You never really get a good look at Nicki’s naked ass…

Finally watched the Beez in the Trap video even though we posted that shit like weeks ago.

Then I just watched an additional 180 minuets of Nicki Minaj video footage. I can not find a solid shot of her ass in it’s entirety anywhere. All you see are side shots, clothed, painted, some weird shit like half on it, or like silhouettes and shit.

I just realized now, you never really get a good look at her naked ass.


PS – I know this might be one of my more useless, meaningless posts. But somewhere, someone had this same thought/frustration. I did this for you #fiend.

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Nicki Minaj – Beez in The Trap feat 2Chainz

I’m fuckin with this Nicki Track.

I’m really fuckin with 2Chainz on this Nicki Track.

I’m REALLLLLLLLY fuckin with the hoes in this video.


Ps. And that concludes the YMCMB portion of SMF posts for today.

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