Maybe cause I’m high as shit off this Strawberry Cough, but tell me this shit isn’t straight out of a 90’s movie about 2013. WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUCKING FUTURE PEOPLE. Are you kidding me? Canada is borrowing financial models from an underground digital system that was started so fiends could buy drugs and shit online?
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@JColeNC – Power Trip Music Video

Seeing this video come to fruition is one of the cooler experiences I’ve ever had.



Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 10.06.44 AM

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2013 – Year of the Fiend


“Meet the Entrepreneurs and Investors Firing Up a New Industry”

It’s 2013 and the cover of Fortune magazine has mook smoke on it. This is fucking amazing. You mighta been wondering where the fuck we’ve been for the last three months. To be completely honest, we’ve been mooking heavy and making shit. We started this blog because we wanted to share Bas’ music with the world. It also gave us an outlet to talk shit about anything we find interesting. It was also the best way to waste time at our #9to5. One day we were all mooked as shit and we started taking about how everyone fiends for something. EVERYONE. We just happen to admit it and not take ourselves too seriously.

We got the site redesigned. Bas finished Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II. We filmed some visuals. We worked with an amazing artist named Amber, to create a visual representation for #QWRM2. We got some hoodies for you fiends that have been rocking with us since jump. Long story short… we been working. We wanna do this shit forever. Travel the world, make music and meet random fiends just like us.

We’re getting fucked up tonight cause we’re lucky enough to be happy and healthy. It feels good to be back.


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@Oakshades went to get dutches…


Came back with a whole fucking box. What a fiend.

Where do you even buy this shit? Why can’t we just be normal? Such a simple task and we always have to choose the most fiendest route. He says “it’s gonna save money in the long run”. He’s probably right but you still the fiend king for this one my dude.


PS – What’s the over/under on how many days this shit lasts?

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Danny Sparks, Mayor … Arrested For Selling Weed.


The mayor of Olive Hill in Carter County was arrested Wednesday on charges that he sold marijuana to an undercover witness working with police.

Danny Sparks was arrested about 5 p.m. Wednesday, Police Chief Bobby Hall said. The Journal-Times reported on its Web site that Sparks resigned Wednesday night.

Sparks was charged with trafficking marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school, a class D felony, because the undercover buy took place in a parking lot adjacent to an elementary school, Hall said.

The arrest was made by Olive Hill police and the FADE drug task force, a coalition of officers from five police departments.

Police began investigating Sparks after tips were submitted to FADE officers, Hall said.

“We had been looking into it for some time,” he said.

Police had not yet measured the quantity of pot allegedly sold by the mayor Wednesday night.

Olive Hill, the hometown of country singer Tom T. Hall, is about 80 miles east of Lexington off Interstate 64. It is about 20 miles east of Morehead.

Sparks has been mayor since before Hall took office in 2003, Hall said.






Every single person arrested and jailed for any Marijuana crime during Danny Sparks’ tenure as Mayor should be freed immediately.


PS. You know that at one point in time, Danny Sparks hoped he would be a rapper named Danny Sparks. He has tried to freestyle rap before. You know this. His name is Danny Sparks and he was a mayor who was selling weed.

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#NP Rihanna – Pour It Up (R.L. GRIME REMIX)


Gonna be running around like a fiend the next few days so if you don’t see me, know that I’m prolly mooked as fuck talking business with someone who has no idea how fucking mooked I am. In the mean time, I’m bumping this while getting ready for one of the last sessions for Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II. 


PS. Get familiar with R.L. Grime

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Miles Davis – Bitches Brew



Discovered VIA

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Give Pot A Chance – Op-Ed Piece from Timothy Egan (NYTimes)

SEATTLE – In two weeks, adults in this state will no longer be arrested or incarcerated for something that nearly 30 million Americans did last year. For the first time since prohibition began 75 years ago, recreational marijuana use will be legal; the misery-inducing crusade to lock up thousands of ordinary people has at last been seen, by a majority of voters in this state and in Colorado, for what it is: a monumental failure.

That is, unless the Obama administration steps in with an injunction, as it has threatened to in the past, against common sense. For what stands between ending this absurd front in the dead-ender war on drugs and the status quo is the federal government. It could intervene, citing the supremacy of federal law that still classifies marijuana as a dangerous drug.

But it shouldn’t. Social revolutions in a democracy, especially ones that begin with voters, should not be lightly dismissed. Forget all the lame jokes about Cheetos and Cheech and Chong. In the two-and-a-half weeks since a pair of progressive Western states sent a message that arresting 853,000 people a year for marijuana offenses is an insult to a country built on individual freedom, a whiff of positive, even monumental change is in the air.

