#TeamNoDaughters – Butthole Tat

This is gonna get me screamed at.

Around 4am this morning I woke up to take a piss and crush some Orange, Peach, Mango juice. I woke up to this text from Wave. I couldn’t go back to sleep at all. I got called a misogynist yo!

I FUCKING LOVE WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love women. I’m not going to. I don’t need to. The women in my life that I care about would NEVER EVER call me a misogynist. They would laugh in your face. The irony behind calling me a Misogynist is that #TeamNoDaughters was born from the love of women.

I don’t remember where #TeamNoDaughters specifically came from but I do know what inspired me to start blogging about it. I simply cannot handle the idea of having a daughter. Why? It’s not cause I hate women, it’s cause I know how dudes work. I cannot have my child have to deal with every man that ever interacts with her thinking about fucking the snot out of her. NO. Every sip of alcohol taking her guard down a little bit. Every asshole with an expensive watch and a fancy job title wining and dining her only to fuck her and dip as soon as she shows any attachment.

I can’t do it.

Seriously watch this video

Not one… TWO dudes tatted on her butthole. She’s 22. TWENTY TWO YEARS OLD. Look at how bodied she is. SHE IS GETTING HER BUTTHOLE TATTOOED. This is where #TeamNoDaughters comes from. I can’t do it. I can’t have that be an option for my child. I don’t hate women. I love them so much that I wish I could save every hoe in the world. I wish I could tell every girl who hates themselves cause their dad was an asshole, that they are beautiful and he’s a bag of douche. I want to take all the heartbroken single moms who have been desserted by fucktards not man enough to raise their kids to brunch.

We love women. All types of women.

I hope that clarifies some things for the ladies.


PPS. To the lovely lady who sent Wave this email, he has no clue I just wrote this. He is at home dying of a fever. I cannot wait to meet you either cause Wave said that once we meet the stars are gonna align and all I’m gonna wanna do is make little babies who have amazing hair with you. He said the combination of your affinity for mook, hiphop and your curls are gonna drive me insane.
PPPS. Money, Mook and Mango Smoothies are the only things I love as much/maybe a little more then women.
PPPPS. FUCK. It get’s even worse. Peep this fucking music video this girl was in. What kind of woman signs up to be in this music video?


Deuce “Let’s Get It Crackin’” (Official Video) from DeuceLA on Vimeo.

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Bas – The Season (Prod. by @Jcolenc)

#FiendFridays is right around the corner, and the big homie laced me on this one.

This our year. It’s that time. This is The Season.

Shouts to Cole on the beat, and Alex Haldi on the artwork.

It’s contagious.

Let’s ride.

- Bas

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Hot Cheetos and Takis

I’m not kidding when I say that this is prolly the hottest track I’ve heard since Cole dropped ‘The Cure’.

Hot Cheetos and Takis … Hot Cheetos and Takis <=== Stuck in my head for DAYSSSSS now.

Too many awesome things about this video. The fact that they got a little girl spitting fire and a mini

Waka Flocka is too dope. I hope these kids win.


PS. I was gonna bitch about the lack of health in this song and then I realized Baby Carrots and Grapes just does't sound as fire as Hot Cheetos and Takis

VIA an ugly man from Arizona

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Kelly Clarkson – Lose Yourself (Eminem Cover)




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2016 Olympics = 3 on 3 Hoops

If three-on-three basketball is added to the Olympic program, it likely will be no less intense than the action in this game between the USA and Argentina.

If three-on-three basketball is added to the Olympic program, it likely will be no less intense than the action in this game between the USA and Argentina. It will if FIBA, the international governing body, has its way. Secretary-general Patrick Baumann said Saturday that his group planned to propose it to be played as early as the 2016 Rio Games.

Three-on-three, the game played in driveways, on playgrounds and around the country during the annual Gus Macker tournaments, debuted in the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. FIBA wants to create a comprehensive ranking system that would determine the best three-on-three teams in the world. FIBA already has a three-on-three world tour and world championship, but Baumann welcomed all three-on-three tournaments, such as Gus Macker and Hoop It Up, into the fold as long as those tournaments adhered to FIBA rules, including the registration of players in a database to chart wins and losses.

“Like volleyball has beach volleyball, swimming has synchronized swimming, we want three-on-three to be part of it,” Baumann said.

After rankings determine the top teams worldwide, Baumann said, each nation would be responsible for creating a format to determine which team it would send to the Olympics. Baumann reasoned that three-on-three would allow more countries to experience the Olympics and help FIBA expand basketball’s global popularity. He said smaller basketball nations regularly send teams to the three-on-three world championship.

