Syrian Civil War

Well we’ve been in a rah rah go America state of mind for the last few weeks but unknown to most the most bloody revolution of this ‘Arab Spring’ is occuring right now. First of all, how fucking wild is it that for like a year revolts and uprisings have been occurring thru out the middle east? Second of all, how fucking wild is it that on my cab ride to work this am, there was a 5 minute video about JWowww and nothing about a civil war that could have massive repercussions on international politics? I fucking hate the US media. Watch the video and then check out these pics captured via Instagram…



“The government killed his entire family n wonder why little kids are fighting against them smh. Wa kilmit 7oriye yumma itgabl hal roosiya (and the word freedom evades Russia).. Wa ijeetich yumma shaheed, la tibchee 3alayaaaaa #syria #freesyria #freedomfighter #fsa #freesyrianarmy #sham #damascus #homs #aleppo #hama #fku” @sirley_f

“المقاومه بسوريا”
“Syria’s Resistance”

“رغم الألم فالأمل بنصر الله أقوى #سوريا”
“Despite the pain, hope in victory, God is the strongest #Syria”

“ابطال #صلاح_الدين الله يحميكم ويسدد رميكم #سوريا #حلب #ثورة #الجيش_الحر #syria #aleppo #FSA”
“Champions, may God protect you and guide you #Syria #Aleppo #Revolution #Rebel Army”

“Beautiful people die from hideous regimes. #syria .”

PPS. I’m gonna go back to my comfortable American life filled with illegal MP3 downloads and oversized beverages but at least I try and be semi-aware of what the fuck is going on in the world. You should do the same.


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Sun Yang X Beats By Dre

I was watching the Olympics super mooked and almost spit my beer out when I saw this shit.

The homie Sun Yang was rocking Beats by Dre in a special Chinese Flag colorway.

How official is that shit? I already seen all the Team USA basketball homies wearing some exclusive shit too. The more I look, the more Beats by Dre I see in exclusive colorways unique to different countries.

Real talk, the matching Beats by Dre is almost part of the Olympic jump suit. Everyone has it. Dre is fucking killing it this Olympics. He don’t give a fuck what county you from, you just better have on these beats by dre matching your shit. Fuck country loyalty, he’s only loyal to the money baby!

I can fuck with that. I want these Sun Yang joints.


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Is Rajon Rondo Serious With This Shirt?

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re in a picture with Snoop Dogg — or Snoop Lion I guess — you’re guilty by association and therefore high as fuck. Mark Zuckerberg is a total dweeb but here he is with Snoop, and he’s definitely mooked. We know for sure that Sean Parker is fucked up in that photo because is a complete fiend.

Either way, you know Rondo and KG are both blazed in this photo and blazed frequently. I remember in 2008 when Josh Howard said 70 percent of the NBA was burning and everyone freaked the fuck out. How is this a surprise to anyone with a pulse? Imagine if everyone during the Malice at the Palace was just high while they were playing…you think Ron Artest is running into those stands? You think Stephen Jackson is delivering the most epic sliding punch of all time?

Actually scratch them being high and pacifism reinging supreme over chaos. That fight was the craziest shit ever. But Rondo is still blazed in this photo.


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NEW MUSIC – Bas ‘Mula’


During J. Cole’s European tour Bas and @CedBreeze shared a moment in true Super Mookin’ Fiend fashion:

Bas: Got Blunt?
Ced: Got Weed?

It took about 30 seconds for them to figure out they were both super mookin’ fiends. Fiends always gravitate to other fiends. A couple Ozs and wild European nights later and the conversation changed slightly:

Bas: Got beats?
Ced: Got bars?

The two of them have been mookin and cookin up magic ever since.

This is one of my favorite records. Glad we can finally share it with you.

