It’s Contagious

It’s not easy being an aspiring artist. Fuck what your neighborhood ” I DID IT ALL ON MY OWN” rapper is preaching to you, it’s damn near impossible to create, finance, market, network, visualize, execute, etc. AT THE SAME DAMN TIME BY YOUR SAME DAMN SELF.

Here at SMF and along with our Dreamville family, there’re alot of us working towards a few common goals. I imagine it’s alot like how communism was supposed to work, right?

It came to me late, the dream. I’m sure now I was born to do what I do, I only wish I knew that when I was born. However, as with most things in life, it starts organically.

I’ll spare you the history but some years ago when we were hand to hand with Cole mixtapes everywhere from Southside Jamaica, Queens to NYU’s Washington Square campus, we all shared a common belief. Funny thing about belief and faith, it spreads like a virus. It’s contagious.

We believed THIS…

Would soon turn into THIS…


I’m not about to get emo in fear of Wave Bandana flaming my ass on my very first post, but that shit right there was one of those Kevin Garnett “ANYTHING IS POSSIIBBUUUUUUUUUULE” moments.

Now that we’re in the midst of our own global takeover, It’s the little things I got to witness as a fly on the wall in Cole’s ascension that ring the loudest. Like the bougie bitch at HU that was at Dre and Matty P crib asking us to turn off The Warm Up “OMG what is thisssss, play something else!” and then showed up at a Cole show a year later FIENDIN. I mean you woulda thought Cole was Miley Cyrus circa whenever she was poppin and this bitch was a 13 year old Disney fiend. It was that real.

Or  the douchebags that swore  “Work Out” would end Cole’s career and Sideline Story would flop. First off, all y’all need to use Ib’s plaque picture as your avatar for whatever social media medium inflated your ego to levels which led you to believe anyone over here gave two shits about your two cents. Secondly, I traveled the world this past year and heard sold out venues singing “Work Out” in countless cities, I can assure you of this, you’re an asshole.

But let me stop, I’m straying from my point. There will always be people that believe in you, those who don’t (which is fine, nobody owes you shit) and of course the cynical dickheads. I’ve been coming across ALL TYPES of characters in my still young career. Flop ass niggas “What happened to our session?” or “Oh so you didn’t do any of the work we paid for and been frontin this whole time?” Flake ass niggas “WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE MOVED TO SWITZERLAND AND WENT OFF THE GRID WITH THE 2 VIDEOS WE SPENT A WEEK SHOOTING IN SUB-SIBERIAN TEMPERATURES IN THE DEAD OF A FRENCH WINTER?” But thankfully I’ve had an overwhelming majority of support. From amazing family and friends to a whole list of talented individuals who’ve contributed to my career in ways they had no obligation to. It’s the most gratifying way to work, off mutual respect and belief. It’s contagious.

By now, you’re probably well acquainted with Oakshades, Wave Bandana, Droog, and the countless Fiends who contribute and inspire the articles as well as the music we post on  All these fiends work for very reputable companies and media outlets. None of them need this blog, but we’re all afflicted, and everyday the quarantine zone grows smaller.

Shit, this past weekend alone Fiend Zaydes let a whole Queens conglomerate invade The Quack House on Jersey Shore.

So we could do THIS

And last but not least, THIS

That last picture is one of the more telling ones. We’ve been plotting over here, cooking on all stoves and preparing to release dish after dish of fiend delicacies starting with my next project Quarter Water Raised Me Volume II. One of our areas of difficulty has been in creating compelling and quality visuals on a budget that is no where near our ambition and imagination. In comes Screech and Lucas of Day & Night films. They’re friends of the homie BBP, a talented Parisian producer, and made their way to the states for the month of August. BBP sent them a couple of my joints and they were right on board. They were all about it.  No politics, no budgets, no bullshit, just work. I mean the Quack House got so fiended these homies slept in my truck. I don’t think I was even parked in the shade. So fiended. But what can I say, IT’S CONTAGIOUS.

I strayed so incredibly far from what I planned to do with this post. Honestly, I came on here to post a video I found on Day & Night‘s video reel. It’s some work they did in France for Christian Dior.


