What the fuck was Roethlisbeger wearing???

HAHAHAHAH my god, how dare he wear that!!!! HAHAHAH. I’m in tears man. What a controversial choice by Big Ben. So, so contro. Maybe even more contro then deciding to be a rapist.

Forreal though, besides the fact that it’s like 4 hat sizes too small and he looks like a certified creeper, you just got smoked by Tebow brah!! You can’t try to swag out like that. Who the fuck was he trying to fool with this shit?? This was a 100% an outfit for a winner. Without questions he picked this shit out thinking he was going to win and then swag on bitches. But you didn’t my dude! You gotta adjust. This would be like if (when) Rodgers loses to the G-Men next week, and he came out with that WWF belt. You would be like what!?? Your bum ass just lost brah, adjust.

I swear man, these mugs are all bat shit crazy.


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“The league doesn’t want certain games played without certain Quarterbacks.”



PS. Can we get some love for Chez @NFLCommish

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