Produced by @CedBreeze

@oakshades + @Wave_Bandana

PS. READ ==>

PPS. Make sure you bump the other #FIENDFRIDAYS tracks off of Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II

Nothin’ is Free

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Being A North Korean Olympian Sucks Butthole

One might understand U.S. gymnast Jordyn Wieber’s heartbreak when she failed to qualify for the finals or commiserate with the angry tears of South Korean fencer Shin A-lam after a faulty clock dashed her dreams. But things could be a lot worse. What happens to North Korean athletes when they fail to bring home the gold?

ABC reported on Thursday that the state offers a carrot-and-stick approach to theOlympic Games; athletes can look forward to refrigerators, cars, and televisions when they win, and labor camp when they lose.

The rumors are unconfirmed, but ABC writes that “review meetings” after competitions often result in athletes’ expulsion from their sports organizations and assigned time in labor camps. North Korean Olympians going up against rival countries like the U.S. and South Korea have even more cause for concern.

-The Huffington Post

Man. There you are, playing ping pong your whole life to get to the Olympics and you get worked by some other dude. Normally that’s pretty good. Well guess what, North Korea don’t give a fuck.

But hold up — winners get a refrigerator? What the fuck is the point? No one there has food. Is that like a status thing over there? Is someone like “Yo, I’m an Olympian…but I also own a refrigerator and a TV” and then they get their dick sucked? It might be. Keep in mind this a country that believes the following things about their former megalomaniac-in-chief Kim Jong Il: he’s never taken a dump, he invented the hamburger and shot eleven hole-in-one’s the first time played golf. People that didn’t cry hard enough when he died? Those mugs got sent to labor camps too!

And these labor camps are no fucking joke. A Reddit user posted rare drawings from inside one and it’s basically the best time ever. Just kidding. If you’re pregnant they cut you open, throw the fetus away and execute you. And prisoners are beaten and executed so the guards can relieve stress. The fact that these Olympians don’t run the fuck away and never come back is a compliment (?!) to just how insanely effective the brainwashing there is. Or the censorship. Or the hypnosis of Kim Jong Un’s potbelly as he rides a rollercoaster. Imagine being that bitch that’s hired to be his wife or girlfriend or whatever? Yeah, you get to actually have access to food and other basic human needs but one fuck up and you’re dead as shit or in the labor camp.

North Korea spring break 2013? @Wave_Bandana @oakshades


PS: Unit 731, Japanese experimental camps where they conducted all kinds of crazy shit on Chinese and Korean people during World War II, might be even crazier than the North Korean labor camps. The film The Men Behind The Sun is pretty fucked up by my standards, probably life shattering by your standards. The autopsy on a little kid is pretty wild — they’re like playing with his guts and shit. Watch it mooked…maybe.

PS II: VICE’s work on North Korea is required viewing, even if people have some gripes with certain segments. Shane Smith’s documentation of his visit there is great and of course, his look into North Korean labor camps is also incredible.

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Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools (Drank) (Official Music Video)

If you follow us you know I consistently post Kendrick shit. I’m a big fan of his music even though most of my preferences don’t include many “conscious” rap artists (I hate that fucking label though, Some of the most ignorant rappers ever have “conscious” , genius bars). But you get what I mean. He’s a different style than most of my favorites.

I’ve always supported him, but I’ve noticed that every video or song there is always some online comment like “yo he nice but he need to dumb it down b…”

As much as it hurts my heart, to achieve mainstream success he most likely will have to find that medium. I think this record is a nice start. I think he’s going to be able to figure out a place that satisfies him creatively and also appeals to the masses.

I really like this record. Crazy quick turn around on the visuals too.


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Fire Hydrant Between 2 Cop Cars – Worst Parking Spot Ever?

We were so mooked we were actually considering parking here last night.

Is that not the most fucking fiend parking spot of all time? Like what could be a hotter place to park? Especially when mooked and riding dirty.

I feel like if you park there that’s not even a trip tot he towing company like we did last week (See Article), I feel like that’s a trip to central booking. Anyone that ignorant or hard body to park there shouldn’t be allowed to participate in society.