I figured all we do is bash hoes so I’d come online and give yall something on my first post. Plus honestly I had no idea Christian Dior had sweatshop looking operations poppin off like that. How bout those yammed up models at the end? They just schneef in between hair and make up while the slaves sow their next dress. Welcome to the gooood liiiiiiiife. (P-Y-T)

Ha, Now THIS I’m SURE Wave Bandana will flame me for.

#FiendFridays later today…


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I’m God

A few Thursdays ago I had a really cracked out night. I did a whole bunch of bad shit and was hammered at 6am cause of these fucking LA kids. Anyway, when I was smoking my 87th cigarette before I started my walk home in broad daylight, someone threw on this Clams Casino instrumental. I had literally one of the most important days of work ever at 9am and I couldn’t have been more fiended out. But this shit actually made me feel a little better.

I’m posting this shit because I anticipate a repeat of that Thursday tonight. It’s already 2am during Fiend Night @ The Studio and I just realized I gotta check my man Austin P at the Westway tonight. So I figured it be easier to post this now so I can easily listen to it from my phone on my inevitable fiend walk home.

PS – If you haven’t heard just the instrumental (which I know is heavily sampled from another artist), then listen. Always thought this was a nice beat. Not gonna comment on the artist that used this beat but lets just say some things are better left without vocals.


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Fiend Night @ The Studio

Cole blessed us with the A-room tonight. So it’s officially fiend night. Bas serious right now. He can finish a whole album at this pace. Can’t wait to show everyone the Aint Da One video he finished tonight too. That shits gonna be retarded.

A whole bunch of fiends like @oakshades, Reg, Hemdi, Gunna, Frenchie, and the usual Dreamville suspects all here. Bas working right now on some new shit, the rest of us fiends are just super mooked avoiding expensive professional studio equipment.

 Tomorrow is #FIENDFriday and another drop from Bas. Don’t fucking miss this one.


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Flying Lotus’ New Single – “See Thru To U” (ft. Erykah Badu)

As something more nuanced than the cacophony of predictable drops and loud bass coming up around here, I’d like to throw the hat of maverick DJ and drug enthusiast Flying Lotus into the ring. His latest album, “Until The Quiet Comes”, is dropping this October and today he released the albums first single, a song called “See Thru To U” featuring Erykah Badu.

Though I’m not sure this a great choice for a first “single”, the song is still an awesome teaser. Splashing drums, funky, scale sliding bass (has to be Thundercat?) and Badu’s voice create a diverse, soothing tune. And all that in only 2:25.

I honestly have no clue what the sound of this album is going to be because FlyLo is so consistent at being a chameleon within the genre. The only thing more inspired than songs as cosmically trippy as “Do The Astral Plane” (one of 2010′s best tracks) or “Tea Leaf Dancers” is the ways in which their sounds are so sonically different, yet their moods so distinctly similar.

What makes FlyLo’s music so real is his legitimate curiosity for understanding bigger questions that create complicated emotions. Though far from featuring lyrics in all of his creations, when FlyLo lets guests shine on his tracks their wordsmanship is, to me, not in the same league as the fluff everyone jocks constantly. The instrumental flourishes and production tweaks too! Who else is using the sounds of respirators and hospital machines from their dying mother’s hospital room in such melancholy tracks? Who even has the balls to think of that?

“Until The Quiet Comes” is easily one of my most anticipated albums this year. The tracklisting (and a $44 limited edition vinyl, what the fuck!) just got my boner even harder. Guests spots from Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead, Laura Darlington coming back and Thundercat, who is an absolute beast on the bass. For my money, Thundercat’s “The Golden Age of the Apocalypse” was easily one of last year’s most underrated records. And what’s the name of their collaboration on this album? “DMT Song”. Jesus I cannot wait to hear that.

Below is a Flying Lotus starters playlist on Spotify and a picture of him smoking a blunt.


The Best of Flying Lotus

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Electric Zoo – Introducing AyeshAyeshBaby

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Five Guys Review Gets Hilarious Autotune Treatment

Welp, these guys have won the Internet again, because this shit is gold. As if “Bed Intruder” wasn’t enough they had to come and drop this hot track into my life?

