How To Sneak Booze In To Like Anywhere



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Cops Confiscate 2 Pound Joint on 4/20

This happened on campus at University of California Santa Cruz. Realshit as much as I believe going to NYU changed my life and opened doors for me… I fucked up. I shoulda went out west for college. I’ve heard of UC Santa Cruz on three occasions. Once on sports radio cause their team name is the Banana Slugs. This video. And then one of the fiends went out there to party with his boy and ended up fingering two bitches at the same time while Steve Aoki was DJ’ing a beach rave. If my kid is smart, I’m gonna send them to NYU. If they are an idiot, I’m sending them to UC Santa Cruz.


PS. How bout the kid telling the Campus cops he was gonna sue them. I fucking love stoners.

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Comedian Tells Kids To Text Parents About Mook


“Experiment: text your parents ‘got 2 grams for $40′ then right after ‘Sorry ignore that txt. Not for you’ Then tweet pic of their response.” Dozens of his fans followed his suggestion and sent their parents those two text messages, and the responses are pretty amusing and maybe almost worth all the people they’re upsetting.

Yo my mom would flip the fuck out if I hit her with this text. Granted she does read this blog where I tell you fiends everything so maybe she wouldn’t? Peep some of the responses from these parents:

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Fat Jew x J.Cole


Me and this nigga need to be a Fat Jew x Fat Black Jew duo.

I need to make this happen.


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Hyundai “Pipe Job” Suicide Commercial

Damn man. Somewhere out in the world an ad executive is cleaning out his desk. You can’t make a suicide commercial bro. At what point did the pompous creative director that was in charge of this account think this was a good idea? And how bout Hyundai??? What’s wrong with you fiends? HOW DOES THIS GET APPROVED? Even my dumbass who could give a fuck less about a majority of people’s feelings woulda been like “ummm nah this aint cool b.” Fucking Hyundai man. Ya’ll been killing shit and then you go and do this. Fucking idiots.


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Power Trip BTS

I wish you could see how bad the footage I filmed for this was. My vision is going to shit cause I coulda sworn a majority of that shit was in focus… It wasn’t.


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NYPD: Pedestrian Died Because He Ran Into Cop Car


NYPD has reportedly changed its story about what happened to Tamon Robinson, the man who suffered fatal injuries when he was chased by officers in a police cruiser through a housing complex in Brooklyn. Whereas witnesses said police ran Robinson over, NYPD now claims the victim killed himself by running into the police cruiser, which wasn’t moving.

Witnesses say cops ran over Tamon Robinson, then dragged him, unconscious, from beneath the cruiser.
Meanwhile, the Daily News reports that, a year after the crash, District Attorney Charles Hynes has yet to decide whether to bring the case to a grand jury.

Tamon Robinson, 27, was loading paving stones into an SUV at Bayview Houses in Canarsie on April 12, 2012, when according to press accounts he was chased by officers who believed he was stealing the bricks. From a Times story published a week later, after Robinson had died: “Mr. Robinson ran toward his building, but a police car hit him before he reached it, according to a police report about the events.”

The Times said the Internal Affairs Bureau was investigating Robinson’s death.

Contrary to the initial NYPD account, on Saturday the Daily News reported that the official NYPD report claims “the police car was stopped on a footpath outside the Bayview Houses last April when Robinson ‘did run into’ the vehicle, causing him to fall backward and strike his head.”

This story would strain credulity even without conflicting reports from people who saw the crash. DNAinfo reported that, according to witnesses, “police at the scene pulled Robinson from under the car, yelling ‘Wake up! Wake up!’ before bouncing him off the hood of the car.”

The Daily News says an independent expert has been hired by Hynes’s office to reconstruct the crash. “We can’t make a decision until we have the final report,” said a Hynes spokesperson.

NYPD sent Robinson’s family a bill for damage to the cruiser, but rescinded it after the media picked up the story.

In another instance of NYPD using a police car as a deadly weapon, last August officers rammed a dirt bike in the Bronx, killing the bike’s operator and injuring a passenger. The Daily News notes that the NYPD Patrol Guide “prohibits ‘ramming’ in an attempt to stop a vehicle.”

Really? Everyone do me a favor. Go outside and give yourself like 50 yards between yourself and a parked car. Run as fast as you can. Like there’s an alien crocodile zombie with aids chasing you. Run right into that parked car. YOU ARE NOT GONNA DIE. This really is some bullshit. If we cannot count on police men to not murder people and get away with it, how do you expect our society to run itself? This shit aint right and even though I’m trying to make it funny, this shit is really alarming. THESE ARE THE POLICE. The police shouldn’t be able to kill someone by mistake and then say it was their own fault and send their family a bill for damages. THIS IS AMERICA. This shit shouldn’t be happening.



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Get Chicks or Die Trying…


Everyone from Jersey is BOE. BITCHES OVER ERRRRYTHANNGGG. Fuck that MOB shit.

Sike nah, we get money in Jersey too. But there’s no bitch in the world that can turn down a Jersey swag homie. JR and I are living proof.

@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

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Adventures of Chris Bosh in The Multiverse

Yo the credits say that this is executive produced by Chris Bosh. Smoke weed before you watch this cause it’s ridiculous.


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Lenny Cooke

In 2001, Lenny Cooke was the most hyped high school basketball player in the country, ranked above future greats LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. In an era when high school stars were forgoing college hoops in favor of the potential multi-million dollar contracts promised in the NBA, Lenny was supposed to be the next superstar. He had the world at his fingertips. But over a decade later, while his peers are taking home MVP awards and Championship trophies, Lenny has never played a minute in the NBA. What went wrong?

Lenny Cooke will be playing at the Tribeca Film Festival this week in New York City.

Yo. I’m bout to cry. As as someone who had hoop dreams, I never was jealous of the chosen few. I rooted for them. I love the game of basketball. There was a point in my life where I spent every second of the day pretending to be Michael Jordan. My dumbass once was pretend dribbling in the crib and in my head I’m like “The clock is at 7 seconds, Oakshades with a strong push to the defender’s right, 5 seconds, he spins back to the lef…” and then i cracked my face against the wall on the spin move. Blood everywhere. I love basketball to the point where I idolized the young hoopers around the country. In 2001 I was 13, my doctor said I was gonna be 6’8″ and Lenny Cooke was gonna be a star. It’s 2013 I am not 6’8″, and Lenny Cooke never put on a Knick jersey. I’d seen him hoop. To see this happen to a legend like Lenny Cooke breaks my fucking heart. Never fiend so hard you ruin your life.


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