Only fucking fiends would even contemplate this shit.


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What Losing $500 Million Worth of Drugs Looks Like:

In what turned out to be one of the largest hauls of crystal meth and the biggest heroin bust in Australian history authorities smashed a Hong Kong-linked international drugs syndicate.

One time I was coming into the city with a fresh 8th of mook to meet my friends. We were in high school at the time, so an 8th was the equivalent to about $500 million dollars worth of meth. My friends had been struggling to find bud all day. It was one of those days where you end up calling a friend of a friend of a friend’s old mook dealer. You know those days where it seems the mook universe is against you? Those days when your calling your older/younger siblings friends and shit just to hit multiple age demographics. It was maybe the hardest day to find bud in our mook history. But I was coming in with a fresh bag of NJ BOO to save the day.

I still to this day don’t know what happened. But somehow I lost the 8th in Port Authority. You should have seen my friends’ faces. I could have fucked their mother in front of them and they would have had a less sour face.

Years later on I was supposed to bring all the Molli to Electric Zoo. I got overconfident from successfully smuggling it in the past. They did a better search this time and it got confiscated. Showing up to a music festival that everyone paid $100+ for, emptied handed was the second most angry I’ve seen people that supposedly care about me.

The point is, to all the Hong Kong international drugs syndicates, I feel your pain. I fucked up like that before too. I wish I could offer you words of comfort but I can’t. All the good things I’ve done for my friends over the last 24 years, they never let me live those 2 days down. Those were two of the biggest bummers ever. I’m assuming losing $500 million dollars of meth is just like that.

My only advice would be to put $500 Million on black and try to win that shit back.


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Chocolate Mook

Saw this article 10 Foods You Crave – And Why You Crave Them . Look at #1

1. When you crave chocolate you need to get high

Chocolate took most Western nations by storm, and looking at it today, it’s easy to think you know why. It has all the necessary components. It’s sweet and fatty and the perfect dessert. Of course, the cocoa beans that first became popular weren’t any of those things. Although they were dressed up different ways, for a long time chocolate was relatively coarse and bitter. Originally it was mostly served with spices as a drink, or over snow. While early Americans did occasionally sweeten it, it took a while before Europeans thought to add sugar to chocolate, and even longer before they added milk. It was often served over meat as a savory substance. So why was this flavor so very, very popular?

Some people point to phenylethylamine (PEA), the so-called “love chemical” that people produce when they’re in love or feeling especially happy and excited. Researchers point out that PEA breaks down to quickly in the body to actually affect the way that people act, and that other food, like cheese, contains more PEA anyway. A more likely story is the cannabinoids that chocolate contains. These chemicals, related to the THC found in marijuana, trigger anandamide, known as the “bliss molecule.” This triggers a high of happiness and well-being that a lot of people feel after eating chocolate. Researchers point out that most people would have to eat pounds of chocolate to get the same high as they would from pot. Chocolate also contains theobromine, a compound similar to the caffeine that gets people addicted to coffee. Chocolate, as it turns out, is a bubbling brew of 380 chemicals, a bunch of which are known to have an effect on mood. It’s a darling little meth lab of feel-good chemicals in a heart-shaped box. Forget alcohol or tobacco, this is the drug of choice for pretty much everyone.

“Researchers point out that most people would have to eat pounds of chocolate to get the same high as they would from pot.”

Do you understand what a potential game changer this is for the trap community?

Not to mention now that a dub = a pound of chocolate, so many rappers need to change their bars. Trapping pounds just isn’t that cool anymore. For real though, if they came up with a way to easily extract this at your crib it would change the game forever. We would potentially have LEGAL access to an unlimited amount of cannabinoids.

