#NP Antimatter – N*E*R*D*

Seeing Sounds is one of my favorite albums of all time. Please take the time to download the actual album and listen to it front to back. YouTube streams do not do it justice.


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Anne Frank Probably Woulda Been A Belieber

1. Biebs was mooked as shit. Number 1 mistake of being mooked as shit in Amsterdam? Going to the Anne Frank House. Why the fuck does anyone need to be in there?

2. Has anyone spoke to 13-15 year old girls about Bieber lately? THEY FUCKING LOVE BIEBER. She probably woulda been a Belieber.


PS. Hop the fuck off Bieber’s dick. He is literally living a dream and everyone wants to rag on him cause we live in a miserable world where we aren’t Bieber so we hate on Bieber. Build em up to break em down. It’s disgusting. There are way more fucked things going on that nobody is talking about in the news and we’re focusing on a rock star’s sentence in a guest book.

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Tax Time


So last night around 11 PM I realized that I had done nothing in regards to giving the IRS all the money that they demand I pay them so they don’t lock me up like Wesley Snipes. What did I do? I did exactly what every grown ass nigga would do in that situation… I called my mommy. She told me to file a fucking extension, so I called my dad and that fiend did that for me. I PAY FOR MY OWN RENT + CELL PHONE BILL DON’T FUCKING JUDGE ME BRO.

Anyway, here’s a Forbes article on how to file for your extension ===> TAXES

Seriously tho the IRS don’t play fucking games. Get your shit in.


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Game of Cheeks


How much longer are we going to pretend that Game of Thrones is still entertaining? Seriously, nothing ever happens in that show. NOTHING. It’s like watching Gladiator, if you took out all the fight scenes and made us watch just the talking scenes, in hour intervals, stretched over 2 months.

I wish I could write “Spoiler” in the heading of this article…but there’s nothing to fucking spoil! Shit never happens! They need to change the name of this show to Game of Cheeks. Because this shit is becoming straight cheeks.

The worst part is the people like Bas who defend this shit. Like, “come on fam, you know it doesn’t really pick up until episode 6″. Episode 6?!? Motherfucker that’s 6 weeks!! Homies can get a GED in 6 weeks. A smart motherfucker can get an accelerated Masters and shit.

If someone asked you what major things have happened in Season 3, what would you say? You would be like “uhhhhhhhhhhhhh” trying to make shit up. Granted I watch every episode mooked out of my mind, and that can’t help since everyone looks the fucking same, but come on yo. This shit is getting is getting out of control. Every week just an hour of dialogue in shitty accents. I have no fucking idea what’s going on anymore.

Fuck you Game of Cheeks.

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PS – I’m an ORIGINAL OG Game of Thrones fan. I’m not a hater or some bandwagon homie. I was on this shit before most of you.

PPS – If this shit does come back hard I will 100% eat my words. I have no problem taking all this back and admitting I was wrong. But they will need to blow me the fuck away this season. Like how I was blown away when they chopped off Ned Stark’s head, or the first time I saw Khaleesi’s ass.


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Daft Punk – “Get Lucky”

This played during Coachella randomly and ran as a commercial on SNL.



PS. This shit sounds like MJ reincarnate.

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VICE Episode 2 Preview

This + Mook = What I’m doing at 11 PM tonight.


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Daft Punk | Random Access Memories | The Collaborators: Nile Rodgers

I’m not gonna lie. The first time I heard about Daft Punk was ==>

Couple random thoughts real quick –

1. I don’t remember watching this video at all. Not in like a hating on the video cause it’s fire, but more in a what the fuck why can’t I remember watching this video?
2. Cassie.
3. Think about all the random shit you’ve done in your life that you’ve forgotten. If you’ve forgotten it and it’s not in your current memory, and blah blah … Space & Time continuum, did it really happen? #FAKEDEEP

You remember this shit?


First time I saw this. I was like HOLY SHITTTTT what a sample! This was when Kanye’s music was the soundtrack to my life. Takes me back to my dorm room. Mookin haze and playing Halo 3. Getting bodied and and skipping class. Running around NYC with no worries. I remember seeing this and just being so impressed first sonically and then I realized how crazy this fiend’s hand gestures were on point with the song.

Kanye West introduced me to Daft Punk. That’s what makes good hip-hop music awesome. Daft Punk have been off the grid for a minute. I can’t even do them justice so I’ll most likely find someone who can do a profile of them before their new album Random Access Memories is released. But before then watch this video to get a feel for the music. Nile Rodgers is an OG in the game and I think if music is something you are passionate about, you should watch this.


PS. The Creator’s Project is one of the coolest things in the world cause they understand culture and try to be creative catalysts. We will collaborate with them in some shape or form because that’s one of my life goals. FUCK WITH US.

PPS. Wave gotta do some more Sample Battles

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Major Lazer – Get Free Performance on Jimmy Fallon

If you have never been to a Major Lazer show… GO TO ONE.


PS. I 100% A&R’d this remix.

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Zack Greinke Breaks His Collarbone After Brawl

So this dude Zack Greinke has a lead and throws at dude’s head. Dude charges the mound and shoulder checks Greinke. Greinke gets bodied and breaks his collarbone like a little bitch. Baseball really is on some pussy shit.


PS. I fucking hate baseball man. 20 years of being a Mets fan = MOTHERFUCK BASEBALL MAN.

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