Turn it down a few notches and this shit would be hysterical. Like they can’t act too gay or it’s dumbbbbb gay. These niggas gotta be regular black dudes that on the low be saying the gayest shit. Had me dying with that Fructis line tho.


PS. I can’t wait for @wave_bandana’s cameo in this joint!

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Amen – Meek Mill ft Drake [VIDEO]

The Philly stop of Club Paradise where they shot all of the concert footage was fucking crazy. The diversity of the crowd was crazy. There were little 17 year olds rolling like a motherfucker rockin out right next to some BAD … BADDDDDDDDDDD grown and sexy mid to late 20s black bitches. It was dope as fuck. Dope visuals… not what I expected but still dope.


PS. How you bitches all fell asleep with perfect makeup on?
PPS. My nigga Mike front and center with Cole.
PPPS. I listened to Meek freestyles when I was like 14 on Smack DVDs and shit. I’m so fucking happy this nigga is prospering right now.

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5 Second KO Female MMA

There’s a huge anti-female mma movement and all I can say is… that Title IX and women’s suffarage didn’t happen for you guys to take away bitches in sports bras punching the shit out of eachother’s faces off HDnet. Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony and Jenna Jameson didn’t stand up for women’s rights to have you fucks discriminate on female fighters. Let these bitches fight.


PPS. MMA is the only sport that I will watch regardless of the matchup. NIGGAS LITERALLY FIGHT UNTIL SOMEONE GET’S KNOCKED OUT, CHOKED OUT or TIME EXPIRES. Best shit ever.

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Nothin’ is Free – Bas (NEW MUSIC)

I’ve been walking around NYC listening to this and acting like my life is music video for about 6 months now. I hope ya’ll get to two stepping as hard as I do as soon as I hear this shit come on. Shouts to our French fiend brother @OgeeHandz for producing this. Shit knocks way too hard.

Download links :


PS. And she Rolliinnn…Yea she Rollinnn
PPS. Check the song info on your iPod for lyrics.

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Apologies for only 1 post today and it was late. Some times motherfuckers have shit to do. Love you all.


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This Geek Vs. Goon Video Jumped to My #2 All Time Video

This video is old in internet years (meaning earlier this month), but for people that don’t click every god damn link possible in a 24 hour period like me and @oakshades do, I figured I should post for yall. I had this in my drafts the day it came out. Since me and D are pressed for time today, I thought it finally be time to post it. This is an absolutely must watch video. ALL OF IT.

Some people say this website is like World Star for smart people. By no means is that my intention here but I can appreciate that compliment. However, unlike World Star, we rarely ever post fight videos.

I’m not a bitch ass pussy. I’ll knock anyone the fuck out right now. I’m 6’8 230. I’ve punched mugs with lit cigarettes in between my knuckles.  Fuck with Me. The reason I don’t post fight videos is because the way these dumb ass kids handle themselves nowadays. I don’t want to promote or encourage that shit.

Fighting has always been a part of nature. Every species has a physical method of expressing dominance. BUT it’s for a purpose. Everyone has seen the discovery channel where like bears, lions, rams, all that shit fight each other during mating season. They are literally fighting to survive. I’m not saying animals and humans have to align in their reasoning for physical confrontation, the point is there are some times you HAVE to fight. This is true. But like I pointed out it should only be for a select few reasons.

You don’t see groups of bears walking around the Forrest outnumbering and jumping the shit out of other bears for stupid ass reasons. You don’t see lions blindside sneak punching other lions, they man the fuck up and fight face to face. When two Rams start ramming the shit out of each other to win the female, what happens at the end? One ram wins and the other walks off. You don’t see the winning Ram run up and kick the defenseless, lifeless loser in the face.

Fighting is a part of nature, but how and why we fight nowadays is not. This is not natural. This is not civilized. This is barbaric. There is no place in our culture or society for kicking someone defenseless and unconscious in the face. I can’t stand watching that more than anything in the world right now. When did all this shit become hard? When did kicking someone when they can’t fight back become cool? When did sneak punching, jumping, and outnumbering people become the thugged out way to handle shit? You all are fucking pussies. You’re not proving shit. You’re not teaching anyone a lesson. All you are doing is proving that you have no place in this world.

We fight for the dumbest shit and I’m just tired of it. We should all be ashamed. It’s because of this that I rarely post fight videos. I just can’t see people fight over retarded reasons again. I can’t see one more guy get mercilessly outnumbered and beaten. I certainly can’t see one more kick in the face. Most importantly, I can’t see people do these things and celebrate like they did some hard shit. You think you’re fucking hard? You think you live in the “HOOD” or the “GHETTO”? You think you got it rough? You motherfuckers live in America. You haven’t seen shit.

