Kanye West X Pusha T – New God Flow


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June 2012 Fail Compilation

I love these motherfuckers. Enjoy 9 minutes of fiends just straight fucking up.


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Craigslist Joe

Two things.

1. The fiend hippie in me wants to do this so bad.
2. This shit would be way easier when you tell mugs you’re gonna be in a movie and have a crew filming you.


PS. Ok 2more thoughts.

3. In real life, you’d last 2 days before someone tried to murder you.
4. I’d have quit asap cause I need my good skin lotion.

PPS. Imma watch this cause I’m curios to see see how the fiends he meets interact with him as humans.

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Super Mookin Sunday Funday Trailer: The Man With The Iron Fists

Posted the last SMSFT soley on the strength of Chris Tucker and Katniss but this shit actually looks like the fiends will enjoy. Looks like the asian Game of Thrones. I’m pretty sure the Thing from the Fantastic Four is in this shit too. I used to think RZA was retarded for his kung fu obsession but umm QUENTIN TARANTINO IS PRODUCING THIS SHIT. That’s like when our boy JBone used to cut ass on us for recording diss tracks on garageband, if we get one track produced by Ye, we pulled off what the RZA did. Ok I’m gonna stop rambling.


PS. Did you peep who is making music for this shit?

Black Keys


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Super Mookin Sunday Funday Traler : Silver Linings Playbook




This is the kinda crazy I am. Like fully aware of how crazy and that shit is dumb crazy.


I love Katniss.


PS. Ladies if you need a nigga to take you to see this shit… holla at me.

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I don’t know when it happened but during some blunt I mooked during college I came to the realization that we barely know shit. We don’t know shit about ourselves, our brains, our parents, our friends, our laws and rules, our state, our economy, our country, our practices as a country, the world, the universe. We know nothing. Niggas listen to who says shit with the most conviction and just go with that. Since then, all I wanna do is mook and learn new cool shit. I posted this cause when I pressed play I had no idea it was a compilation of dope shit that I randomly came across on the internet. Watch this shit and check out some of the people that are talking or mentioned at the end. Smoke first tho.


PS. The future is not really ours tho, unfortunately the future is whatever big business tells us it is.

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The Weekend

Sorry ladies, I’m not talking bout the raspy OVOXO nigga you all love. I’m talking about the weekend. You know Thursday night thru Sunday afternoon? The only time we aren’t slaves to the desk, water coolers and annoying ass coworkers. How the fuck does it go so quickly? How do my emotions go from awesome to terrible so quickly? Why do I feel dumb stressed as well as dumb elated at the same time? Let’s take a deep look into my fiend weekend…

Friday 6:30 PM

Work got out late due to my British bosses not fucking with the idea of Summer Fridays at all. So it was off to the Dub where I met up with the Dreamville General Adam and a new designer homie. I got high, we crushed a few Bud Light Limes, ideas were discussed. Good times. I missed my groupon to go play minigolf and down unlimited tap beers at the Greenwich Village Country Club. Smoked more weed and then hit the streets with 66 Holds and Adam. Scooped the British intern from my office and hit 49 Grove where I saw every hooper I’ve hooped with since 8th grade. Good times. Got some Pizza at Bleecker Street. Told her about Tha Carter and how it changed my life. We sat on the stoop and I just talked like crazy about everything that has happened in the last three years and not gonna lie… a nigga got a little emotional. Anyway we walked back uptown for like 10 blocks till her heels hurt. Hopped a cab. Dropped heroff at the crib of the dude who is a part owner of my agency (she was staying there during her trip to NYC). I got cockblocked by the Megabus and the Doorman. Some bullshit. Then I hopped another cab to link with Sam, Adam and Jimbo. Jimbo bagged some gs at the club he was at and was bringing them back to chill. Went back to the crib where I ran into all the homies outside waiting for the afforementioned birds. It was 4 am. We got cockblocked by the salty ass nigga who didn’t want to hang out with 4 niggas and the bitches he brought to the club. Understandable, but fuck you bro. Holla at a hookshow or something and let niggas cook on your bitches.

Saturday 11:30 AM

I can’t sleep in anymore unless I go to sleep at like 9 am after ingesting mad drugs and shit. So I was up earlyish on Saturday. Cleaned the crib cause from Thursday at 6 PM to Saturday at 11 AM, there were at least 50 different people in the crib chillin, smokin and drinking. Rolled a blunt, thought about life and then did absolutely nothing till around 7pm. Chilled with the Dreamville fam for a little BBQ session. @FiendBassy and I scraped niggas at FIFA (cough cough Cole and Ib are no longer FIFA rap champions, SMF is currently RPI #1) smoked some more and then hit the city. @Wave_Bandana called me to tell me that the fiend conversation we have every once in a while about shit falling out of NYC windows and immediately crushing/killing people HAPPENED IN FRONT OF HIS OWN TWO EYES and someone hit a DOUBLE HIT ON THE DEATH CUP (I’ve only seen this happen once and it was on my HS Cut day at this dimey chick Josephine’s crib. Me and my partner both hit dude’s cup at the same time and he had to run around the block butt ass naked.) After that fire phone call and another blunt we decided to meet Wave at [REDACTED]. [REDACTED] is dope. It’s Clay’s favorite club, and I see why. I literally crushed up some mook, got a cup from the bartender to dutch my dutch in and then proceeded to mook a canon while two stepping and drinking my whiskey. A few things I loved about [REDACTED] was, 1. Smoking weed in the club 2. Running into EVERY rich LA fiend I know 3. Dimey models drinking $7 Stella Artois cans 4. Everyone fucking with actual Hip-Hop in the club 5. The fact that everyone was so coked out made me feel like less of a fiend. Back to the crib, blunts with the entire set. Then passed the fuck out.