“We’ve chosen three-on-three as being one way of bringing that community into the Games,” he said. “For us, this is also really about growing the mass of players on a grass-roots basis. We want them to be part of the family and hopefully have new talents for the game.”

I’m a prodigy. We spent 2 hours mooked as fuck on Sunday talking about how David Stern’s next power move is 3 on 3 in the Olympics. It makes too much sense. Homies brought up that Team USA wouldn’t wanna play cause they’d be too tired. 1st of all… FUCK THEM IF THEY DON’T WANNA PLAY. (There’s no shot these niggas wouldn’t want to play tho) Then realize that we watch TERRIBLE 3 on 3 hoops games all the time at the gym/park for no Gold Medal… DO YOU KNOW HOW FIRE IT WOULD BE TO WATCH HOMIES REALLLLLLLY HOOP 3 on 3 FOR MEDALS? You know China would have Yao out there with Yi Jianlian aka The Folding Chair Assaisn and some Jeremy Lin (I know he is Taiwanese but I’m pretty sure that counts). There would be the D3 team that has no fucking right qualifying that upsets the Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, Paul George trio. Jesus I’m so geeked for 2016.


PS. OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know Nike, Jordan and Adidas would be in their athletes’ ears telling them to play with their brandmates. A DRose, Dwight and Josh Smith team would be pretty tough. Bron, KD and Blake is tough. Melo, CP3 and DWade is tough. Should we just pitch this 3 on 3 World Cup to Nike, Jordan and Adidas? Does anyone have David Stern’s email address?


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Avicii at Radio City Music Hall – September 27

This fiend is killing shit. Levels put him on SO hard. Face of Ralph Lauren. Radio City. Keep cookin bruh.


PS. @ClockworkLA’s Levels Remix >>>>>

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A$AP Rocky – Purple Kisses (VIDEO)


This nigga Rocky gonna catch so much heat from black bitches for his love of snowbunnies.

You aint alone Rocky. I feel you on the lean and white chick orgy move.



PS. So many niggas are gonna get arrested at the first ASAP x SMF party.

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Filipino Fiend

This is our boy Keith. He was on the NYU hoops squad with me and Wave. Homie is down in the Philippines living out his dreams and hooping for a living. Dude not only can ball out like crazy, he’s got bars for days. Lowkey, the first time I ever spit bars on record was with KJ. Anyway niggas are calling him the steal of the draft. Dude is the Filipino MJ. I’ve never seen a Filipino half his size. Dude is gonna murder this league.


PS. Chase your dreams fiends.
PPS. Me and Keith had Top 5 intro handshakes of all time. Two palm slaps and then smell two fingers. We fucking sucked that year but our handshake routines were the best routines of all time. When our coach made us stop doing them, the teams in our league legit were like ya’ll need to bring those back ASAP.


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Fucking Melo Man

Lol, that’s my dude though.

Still think this Olympics was the best thing that could have happened to him. He needed to learn and see the how the best players in the world train. He also needed to be around coaches and players that can actually G check him on and off the court.

I think he learned to be more of a leader, a better teammate (coming off the bench), and setting the Olympic points record had to be good for the confidence. I truly believe in my heart Melo to the Olympics was the best off-season move the Knicks made besides re-signing the best player in the NBA, J.R. Smith.

He just might want to chill out with the goon pics on instagram all the time.

Let’s get this ring Melo.


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Kid Cudi Feat. King Chip – Just What I Am

I’m fucking with the new Cudi mook anthem off his upcoming album Indicud.

I’ve gone on record before saying I think Man on the Moon: The End Day was the best album of any music genre in 2009, and a top 15 hip-hop album all time in my book (just too bad The Prayer and Man on The Moon weren’t on the album). That being said I don’t give a fuck how you feel, I will always post his shit.

I’m real interested to see the direction of this album. From this new record it would appear to be headed in a more Man on The Moon: The End Day direction than Man on the Moon II or that Wizard shit. I saw in an interview a while back that Cudi said he didn’t think he could ever make an album like the first one again because he was so exhausted and didn’t think he could ever return to that deep of a mental state again. Sounds like he did some Heath Ledger preparation for the Joker shit.

I like this beat and it’s 100% a mook anthem. Nothing to freak out about, but from a Cudi fan prospective it kept me interested and optimistic about Indicud.


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