You might be saying to yourself, Wave, a dub of bud cost less than a pound of chocolate. You may be right, but can you name a day where the entire USA gives away free mook? Never ever happens, no matter how many eye lashes I lost wishing that. However is there a day the entire USA gives away free  chocolate cannabinoids?


Halloween would become the most import day of the year for mook heads and trappers. All those songs about re-upping on “the first of the monthhhhh” would get changed to “I re-up on october 31sttttt”.

When I was a kid I easily got multiple pounds of chocolate every Halloween. If they can figure out how to extract this shit, all trappers would have to do is kill it on Halloween. Just recruit all the runners and work non stop Halloween. Get as much chocolate as possible and sell that shit all year long. It’s 100 percent profit. Genius.

I’m going to quit my job now that I know this. All these hours I work to support my mook habbit. Shit is free now! I’ll just walk from Pediatrician to Pediatrician stealing the free candy for now. Then go nuts on Halloween.


PS - How confused are the police gonna be when Goons start sticking up stores for Twix and shit.

PPS – Thanks to Fiend Monica for the article.

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@Wave_Bandana’s Response to Droog’s: Top 10 Rated QB’s in Madden NFL 13

Yesterday Droog posted this: Top 10 Rated QB’s in Madden NFL 13

Here is the official list:

10. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles: 89 overall 
9. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys: 90 overall 
8. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions: 91 overall 
7. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers: 92 overall 
6. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos: 93 overall 
5. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers: 95 overall 
4. Eli Manning, New York Giants: 97 overall 
3. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: 98 overall 
2. Tom Brady, New England Patriots: 98 overall 
1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: 99 overall 

Here is my response:

NBA 2K is better than any game you mentioned…except Madden. Madden has always been my favorite video game. I actually own every single Madden that has ever existed (got pics to prove it). It’s the only game I consistently bet money on. I am the best Madden player literally in NYC, and no member of the Super Mookin’ Fiends could ever beat me. Droog after we play you will never question me again. I’m one of those fiends that sets up packages and audibles and all that shit for hours.

That being said, besides being the best Madden player in the world, I am also one of the most knowledgeable critics.  Few comments of yours I want to respond to:

1. Top 10 QBs

Holy shit I’m so angry by this list I can’t even explain myself. I could go on and on all night with this. Instead I’ll just give you the REAL list. I’d be happy to answer any questions regarding why I have it this way:

Wave Bandana’s Madden 2013 Top 10 QBs

  1. Michael Vick; 99 Overall
  2. Eli Manning; 99 Overall
  3. Cam Newton 97 Overall
  4. Drew Brees; 96 Overall
  5. Aaron Rodgers; 92 Overall
  6. Ben Roethlisberger; 90 Overall
  7. Tony Romo; 88 Overall
  8. Philip Rivers; 85 Overall
  9.  Matt Stafford; 83 Overall
  10. RGIII; 81 Overall


Then the 2 odd-men out because of the addition of Cam Newton and RGIII (Matt Schuab would be #11)

Tom Brady; 77 Overall

Peyton Manning; 69 Overall

2. Madden 12

I was actually happy with Madden 12. Maybe that’s because Madden 2011 was the worst sports video game I ever played since the Helsinki episode of Madden 2006 (QB Vision)…and we all know how that turned out.

In Madden 2011 it was literally impossible to win if you weren’t putting up 80 points. Strategically it made more sense to go for it on 4th and 30 in your own end-zone in the first 60 seconds of the game than it did to punt it. If you went just one possession without scoring, game over. There was no way around it. One defensive stop or turnover ended the game, that’s how absurdly easy it was to score. The offense vs defense in Madden 2011 was the most outrageous and frustrating experience I ever had (worst than trying to get all 100 hidden packages in GTA).