In Mexico, where about 60,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence, political leaders are voicing cautious optimism that the tide could turn for the better. What happens when the United States, the largest consumer of drugs in the world, suddenly opts out of a black market that is the source of gangland death and corruption? That question, in small part, may now be answered.

Prosecutors in Washington and Colorado have announced they are dropping cases, effective immediately, against people for pot possession. I’ve heard from a couple of friends who are police officers, and guess what: they have a lot more to do than chase around recreational drug users.

Maine (ever-sensible Maine!) and Iowa, where the political soil is uniquely suited to good ideas, are looking to follow the Westerners. Within a few years, it seems likely that a dozen or more states will do so as well.

And for one more added measure of good karma, on Election Day, Representative Dan Lungren, nine-term Republican from California and a tired old drug warrior who backed some of the most draconian penalties against his fellow citizens, was ousted from office.

But there remains the big question of how President Obama will handle the cannabis spring. So far, he and Attorney General Eric Holder have been silent. I take that as a good sign, and certainly a departure from the hard-line position they took when California voters were considering legalization a few years ago. But if they need additional nudging, here are three reasons to let reason stand:

Hypocrisy. Popular culture and the sports-industrial complex would collapse without all the legal drugs that promise to extend erections, reduce inhibitions and keep people awake all night. I’m talking to you, Viagra, alcohol and high-potency energy drinks. Worse, perhaps, is the $25 billion nutritional supplement industry, offerings pills that make exaggerated health claims and steroid-based hormones that can have significant bad consequences. The corporate cartels behind these products get away with minimal regulation because of powerful backers like Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah.

In two years through 2011, more than 2,200 serious illnesses, including 33 fatalities, were reported by consumers of nutritional supplements. Federal officials have received reports of 13 deaths and 92 serious medical events from Five Hour Energy. And how many people died of marijuana ingestion? Of course, just because well-marketed, potentially hazardous potions are legal is no argument to bring pot onto retail shelves. But it’s hard to make a case for fairness when one person’s method of relaxation is cause for arrest while another’s lands him on a Monday night football ad.

Tax and regulate. Already, 18 states and the District of Columbia allow medical use of marijuana. This chaotic and unregulated system has resulted in price-gouging, phony prescriptions and outright scams. No wonder the pot dispensaries have opposed legalization – it could put them out of business.

Washington State officials estimate that taxation and regulation of licensed marijuana retail stores will generate $532 million in new revenue every year. Expand that number nationwide, and then also add into the mix all the wasted billions now spent investigating and prosecuting marijuana cases.

With pot out of the black market, states can have a serious discussion about use and abuse. The model is the campaign against drunk driving, which has made tremendous strides and saved countless lives at a time when alcohol is easier to get than ever before. Education, without one-sided moralizing, works.

Lead. That’s what transformative presidents do. From his years as a community organizer – and a young man whose own recreational drug use could have made him just another number in lockup – Obama knows well that racial minorities are disproportionately jailed for these crimes. With 5 percent of the world’s population, the United States has 25 percent of its prisoners – and about 500,000 of them are behind bars for drug offenses. On cost alone – up to $60,000 a year, to taxpayers, per prisoner – this is unsustainable.

Obama is uniquely suited to make the argument for change. On this issue, he’ll have support from the libertarian right and the humanitarian left. The question is not the backing – it’s whether the president will have the backbone.


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I fucking hate this winter swag so fucking much

I absolutely can not stand mugs that have this type of winter hat swag. There’s always one dude at every party or every bar that insists on wearing this fucking hat the entirety of the night. Like really? This is the dude you want to be? All the options out there in the world and this is the swag you wanna go with? You’re happy with being winter swag hat guy?

This hat gets you no bitches. These are the people that wear this hat:

1. The dude that dominates the beruit (beer pong) table all night: SWEET bro, you won like 4 consecutive games, this would have been dope in high school. But all this gets you at this age is that puzzled look on your face at the end of the night like “Where did all the bitches go?”. The bitches went home with MEN not wearing this stupid ass hat or Men that didn’t spend their entire night freaking out about meaningless games that aren’t even sanctioned by the WBPT (World Beer Pong Tour).

