#NP Cousins – Bas feat J.Cole (CHOPPED NOT SLOPPED)


Found this shit last night at the studio.



PS. This shit is trippy man. Bugs me out that fiends outside of the fiends are listening to Bas’ shit.

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Cardio Fiend

This nigga’s swag is one hundred million thousand. I can’t even begin to explain how different this dude and I look when we are working out. I don’t even know how that nigga is moving like that. I’m pretty sure he’s like ice skating on a treadmill in sneakers. What song played in your head when you watched it?


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This Is Water

Take 10 minutes to wach this shit. Life is all about perspective. Obviously the most easy perspective to undertand is your own, but when’s the last time you thought of someone else’s view of life? Fuck with me on my #FakeDeep shit.


PS. If you’re finna graduate from school, do yourself a favor and watch this whole goddamn video. You’re bout to join the fight against the real world. You need this.

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Super Mookin Sunday Funday : Ender’s Game

I’ve been waiting since 2001 for this movie to happen. I gotta go go back and read the book. I’m kinda freaking out cause I can’t remember anything from this trailer. I’m gonna get mooked as fuck and read the book. Then I’m gonna do mushrooms and watch the movie.



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Ball movement and 30-2 runs. That’s a great recipe for blow out wins. 11 more to go.



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Bornsinner.com | Kay Cole

When we were making Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. I, me and Bas knew nothing about the game other then create dope shit with dope people and good things will happen. When I was finishing up my degree at NYU I met a kid named Adam Saewitz. He was a film major who shot the Dollar and A Dream concert I hosted.

We decided to link up with him to see if was down to shoot a visual for one of the joints off QWRM1. He showed us a photo essay about a waitress and then we went to eat lunch and that waitress was our waitress. Some really trippy shit.

The photo essay stuck in my head. For two years I pitched different variations of that idea to every client I had. I wanted to create my own version. Tell people’s stories to the world through pictures and their own personal insights. Stories, parables … it’s what made society society. People learning from other people. When the team sat down to discuss how we could expand on Cole’s album, I brought up the idea of BornSinner.com to Adam Roy, my good friend and Dreamville’s Creative Director.

Adam took a mooked idea and helped cultivate it into BornSinner.com. It blows my mind that not only do I get to see our idea come to fruition, we partnered with Rolling Stone in the process. If it was not for me being bodied in a North Carolina backyard thinking about my future, I don’t hit up Quick about booking Cole at NYU. If I don’t hit up Quick about booking Cole at NYU, I don’t meet Saewitz. If I don’t meet Saewitz, I don’t see that photo essay. If I don’t see that photo essay, I’m not inspired to tell the story of people’s stories. All of that led to BornSinner.com.

Next up… Kendrick Lamar.


PS. Much love to Sharone Poole behind the cam and Mez behind the boards.

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This Proves That No One Knows What The Fuck Is Going On In Game Of Thrones


I figured out another way to test my whole “Game of Cheeks” theory for Game of Thrones. We are gonna play a little game fiends.

Last night we were super mooked and trying to put on an episode of Game of Thrones on HBO GO that we missed a few weeks ago. Granted we were really, really mooked, but we were fucking dying laughing because nobody could figure out what episode was the right one based on the HBO GO episode descriptions.

From there we started to read the other episode descriptions. We realized based on the descriptions you can not guess a single episode. How fucking confusing are these HBO GO descriptions? I’ll give you a sample:

The Night’s Watch takes stock. Varys meets his better. Arya is taken to the commander of the Brotherhood. Dany exchanges a chain for a whip.

I can’t stop laughing reading them. It’s not only because they are awful, but because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. If you didn’t read the books you are a fucking liar if you think you know shit. You don’t know any of these names and you don’t know shit about what is going on.

People have been saying I’m giving this show too hard of a time. Bas and @Oakshades defend this shit on the reg. So I came up with a new game I like to call Game of Cheeks: Fiend Trivia. I took the following descriptions from HBO GO and mixed up the order of all 6 episodes for this season. I want you to see how many you can get right:

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#NP ♫ Serenade – @JColeNC

We used to bump The Warm Up to The Warm Up every night while we smoked blunts. Between this shit and my diatribe about the internet, I’m feeling nostalgic. Hold while I go text my ex and see if I can get her to send me some snapchats.


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What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains

Yo fuck this nigga Nicholas Carr. I read his book The Shallows in 2010. I was writing an article for new iPad magazine called ‘Takeout’ when I decided to go ham on his POV. I’m pretty sure my argument still holds up today. It’s not a light read. Fuck with me tho so you can prove this nigga wrong. 2010 @oakshades wrote this ==> Read more ›

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Recapping April For Kids In America And Guns

April 5th, Utah: 5-month-old shot and killed in murder suicide attempt.

April 8th. Tennessee: 2-year-old shoots mother in the stomach.

April 8th, Tennessee: 4-year-old shoots and kills deputy’s wife at cookout.

April 9th, New Jersey: 6-year-old shoots 4-year-old,  killing him.

April 10th, South Carolina: 3-year-old finds gun, accidentally shoots and kills self.

April 12th, Kansas: 7-year-old shot in the head and killed while handling a handgun.

April 15th, Oregon: 9-year-old killed when gun accidentally discharges.

April 15th, Brooklyn: 1-year-old shot and killed in murder-suicide.

April 18th, Idaho: 8-year-old boy killed in accidental shooting.

April 21st, Oregon: 4-year-old shot and killed in accidental shooting.

April 24th, Illinois: 1-year-old and 5-year-old brothers killed in murderous rampage.

April 26th, Ohio: 10-year-old killed in accidental shooting.

April 30th, Alaska: 5-year-old shot and killed by 8-year-old brother when they were playing with a rifle.

April 30th, Kentucky: 2-year old girl shot and killed by 5-year-old brother.

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