I hated Madden 2011 so much I almost didn’t make my annual midnight trip to pick up 2012 (almost). But I was surprisingly happy with 2012 (aside from the commentary). I loved the gang tackle animations. I felt overall it was the first time in a few years there was a complete animations overhaul. You could throw the deep ball again. Remember when they legitimately made it impossible to catch the deep ball? Obviously that came from all the complaints  of people throwing streaks to Randy Moss for a decade. I understood that, but the deep ball gets caught a few times in every real NFL game. You have to find the right balance.

I also thought the offense vs. defense was a huge improvement. By no means would I call it acceptable, but a step in the right direction. They really cut down on scrambling and forced the players to be much more realistic in the pocket. That was maybe my 2nd biggest complaint of all time was how unrealistic the scrambling and pocket presence was. Long gone are the days now where Vick ends up with 300+ yards in 5 min quarters. If you had a QB that really can’t move it made a huge difference.

What Madden 2013 needs to do is the same shit I’ve been screaming for years. Make the defense and offense completely even. Just as fun an unrealistic as the offense is, the defense should be the same. That means every time the D has a chance to make a pick, it should. No more of that bouncing off the hands shit. Any time some one does some dumb shit like scramble around and throw it cross field should be a pick. Pretty much any time it’s not a practical play should be a pick. If that means there are 10-15 interceptions a game, so be it. Not only would that FORCE players to play smart and and consequently realistic, but it would make the defense just as fun as offense. I never understood why they were okay with having outrageous  offensive stats and pretty realistic defensive stats. Make both sides equally fun and outrageous. I’m telling you it would make Madden the most fun game out.

3. Best Madden ever / Madden the Monopoly

Madden 2005 was by far the best Madden game in Madden history. I guess we agree somewhat on that. Not only did it introduce the hit stick making defense fun for the first time ever, but it was jam packed with content. Most of the game play mods and features of the Franchise mode that are still popular today were created with 2005. It was one of the bigger graphic and animations jump in the history of Madden. Madden 2005 (Ray Lewis) is head and shoulders the best game out there.

No shot was ESPN 2K5 better. That’s why that shit costs $20 cause it was a piece of shit. The only think memorable was that spot TV ad they ran. You are not alone Droog. The general sentiment in the gaming world is that ESPN 2k5 was the best football simulation ever created. They tried to make you wear a helmet when you played. That 1st person shit was miserable. I said the same thing then I’ll say now having years to reflect. Fuck you.

The only football games that could compare to Madden are the original NFL Blitz and the NFL 2K series FOR DREAMCAST. Blitz and Dreamcast literally changed my fucking life. I’ve never played a more fun sports game than Blitz still to this day. The Dreamcast 2K series paved the way for everything we have now. That shit changed the way I think about gaming experiences forever.

Originally I felt the same way you did about the Madden monopoly. I can’t understand how that was legal and Microsoft got dismantled for similar tactics Apple uses now. Without question it hurts progression. I don’t think EA is “lazy” because the gaming industry is one of the hardest industries to profit in. I don’t think they slack off. I just think because it’s a one sided vision it doesn’t allow progression. 2K and Madden both stole from each other over the years. One invented something cool, the other made it better next year. That is lost I will admit. But I wouldn’t contribute the lack of new shit just to the monopoly. EA has less than a year to make a game. How much different can you get? Groundbreaking games like Halo, Call of Duty (they use 2 different developers), GTA all have YEARS of developing. Madden gets only a few months. It’s a tough challenge. Also from reading EA interviews, they kinda hit a wall. There is only so much you can do in a short amount of time with a certain budget from a technology standpoint. The next major shift will be with new consoles.

So why do I support the monopoly?

Even though I just admitted it does hurt progression, the only thing I hate more than a lack of progression is idiots bitching about how they “woulda beat me if we played ESPn 2K”. The most annoying thing when I crush someone in a sports game is the victim complaing that they would beat me in the version of the game they play. This constantly happened with Madden vs. 2K and NBA Live vs. NBA 2K. I hate that fucking excuse so god damn much I’d rather we all play the same shitty game together. At least we know who the real champion is.


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