The Arrival : Just Blaze

I can’t believe that Just Blaze is heavy in the EDM world. When I saw him at the Fool’s Gold block party like 4 years ago, I was like umm … that’s Just Blaze. What the fuck is he doing here? Then last week at Webster during A-Trak’s set I saw him grooving out to the music and I was like wow there are two my worlds colliding at once.


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White House Correspondent Dinner

HAHAHA funny jokes Barack … but what’s good with that Hope and Change? Economy still sucks, we still at war, the industrialized prison complex is still chugging along, health care is still fucked and the rent is too goddamn high. At least you got Hov on the text tho.


PS. I really hope Obama thought he could be our champion and then got to the White House and realized that the Illuminati run the world vs him being their LeBron since the age of 14.

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Childbirth vs Getting Kicked in the Balls

I’ve been hit in the balls a few times. Like reallllllly hit in the balls. No fucking way that shit is worse then giving birth to a child. I was 10 pounds 10 ounces as a child. My head was so big that the doctor’s realized that there was no shot I was coming out my mom’s vajay. Here’s the kicker tho. My mom is allergic to pain medicine so she had to have a C section dead ass sober. THEY CUT THRU HER ABS WHEN SHE WAS ON NO DRUGS. Ya’ll got this one ladies.


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Wait. So Jon Snow Invented Muff Diving?


All hail the God of Muff: Jon Snow.


Everyone that knows Wave Bandana, knows I’m the king of muff diving. I won Muff Diver of the Year 8 years in a row since 2005. That’s up there with UConn’s women’s basketball win streak in terms of domination.

Have you ever been riding dirty with mook in the car and pulled up right next to a cop, and thought “damn, those dudes have no idea how close they are to a bust”. Like they are literally inches away from a career making bust, and they have no idea. That’s how I feel anytime a girl sits next to me on the subway or passes me on the street. Like, damn, you have no idea how close you were to the King of Muff Diving. You were so close girl, but U AINT EVEN KNOW IT.

Forreal though, I’ve been a godless muff diver for almost a decade, but now I have my Messiah. Jon Snow man. Bow down.

@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

PS – That episode was absolutely trash last night. Lived up to Game of Cheeks.

PPS – Kinda pumped I got to see Snow’s girl naked. Wanted that one for a while. Also yo the big warrior bitch wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Bout to set her up with @oakshades.

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Beez In The Church



PS. It’s kinda fun to spit these bars.
PPS. If there was an Oakshades Show aka the dopest sketch comedy show of all time… I’d have 2Chainz on the show to recreate this joint.

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Dope Street Art

Piece done by ROA in London.


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Anti-Marijuana NYS Assemblyman Is Charged With Marijuana Possession


A New York State assemblyman from the Hudson Valley was charged with marijuana possession after he was stopped for speeding, the authorities said on Friday. State Assemblyman Stephen M. Katz, a Republican from Mohegan Lake, N.Y., said an episode with the State Police this week was “unfortunate.”

The assemblyman, Stephen M. Katz, 59, a Republican from Mohegan Lake, was found with a “small bag” of marijuana when stopped on Thursday, the State Police said in a statement. Assemblyman Katz was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation that is punishable by a fine of up to $100.

In a statement, Mr. Katz said the episode was “unfortunate.”

“This should not overshadow the work I have done over the years for the public and my constituency,” he said, adding, “I am confident that once the facts are presented that this will quickly be put to rest.”

Mr. Katz, who was first elected in 2010, represents a district that includes parts of Putnam and Westchester Counties. As a Republican in the Assembly, which Democrats control, he is not especially influential, but he has made a name for himself as one of the more outspoken state legislators. (This week, for instance, he enraged fans of the Buffalo Bills by questioning the use of state money to entice the team to stay in New York.)

Mr. Katz has had previous troubles. A veterinarian by trade, he was once accused of illegally disposing of a dead German shepherd, and another time of allegedly attacking a Chihuahua he was treating. Both times, he said, he was exonerated.

On Thursday, Mr. Katz was pulled over around 10 a.m. after he was detected driving 80 miles per hour on the New York State Thruway in Coeymans, south of Albany, where the speed limit is 65 m.p.h. The State Police said the trooper who approached his car noticed the smell of marijuana, and then found Mr. Katz to be in possession of the drug.

Mr. Katz was released on an appearance ticket and is due in court on March 28.

The assemblyman, who is a member of the chamber’s Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, voted against a bill last year that would have legalized medical marijuana.

FUCK THIS DUDE. This is our government people. This nigga is one of the stronger anti-marijuana voices in NYS and then he gets arrested speeding and they find weed on him? Hyprocticial fuckboi taking bribes, I mean … being influenced by lobbyists. Meanwhile we’re locking up people for selling weed.

Lobbying + The Industrialized Prison Complex = MURICAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

Politics fucking disgust me.


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#FiendFridays – Black & Blue


I missed this shit.

#FiendFridays is back.

Lotta shit in the pipeline, we’re gearing up for a memorable summer fiends.


And shouts to every single one of yall that gave “Stronger” a listen, and everyone that’s been sharing the music.

I couldn’t thank you enough. This mook’s for you fiend.

Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II coming soon.

- Bas

PS. See you Monday.

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Top 5 Tweet Of All Time

Screen shot 2013-04-26 at 12.36.02 PM

Everything is flawless about this picture. Mo Williams and Jared Dudley getting OWNED. Jerry just smiling off to the left. How’s Cancun??? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH


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Friday Fiend of The Week: Tavon White

Federal prosecutors say 13 female correctional officers, seven inmates and five others with gang ties have been charged with plotting to smuggle drugs, cellphones and other contraband into the Baltimore jail and other corrections facilities.

An indictment unsealed Tuesday said the ring also involved sex between inmates and guards that led to four of the officers becoming pregnant by Tavon White, leader of a jailhouse gang called the Black Guerrilla Family. He is held at the Baltimore City Detention Center, awaiting trial on a charge of attempted murder.

The indictment claims the gang ran the scheme from inside the detention center and charges gang members and corrections officers with conspiracy, drug possession and distribution and money laundering.

Yo. What is wrong with you hoes? THIS DUDE IS LOCKED UP AND FOUR BIRDS GOT PREGNANT BY HIM. Are you kidding me? I’m not even mad at Tavon. Shit. If you locked up, you might as well cook, get your guap up and fuck some security guards. If you told me this was storyline of The Wire season 6 … I’d be geeked as fucking hell. Shouts to my dude Tavon. You’re a fiend if I’ve ever seen one.



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