Sunday 12:30 PM

Caught a young ride back to Queens from @Fiendbassy and got a fresh cut. Went over to Tha Carter Queens and saw Bas’ whole fam. Hopped a cab with CedBreeze back to the crib where I spent the rest of Sunday mookin, eating and chilling with the fiends. There was a point where I was draped out on a couch, @CedBreeze was cookin beats and my litle sister and her homegirl were chillin. My sister said “It’s weird how calming this is”. At that point in time, listening to the sounds of NYC thru my apt window, mid mooked thoughts, post thai food binge… is when I realized that for the last month I was supposed to be working on a project and I hadn’t spent more then 5-10 minutes actually thinking of my goal. PANIC ATTACK. Sparked a little Blackberry Kush and spent an hour or so ideating. More homies came thru. Drank some brews, watched the BET awards and then kissed the weekend goodbye. I knocked out dumb early by mistake. I was in my bed working on some ideas and I passed out. Woke up at 5 am to an empty document other then six exclamation points. I fell asleep and deleted the entire shit.

I got mad shit accomplished this weekend. Had good times with the homies. Saw alot of fiends I haven’t seen in a minute. Mooked. Ideated. Got a haircut. HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT SHIT GO BUY 10X QUICKER THEN TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY??? We went to 2 clubs, I went to three different 7/11s, I bought 2 lighters including the humongous blue one I copped for 5 bucks. I felt rested, I felt shit tired. WHERE THE FUCK DO WE SIGN UP FOR MANDATORY THREE DAY WEEKENDS? I’d vote for Mitt Romney if he said we’d have Fridays off for the rest of eternity. Anyway that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this rant. Cause that’s kinda it.


PS. Best part about [REDACTED] was the fact that we bumped into Just Blaze and I didn’t even realize it till 2 hrs later when @CEDBREEZE was like ‘You seen that nigga Just in there?’. Then I realized that mid blunt roll, we bumped into that nigga!

PPS. We can’t put yall on to [REDACTED] like we wanted to. Not yet atleast…

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Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II – SAMPLER


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Super Mookin’ Fiends at The High Times Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup

Fiend Geo and Lu Mook (formerly Fiend Lu) went to the High Times Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup last weekend. I asked them to document their experience to the best of those fucking fiends’ ability (suicide request on my part).

The High Times Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup is basically a medical marijuana expo where all the leading dispensaries, collectives, and vendors showcase their products. They also have a variety of awards which if won, serve as a very successful means to brand and market your strand (ex: Won Best Strand 2008!). Just like winning an academy award or something.

Anyway that was my professional description. Shit is really a fiend dream weekend. Like a fiend Disney World or some shit except Space Mountain is Mook Mountain.

I’m sure there were some funny stories and situations with a super fiend like Lu, and super creep like Geo running around in free mook all weekend. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten much from those mook heads. I think they are officially brain dead. Geo was so mooked out he actually turned down a pussy movement this week, something that fiend has never done in his life.

After 2 straight days of texting all I got was this from Lu mook late Sunday night:

Lu: “yo”

me: Yo!

Lu: “We had to leave Geo got too mooked”

me: what? why? how?

Lu: “ate a whole mook cake”

That’s all I got. I’m not sure what a mook cake really is but it sounds like a cake with mook in it. Eating a whole mook cake does not sound like a good look yo.

My texts were unanswered for the next 18 hours when at work Monday I got this:

Lu: “yo”

me: lol. what is good with you fiends?

Lu: “Geo been asleep 14 hours straight. I’m just sitting here watching him eating mook bars”

I’m gonna go ahead and assume a mook bar is a chocolate candy bar with mook in it. I had one last year and I was SUPER MOOKED. So I can’t imagine what multiple bars after 3 days of mook binging did to Fiend Lu. If you don’t get the picture by now, they literally can take any food product and add THC to it. They have Mook candy, Mook Pizza, Mook anything you want. It’s absolutely outrageous. Cali and West Coast kids, I know this is nothing new to you. Relax. Some fiends really have no idea the degree of THC products available. Real weed heads don’t even “smoke the flower” anymore. Shit is nuts. I would have studied Chemistry way harder if I knew i could be a mook scientist when I grew up.

 Super Mookin’ Fiends at The High Times Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup: 

The Bay.

The Vendors. Every tent has free mook. – Lu Mook 

Mook Display.

The most fiended out flowers in vase I’ve ever seen. 

 Mook Pop.
Mook Pizza. (There is actually THC in this Pizza)
“Chronic Ice” aka Mook in drink form. Wild.
Portable Vaporizers
Mook Lounge. Notice that the plant life creating a peaceful setting the way most normal clubs do it, are actually chronic plants. How fucking dope is that?
Mook Truck.
High Times Mook.
PS – To See Results of the Cup and Award Winners Click Here
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The Hardcore Way To Eat Ramen Noodles



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