Transformers the Ride 3D

I haven’t been to an amusement park in like 5 years… why?


Word sir? This little ass metal bar is gonna keep my massive body from flying to it’s miserable death?

Miss me with that.


PS. I fuck with roller coasters.
PPS. I’ve never rode a roller coaster not sober. #bucketlist

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Shit White People Do : Extreme Paintball

Fucking white people. Meanwhile I’m sitting at my desk concepting ideas on how to revive a dead fucking sport in a 30 second commercial.


PS. How many fiends died making this video? I’d say 82% of the fiends were mooked. I saw about 8-10 HEAVY vehicles. WHITE PEOPLE LOVE DANGEROUS SHIT.

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Darth L. Jackson

YO! Why do I think this is so fucking funny?? I’d legit watch every Star Wars movie redubbed with Sam L. Jackson as Darth Vader.


PS. I think every movie could be redubbed with brand new dialogue and it be funny as fuck.
PPS. Think I just found a new fiend project.

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Different Ways To Open A Beer

How fucked up you gotta be to be like ‘yo we should film every redneck way to open a beer possible’?


PS. This is eerily similar to an idea I had for a SMF Original. Ours is way more fiended out tho…

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May Fail Compilation

I don’t know what the fuck TwisterNederland is… but these fiends got the best monthly video drop in the world. This shit is gold. I’d watch a half hour of this every fucking night.


PS. Americas Funniest Home Videos > all these fucking make a joke about a video shows. Tosh goes too hard to be funny and swag jacked that shit on E!, Rob Dyrdek just swag jacked Tosh. AMF >>>

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Derrick Salberg’s leaping catch

During the first round of the NWAACC baseball championships, Lower Columbia College outfielder Derrick Salberg leaps over the fence to make a game-ending catch to rob Everett of a two-run home run and preserve a 4-2 victory. View a nine-photo sequence of the catch at Video courtest of KLTV in Longview, Wash.

Was that dope?


But I’m not impressed with that 6 inch tall fence dude jumped over.


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Measuring The Universe

Smoke Weed.

Watch This.

Realize how big the Universe is.

Realize how irrelevant us little specs of biomatter are.

Be Humbled.


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The Dream Team

Damn I wish HBO woulda got the rights to this shit.


PS. Super Mookin party at the new fiend crib to watch this.
PPS. Who wins DreamTeam or best team possible assembled from 2012 NBA players

My version of the 2012 Dream Team:

First round of 20:

PGs Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams
SGs LBJ, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, Russ Westbrook
SF Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Paul Pierce, Andre Iguadola
PF Kevin Love, Chris Bosh, LaMarcus Alridge, Tim Duncan
C Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Tyson Chandler, Kevin Garnett

Final Roster:

PG CP3, DRose, Rondo
SG LBJ, DWade, Kobe
SF KD, Melo
PF KLove, Tim Duncan
C Dwight, Tyson Chandler

Tim Duncan is player-coach which is why he gets the nod over Bynum, Chris Bosh and KG.
Tyson gets the nod strictly due to his Defense and the fact that he doesn’t ever need the ball on offense.


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Two Smart Dudes’ (and this fiend’s)Views on College

Dear Peter Thiel:

We disagree on whether college is necessary. First we debated whether too many kids go to college last October, and we just duked it out on CBS 60 Minutes. Judging by the feedback, America is deeply divided on this issue. Most people agree with you that college has become too expensive and that the trillion-dollar student debt is a serious problem. So do I.

But the solution isn’t to skip college. According to the U.S. census, 30.4 % of U.S. adults 25 and older hold a bachelor’s degree. You may think this is high and point out that the number is increasing, but to me this is shockingly low. I believe that every young man and woman should have the same opportunity of going to college. It’s not only education; young people also gain valuable social skills from college. They learn how to interact and work with others, how to compromise, and how to deal with rejection and failure; they learn how to learn.

For the record, I am not advocating elite or expensive education. There are many state universities and community colleges that do a good job. That’s why the debt burden of the average American isn’t $250,000 as you often say, but $25,000 — which is less than the average car loan. This isn’t as hard to pay off when the yearly salary premium for a college graduate is $17,037 over a high school diploma holder.