This is even more damaging. Not only can I not stop saying “DAYUMMMM DAYYUUMMM DAYUMMMM!”, I’m fucking dying for Five Guys right now. With 400,000 views in 16 hours it’s clear this bad boy is about to be everywhere. Including my ringtone.


PS: My man’s point about weak burger vs. strong burger is great. A couple of months ago I ate so much at Corner Bistro that I almost vomited at 13th Step. Literally just sweating burger meat, chili, fries and McSorely’s Ale. Completely savage.

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USA > Mexico


Let’s Fucking go.

The game meant absolutely nothing except for the fact that the US has never won at Azteca before. Anyone that knows me knows I’ve never played Fifa with any other squad besides the US. Other fraud homies use the 5 star squads like all my friends, but I’m a true US soccer fan. Shit was a big deal in that world. Mexico is pissed, they love that record.

I also have been sick the last two days and I’m going stir crazy so I knida just zoned in on this game as an outlet too.

Good Shit for my man Howard, he killed it. Used to Sub his ass in over Keller in Fifa ’06. Nice to see my man Beasley catch a Mexico City win too, been rocking with him since like Fifa ’02. All around great win.


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I’ll be at the studio later tonight.

If this mook and liqs makes me feel better I’ll surf and find some dope shit for ya’ll.


PS. My fat ass hasn’t even gone for a run yet. Today sucksssssssssssss.

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#TeamNoDaughters – Butthole Tat

This is gonna get me screamed at.

Around 4am this morning I woke up to take a piss and crush some Orange, Peach, Mango juice. I woke up to this text from Wave. I couldn’t go back to sleep at all. I got called a misogynist yo!

I FUCKING LOVE WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love women. I’m not going to. I don’t need to. The women in my life that I care about would NEVER EVER call me a misogynist. They would laugh in your face. The irony behind calling me a Misogynist is that #TeamNoDaughters was born from the love of women.

I don’t remember where #TeamNoDaughters specifically came from but I do know what inspired me to start blogging about it. I simply cannot handle the idea of having a daughter. Why? It’s not cause I hate women, it’s cause I know how dudes work. I cannot have my child have to deal with every man that ever interacts with her thinking about fucking the snot out of her. NO. Every sip of alcohol taking her guard down a little bit. Every asshole with an expensive watch and a fancy job title wining and dining her only to fuck her and dip as soon as she shows any attachment.

I can’t do it.

Seriously watch this video

Not one… TWO dudes tatted on her butthole. She’s 22. TWENTY TWO YEARS OLD. Look at how bodied she is. SHE IS GETTING HER BUTTHOLE TATTOOED. This is where #TeamNoDaughters comes from. I can’t do it. I can’t have that be an option for my child. I don’t hate women. I love them so much that I wish I could save every hoe in the world. I wish I could tell every girl who hates themselves cause their dad was an asshole, that they are beautiful and he’s a bag of douche. I want to take all the heartbroken single moms who have been desserted by fucktards not man enough to raise their kids to brunch.

We love women. All types of women.

I hope that clarifies some things for the ladies.


PPS. To the lovely lady who sent Wave this email, he has no clue I just wrote this. He is at home dying of a fever. I cannot wait to meet you either cause Wave said that once we meet the stars are gonna align and all I’m gonna wanna do is make little babies who have amazing hair with you. He said the combination of your affinity for mook, hiphop and your curls are gonna drive me insane.
PPPS. Money, Mook and Mango Smoothies are the only things I love as much/maybe a little more then women.
PPPPS. FUCK. It get’s even worse. Peep this fucking music video this girl was in. What kind of woman signs up to be in this music video?


Deuce “Let’s Get It Crackin’” (Official Video) from DeuceLA on Vimeo.

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Bas – The Season (Prod. by @Jcolenc)

#FiendFridays is right around the corner, and the big homie laced me on this one.

This our year. It’s that time. This is The Season.

Shouts to Cole on the beat, and Alex Haldi on the artwork.

It’s contagious.

Let’s ride.

- Bas

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