t know bout you but I plan on ripping the ROOR extraordinarily hard this weekend while plotting on the comeup. Shit has been crazy hectic for all the Fiends lately. Wave is making POWER moves in the Advertising world, Bas is busy cooking up music and trying to co-ordinate with all of the French fiends and I’m trying to become Tyler Perry x P.Diddy x JJ Abrams all while growing out my JewFro. As I was walking out of my Upper West Side doctor’s office today, Bas hit me and told me that he wanted to drop two freestyles he had on deck. Freestyle isn’t an adequate term for these joints. #FIENDMIX is better cause we grew up on G-Unit and those niggas taught us that if you hear a song you like and it inspires bars, you take that fucking song and make it your own. That being said…

This that Fiend music… That Super Mookin Fiend Music…





Get loose this weekend and enjoy freedom.


PS. Check out Soundcloud if you haven’t. It’s a really fire medium to find new music. You can download all of Bas’ shit there mad easily. Just hit that little arrow pointing … DOWN.

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Fly – Street Dreams Remix (VIDEO)

Fuck! I just caught my boss staring at me cause this new Fly joint got me diddy-bopping at my desk right now. Turned my laptop around so he could see what was good. He watched the whole video with me. Gotta show some love to Queens.


PPS. 718.

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FIFA 13 Glitch

This is nowhere as bad as the Jesus Christ Bynum glitch from NBA Elite.

Still funny tho.


PS. One day the world will rejoice and commend us knowing that SMF had huge parts in taking down the NBA Live franchise two summers ago.

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Just Got Back From The Doctor

I’m not dying as of today.



PS. I think Bas got a few joints for ya’ll to bump this weekend as you smoke weed and do hoodrat things with your friends.

PPS. As soon as I walked out of the doctor’s office I hit the same dance move as this homie.

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Swedish House Mafia – Don’t You Worry Child (VIDEO)

I’m not gonna even front. I was rolling FACE like straight up the most intense experience I’ve ever had in my life at EZoo during Axwell’s set. He dropped this shit and I almost cried. I texted my mom. Real shit. TALK TO YOUR FUCKING PARENTS PEOPLE!


PS. Pretty crazy that these mugs had to break up as a group so they could get more famous individually. That SHM reunion tour is gonna be PAHPPPPPPPPIN.

PPS. Don’t do too much molly cause that shit will have you in a tangled web of emotions for a solid 2 weeks. A nigga just getting his mind right and I’m still borderline insane.

PPPS. cough cough (stole this shit from Kanye and Jay) cough cough

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Left vs Right vs Obama vs Romney

If you’re gonna read one thing about this election then read this dude’s (ManWithNoStomach) comment cause that shit is 10x more coherent and true then anything you may or may not watch on whatever bullshit “NEWS” outlet that is your preference.

I’m going to agree with your exact statement but also ad an addendum. The sides are not equivalent. There are some dumb liberals. Lots of them. Enthusiastic college kids who took a few humanities courses and smoked some pot while listening to bob marley who think they have it all figured out, holistic/homeopathic crowds, uneducated (largely as a result of class and broken families) african americans who vote Obama because he’s black and no other reason, and as much as I have respect for the work they do – a great chunk of the blue collar working class (union guys) who work hard ass factory jobs and vote the party line regardless.I’m sure there’s some other groups i’ve missed and beyond that – there’s individuals that defy group identification.

That all being said, from personal experience and from everything I’ve read regarding how informed Fox News viewers are, or the average high school drop out rates among Red states and so forth – it is consistently obvious that the right in this nation is way fucking dumber, less informed, and poorly educated than the left and the middle. Their ability to pick fact from fiction, to have any kind of skeptical mind, to understand when they’re being fend junk science or revisionist history, the fact they so easily give into racism or crank economic theories, or act like the sky is falling because of age-old social fears, the frequency of religious zealotry, and so forth are great examples of this. Frank Thomas’ “What’s The Matter with Kansas?” and Bagaent’s Deer Hunting With Jesus are two great books that also high light a fact that the right wing of the nation (the populace that is) has a problem with.

Go to the welfare line down town. Go on, go. Find yourself a token black man who doesn’t speak proper English who is dressed like he belongs at a hip hop show – possibly even a grill up in his mouth and ask him who he’s voting for. And he’s going to tell you Obama.

Now go ask a toothless hillbilly who lives in a town where the schools don’t have funding, where labor unions have been broken up and wages have been driven down, where small businesses have closed up in competition to big box stores, where the number one employer is the fucking military, where crime in high, health insurance is desperately needed, the elderly don’t have the care they need – and ask old hillbilly who he’s voting for.

This is where the dumb, uneducated black guy grabbing a welfare check is actually smarter than the dumb old hillbilly. The black guy understands there’s a party at least claiming to benefit him. There’s a party out there that’s going to do something for him.
That hillbilly quotes bullshit about self-sufficiency, the American dream, the American way, rabid individualism and he votes for the guy who’s going to strip his town of even more resources. This hypothetical hillbilly could be on food stamps or medicaid himself – but it’s still very likely he’s voting Romney.

The right in this nation believe a lie – in fact, they believe a lot of lies. They’ve also been convinced largely by politicians preying on religious faith and culture fears regarding race and xenophobia that their culture, their well being is under attack by this evil other. And in trade they give up all hope of their communities ever being improved. They do it for god, or out of racism, or some bullshit about Keynesian capitalism being rebranded as “communism”. Toss in the senility of the baby boomers and you got yourself a mess of people. You got a 20 some odd percent of Republicans who could watch Bush Jr eat a live baby on television and still think he’s a pretty good guy, doing good things.

Look at Romney – what self respecting conservative would vote for this guy? He is a liar. Even if Kerry was a “flip flopper” – this guy is that times a 1000. No politician has ever been so shameless, will say anything, change his position on anything – multiple times within a fucking day! – just to get in office. He’ll promise anything, repeat known lies, it doesn’t matter. Because he knows he has the “anyone but the nigger” vote, he knows he has corporate backing bigger than his opponent, he knows cheating voter laws are in his favor.

To republicans – we got a Muslim, Kenyan nigger up in the White House and he’s got to go before he started re-education camps, gives control of the US to the Muslim Brotherhood and their evil socialist agenda!
From global warming as a hoax to destroying the curriculum in our science classrooms …one half of this equation is almost unequivocally dumb as fuck. They’re electing people who are obvious frauds and cheats, they don’t even believe in paying for what they spend anymore. It used to be that Republicans cut spending and taxes, then Democrats would increase both. now the democrats seem to take a balanced approach and Republicans spend spend spend while cutting taxes. It’s insane.

There are smart conservatives. And libertarians. There are. Gary Johnson to David Frum – plenty of smart guys and gals. Lots of them. But if you wanted me to pick which side of the spectrum had more morons? It’s the right wing. I feel sorry actually for the intellectual conservatives out there. They have to live with birthers, and bigots, and conspiracy nuts representing them on tv, on the radio, on the internet, at protests, as politicians. how anyone identifies with the republican party as it stands right now — baffles me. I hate to regurgitate something from Mahr – but a nice comment was made on last week’s show. the Democrats right now are the conservatives, the moderates and the liberals. They have to be everything – because the state of the GOP and it’s base right now is to act completely fucking batshit insane.
Only one party right now is talking about attacks on birth control. That right there says it all.

Is Obama the man who we thought he was? Dunno. But he’s 10 million better then Romney.

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Hans Zimmer + History = This Video

Dope but you forgot

1. Ethnic cleansing of Native Americans.
2. Slavery.
3. Sega Dreamcast.


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