Caller ID: How People Save Their Contacts In The Phones!


I literally have 30 different people in my contacts with the last name Mook.
At least 50 with the word Fiend somewhere in my contacts.
At least 7 with the word Yams in there.
And 4 people with DO NOT FUCKING ANSWER EVER in my contacts.


PS. One of my boys saved this chick’s number as “Fruit Punch Amazing Butt” our freshmen year of HS. They finna get engaged pretty damn soon. He has never changed her contact info in his phone.

Via @LloydBankFiend

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Bill O’Reilly is Racist

One day we shall meet William and on that day a young black man who is 100% high as fuck is going to make you look silly.



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Mercy – Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2Chainz

Fire. I’m not sure why Ye got everyone dressed like they in a Prince of Persia video game but this shit is still fire.


PS. You have to credit Kanye for continuously redefining what is ok in Hip-Hop. 5 years ago this woulda been dope cars, bottles, cash and bitches. Progression >>>

PPS. Yo ye can we get a dope cars, bottles, cash and bitches version of this video too tho?

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White People and The N Word

There isn’t enough time in a day to have this debate so I’m going to keep my views on this topic short and succinct. I love the N word. It rolls off the tongue. It can be used in so many different ways. I love rapping it. I love making jokes using it. I love that it’s part of my lexicon. I have non black friends that I grew up with that use the N word all the time. Sometimes it is 100% blatantly racist. That shit is funny to me because they’re my boys. I have no qualms with non black people saying the N word as long as I know they aren’t saying it maliciously. If there’s no hate or vitriol behind it, it’s just a dope word to use/say. That being said. I’m in the minority. It’s probably cause I’m half and half. There are alot of black people that don’t fuck with anyone but niggas saying the word nigga. So here is my stance on the N word. You say it at your own risk. At any time someone may be offended and respond with violence.

Choose your words wisely.


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Club Paradise (aka Fiends in Chicago)

The view on the way to the Chi.

Culvers, Linking with @Fiendbassy and mookin the 1st blunt of the weekend.

Five fiends in a Range.

Great music was made on the bus. Great music IS being made on this bus.

Broke out the football and tossed it around with Brick Squad.

@FiendBassy got some good hands… pause.

Dressing room neighbors.

It’s purple and it got us FUCKED UP.

Flocka’s set.

5 seconds after this picture Waka jumped into the crowd two feet in front of me. He’s a Wild Boy.


You know what time it is…


#COLEWORLD … again

Last one of Cole.


THE GOLDEN TICKET. Courtesy of Future The Prince


“As long as my Dreamville niggas got a cup” – Drake

#TeamNoDaughters in full effect.

Sunday afternoon at Castaways. Dayyyyyyyy drinkinnnnnnnnnnn.


Mooked BBQ.

A lame ass mug. (#HATEHARD)

4 am in O’Hare airport.

So much love to OVO for hooking us up.
So much love to our Dreamville big bros for letting us fiend out the tour a little bit.
So much love to @fienDJota for takin us round his city.


It’s not about us being there. It’s about us showing you what we see.

@oakshades + @Wave_Bandana

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A$AP Rocky feat. ScHoolboy Q – Brand New Guy [Official Video]

Directed by The ICU x A$AP Rocky

This is by far my favorite A$AP Rocky record and also “1 of the 4″ A$AP tracks that @oakshades’s pretentious ass will listen to, so I was decently excited for the visuals.

Not very impressive on the visual front. Pretty standard hip-hop video, doesn’t do the song justice at all. People are saying they got “lazy” for this one. Although I’m not thrilled,  inferring they got lazy is unfair. You have to remember these are songs off a MIXTAPE, not an album. Video budgets for up and coming artists are pretty slim as it is, let alone trying to do multiple videos from mixtape singles. So as an artist, your options here are pretty limited. Then again, I don’t want to make an excuse because I’ve seen a lot more creativity in projects with likely even smaller budgets.

I have zero knowledge to their camps’ budget allocation, I just wish they put more money to back this track visually because I think it’s so fucking good. 100% Still worth checking out thou.

If you can’t tell, I love this fucking song.


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Back From Club Paradise

Oh fuck this work bullshit. Here’s how my day has gone so far…

Woke up in Chicago at #fienDJota’s fire ass crib. Called @Delta for an hour at 3:30 am. Booked a flight back to NYC… via Atlanta.

Cab to O’Hare.

Flight to Atlanta.


Flight to Newark.

Cab to work.

Oh and sprinkle in about 6 coffees and four hours of work and you get me.

What’s @wave_bandana doing?

@Wave_Bandana woke up at @fienDJota’s fire ass crib. Dapped up @FiendBassy. Drove to the airport in the LuvaBull with Jota. Got on a flight. Landed in Queens. Went home. Mooked and napped.

Yesterday at this time, I was at Starbucks doing hella last minute emergency work for work.
Saturday at this time, I was mookin blunts and playing football with Waka Flocka’s bodyguards.

This Fake Life/Real Life balance is tough to maintain.


PS. Got a photo gallery droppin tomorrow that will show some of the weekend from our POV.
PPS. Our Dreamville fam really showin us the world. OVO held us down this weekend HEAVY. We’re getting closer…
PPPS. Had to cop that Boingo Hotspot swag so I could get some shit done… HOLLA IF YOU NEED SOME WEBS.

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Till I Die #FIENDMIX – @Fiendbassy (MUSIC)

Aight #fiends. It’s been a crazy few weeks for #SMF. Everyone is doing wild shit. @Fiendbassy is back on The Club Paradise Tour. We all are back from the fake world that is also known as huge Music Festivals and Illicit drugs. Me and @wave_bandana are back at work plotting on the come up. @fienDJota is back stateside after his 1st year as a pro-hooper. All of that combined into one with @Fiendbassy’s next project being honed every fucking day, a new website design that’s taking longer then expected but will be worth it… oh and MAD dutches being mooked on the regular. This summer is finna be crazy. Aight I’m done babbling. Here’s a #FIENDMIX that @Fiendbassy recorded on the road. We’re really going to ramp up dropping original shit. Music, Videos, Articles etc… FUCK WITH US.


PS. For you YouTube ass niggas in the face

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No Church In The Wild

Shit is dope. Mad funny to me that Hov and Ye are the soundtrack to the youth uprising tho. This will feed into some dope Illuminati YouTube videos.


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Fake Treasure Chest Prank Venice Beach

1. I want to punch the dude in the white hat.
2. Try and be more asian bro.
3. Only times I showed any emotion was when that crackhead lady acted like she was gonna steal the chest and when the crowd tweaked when they saw gold.
4. I woulda called bullshit immediately.
5. Way to not get a chocolate sponsor and make some guap off this.



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