I do agree that education costs are rising too rapidly and that with the fragile state of the economy many people can’t find jobs which allow them to pay off their loans. Not to mention, as you have said, it is wrong for a society to pin people’s best hope for a better life on something that, by definition, can be exclusionary. But isn’t handpicking a group of once-college-bound teens for the Thiel Fellowship program essentially the same thing?

You created this fellowship program to give students an alternative to college and tried to level the playing field by making it accessible to anyone with a smart idea. But many of the students selected were headed to elite schools anyway. And what about the average student who may not have the kind of ideas that get them into a program such as yours? Don’t you think they deserve similar opportunities? That’s why there has to be a better answer than the one you’ve given.

So, I propose this. Why don’t we work to create more options for graduates to walk away from debt as the government lets businesses do, or as you and other investors let entrepreneurs do? And when it comes to educating future generations, why don’t we do things the Silicon Valley way: Change the equation with innovation. Technology, the very thing that made you who you are, can do that.

It has advanced so much over the last two decades that we can create a revolution in the way we educate and learn. After all, it wasn’t long ago that books like the Encyclopedia Britannica were our best sources of knowledge. But these were so expensive that access was restricted to the elite classes. Today, information is abundant and free. Britannica is now equivalent to a drop of water in this new ocean.

The technology to access information and transform it into digestible knowledge is also advancing rapidly. Tablet-type devices such as the iPad have become ubiquitous. Even the poor in India and China carry around internet-enabled smartphones. The graphics capability of these devices is so advanced that we can teach students geography by taking them into virtual worlds. We can teach math using interactive games. Students anywhere can watch lectures from universities like MIT and Harvard. Essentially, technology now makes it possible for us to change the teaching paradigm.

In fact, there are some venture capitalists who already see the value in this move. Former Silicon Valley CEO Ben Nelson just received $25 million in funding to create an elite global online university meant to compete with the likes of Harvard but at half of the admission cost.

What I’m saying here is that elite universities no longer have a monopoly on education. We can make the old-style college degree obsolete. We can do to traditional education what PayPal did to banks and do to college networks what Facebook did to friendships. Just as it happened to information, we can make education abundant and available to all. Isn’t that better than debating who should go to college?

-Vivek Wadhwa

Vivek Wadhwa is vice president of Academics and Innovation at Singularity University, Fellow at Stanford Law School and Director of Research at Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University. Check out his research at and follow him @wadhwa.

Aight. For those who don’t like to read shit, here’s a summation… Peter Thiel is the dude that co-founded Pay-Pal and is worth 1.5 Billion. He thinks the American higher education system is SHIT and wants to get kids not to go to college. He literally set up a program where you can skip school and he’ll fund your ideas. This dude Vivek doesn’t think that telling kids to skip college is smart. He thinks online schooling can change the landscape of education. Both of them are right to a certain extent. Here’s how you fix this. The government, you know…for the people, by the people and all that shit… needs to step in and cap how much a university can charge for an education. 50-60 thousand dollars a year to go to NYU and get a pretty piece of paper and pat on the back is absurd. The SCHOOLING portion of my college experience was worth maybe 60k total. This shit is the illest Ponzi system since the church. Cap how much they can charge and then college is still worth it.




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So not only do did we have to recuperate from a 3.5 day weekend of mooking, drinking and doing illicit drugs, but I’m moving to a new #fiendcrib, got 3 projects from the head of my agency, was threatened to be fired and I got a chunk of my finger bit off by Jerm’s pitbull. Oh and @wave_bandana has been freaking out like crazy cause he the new CEO of his company gave him a personal assignment that is impossible to answer.

FUCK. We’ll try and get some shit to keep fiends alive during the period I call ‘Daily Slavery’ aka #9to5.

Been tough as of late.


PS. @FiendBassy is back on the Club Paradise Tour and a little birdie told me that he recorded a #FIENDMIX last night on the bus…

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