BUT this video is different. This isn’t some ignorant shit. This is something so much bigger than a “Goon vs. Nerd” fight video. While the commentary is just plain hilarious, this is some beautiful shit. This is races coming together for a common goal. Everyone knows you can’t hit woman. These people came together and fucked up some  piece of shit beating on a female. Not only is that a REAL reason to fight (standing up for what’s right), it was done in a controlled manner. The point was to teach this guy a lesson, not murder him or put him in a coma. This is something I can not only laugh at, but be proud of.

I never saw the end coming either. What a  fucking twist. They ended up hanging out and smoking together! There are just so many moments in this video. I can’t even describe them all. Just watch and enjoy.


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F.S.P.N (Fiend-S.P.N) – The 50 Highest-Earning American Athletes

One of my favorite things to do while taking a shit at work is go through the “50 most over paid athletes” list, or a list like this and identify which guys are over paid like a motherfucker.

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Does Anyone Else Get Slightly Offended When Some Bum’s Voicemail says “Leave a BRIEF Message”?

Like who the fuck are you to tell me to keep it brief?

I understand why this generic voicemail greeting was created. Back in the day answering machines relied on actual cassette tapes to record messages. People also used to actually leave messages, so it was pretty common for the tape to fill up and erase past messages or prevent new ones.

I was born in ’87 so I remember this shit. I remember it causing massive stress. There was no caller ID, Star 69, or fucking internet. If you lost the information from a voicemail you were fucking DEAD. There was literally nothing you could do but jerk off and pray that person called you back. People really forget how fucking upsetting that shit was.  My pops would be sour for days when some important messages got erased by a 40 minuet rambling of a strung out, alcoholic house wife friend of my moms.

But it’s 2012. If I get a voicemail now it’s either bad news from my job, Bank of America shutting down my card, or someone that really can’t get the hint I don’t want to talk to them. The voicemail is an almost an obsolete means of communication. However, voicemail technology is in its absolute peak. Like you have to be a real fucking fiend to have your voice mailbox full (which I do all the time #fiend). Some carriers literally have unlimited space reserved for voicemails. They have callback buttons and shit. On the iphone you can chose the exact second you want to play like a MP3. Shit’s wild in the voicemail game. So at a time period in American History where we have more voicemail recording space than ever before and people are leaving substantially less voicemails,  why do so many assholes still insist we leave a BRIEF message?

The only logical explanation is some people are that busy and want to discourage too many voicemails. People like Obama and shit. I get that. “Busy” people do exist. But there are very few of them. For instance being the CEO of a lame company doesn’t make you “busy”. But if Obama told me to keep it brief on a voicemail I wouldn’t be offended.

I got offended because yesterday I called one of the biggest bums I know and his voicemail said “please leave a brief message” and it finally clicked with me how fucking rude that is coming from such a bum. He’s one of those borderline alcoholic friends that just looks and smells like a fiend 24/7. Like if he fell asleep in a park the other homeless people would assume he was one of them.

Shit’s kinda disrespectful, no? You are potentially telling everyone from your immediate family to potential employers to complete strangers to “keep it brief son”. That’s a controversial move. You couldn’t get away with that shit on the streets. How rude would it be if someone approached you and said “can I talk to you?” and you said back “yea, keep it brief “. You could get smacked for some rude ass shit like that. You don’t talk to people like that except maybe crackheads and stalker EX’s. “Keep it brief”. I wish a motherfucker said that to my face and not over your bitch ass voicemail.

I actually had zero intentions of leaving a voicemail but when I heard that shit it just really hit me. It never occurred to me how society as a whole accepts such a disrespectful saying based on outdated principles. We would never put up with people talking to us like that in any other facet of life but someone this common saying just slipped through the cracks. Especially when 90% of the people that have this saying in their voicemail aren’t doing SHIT with their lives.  Like don’t fucking tell me what to do you bum ass motherfucker. I’m making moves over here and you’re telling ME to keep it brief? Who the FUCK is you? You should be happy I even called your bum ass in the first place. Now answer your fucking phone and sell me this mook.


PS – Whenever I do meaningless posts like this, I hear this in my head the entire time I write:

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“How You Feel” – Young Dro [VIDEO]



If this doesn’t heat up the summer I don’t know what will.


PS. Play this three times in a row and watch your ATL bounce come out of nowhere.
PPS. When I’m mooked I say ‘That’s how you feel’ once every 44 minutes.

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“New Lands” – Justice [VIDEO]



PS. Is this the illuminati once again showing us that EVERY professional sport is fixed?

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