2. The self proclaimed, “funny man”: This poor bastard gave up so early in life it’s fucking depressing. Just called it quits and went with the whole funny man act. These are some of the most delusional people on the planet. It’s the same thing I tell bitches all the time, just because you’re not COMPLETELY busted, doesn’t mean you’re hot. Same concept applies here, just because you’re not  good looking but also not a nerd, doesn’t make you funny.  99% of the time these are the least funny people you know, but for some reason they tricked people into thinking they are, then just prey around parties hoping for the trickle down effect. For some reason these dudes gravitate towards these hats like no one else. For them, this hat represents everything they think they are; humorous and a standout.  All I see is an ugly motherfucker in a stupid ass hat that gets no bitches. This dude from Not Another Teen Movie exemplifies this character:

3. Meat Head, Big Jacked Dude, Wrestler Lookin Motherfucker: I’m not saying you have a small dick, but you’re overcompensating for something son. No real dude goes through this much trouble for pussy, no one. You’re gonna spend all your free time in the gym to balloon up AND wear this stupid ass hat to standout? It’s just a little too much, something isn’t right here. The other side of this is sometimes when you’re one of the bigger dudes in your group of friends or social scene, you think you can get away with this shit because you’re so big no ones gonna say shit to you or question you. As a 6’8 male, I have been guilty of this where I wear some outlandish shit because I think I’m cool cause no one can fuck with me. But if you look at your pictures a few weeks removed, you’ll see you just look like a GIANT clown.

4. Hipsters and Fake Hipsters: Honestly I would need weeks maybe even months to really write down exactly how I feel about these people. Trust me, I have mad complex, complicated, and even confused emotions about this subject, it’s not all hate. Some of my best friends in the world are hipster-ed out. I will say this though, to all the fake hipsters of this world, there is a special place in Hell for you.

5. Hot Bitches: Honestly, not a fan of this look but you bitches can wear whatever the fuck you want.

6. Ugly Bitches: Same shit as #2 really, for some reason bitches that aren’t completely disgusting think they’re like “cool, down to earth chicks, and one of the guys”. These bitches always wear this hat. I don’t get it at all, it totally blows your cover. The point is to stay incognito until around 4am when it’s your time to shine babe (If you think I’m degrading to women, read all my post including this one, talking shit about ugly guys before you send me some fucking email. I judge everyone motherfucker, don’t think you bitches are special).

7. The one black dude in an all white group of friends: A disturbing trend I noticed in recent years is the one black dude in all white groups is starting to rock this hat. Listen, I was the only white dude in a lot of all black groups, so I understand this identity crisis. But you didn’t see me walking around in a fucking du-rag. That’s the equivalent to what you are doing here, basically putting on the whitest hat you can find. It’s not a good look son, buy a lacrosse stick before you buy this shit.

8. Lost Souls: God’s Speed to you all.

9. People from Russia, Antarctica, the Poles, Eskimos: Nothing bad to say here. This shit makes perfect sense. This is a very useful item of clothing to own when you live in these places. I’m talking about dickheads that wear this shit in New York City and fucking L.A. and shit. If you live in the North Pole wear whatever you want I respect you. And if you go on a ski trip (ow) or some shit I can deal with this hat too, it’s the regular, every day motherfuckers that make me sick.



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By Any Meals – @HoodChef and @AristotleBAM Help Feed Hundreds

Our culture has decided that once a year we’re going to have a day called Thanksgiving. We’re supposed to think about our lives and take the time to recount what we are grateful for. To be honest, I know personally for me, Thanksgiving is more about food and football. Yea I’m a privileged fucking asshole. You know who isn’t? A dude named Hood Chef.

He’s a 30 year old Brooklyn native who travels the world trying to mesh urban culture with the culinary world. You know what he did on Thanksgiving? He fed over 500 people with the help of Aristotle over at By Any Means and Dorell Wright of the 76ers. 

I’m not gonna front the food was so goddamn banging. Sorry mom, but the plate Hood Chef hit me with at 2AM at Elite’s crib was CRAZY. Turkey was so goddamn moist. Mac and Cheese was banging. The stuffing… fuck man, the stuffing was like the food equivalent of a fadeaway jumper that just splashes through the bottom of the net. Stuffed mushrooms fam. CRAZY.

But you know what’s even crazier then how banging the food was? It was the crew that made this happen. It wasn’t a church. It wasn’t a school organization. It wasn’t the boy scouts. It was a group of weed smoking, rap listening, foul mouthed young people that made this happen. All I could think of while crushing the plate Hood Chef blessed me with was how many fake deep, self righteous ass motherfuckers out in the world spent the day arguing about dumb shit with family.

I could only think of all those Mitt Romney ass motherfuckers out in America in their comfy Brooks Brothers sweaters talking about the 47%. I’m sitting there with a plate of food that a person I didn’t know prepared for me out of the kindness of his heart and all I could think of was how close minded all the pretentious ass fucks in AMerica would look at Hood Chef and his crew of Locos/Locas and immediately say some dumb shit about them. 

I’m thankful for what I have and most importantly the people that keep showing up in my life. I learn from them every day. Hood Chef taught me that I gotta do better and help those that don’t have it as good as I do. Hope you had a good turkey day. 


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