Jay and Beyonce’s Baby Girl SNL SKIT

Is there a harder job in TV then being the black dude on SNL? Keenan aka this dude ==> is gonna be this dude ===> ??? Ya’ll just setting him up to fail with some shit like that. Anyway, my thoughts are :

1. Jay Pharoah needs to quit SNL and immediately start producing a pop culture cartoon show where he can actually be funny cause he is a terrible actor but his voice shit is wild.

2. Justin Timberlake is the fucking man.

3. Anything involving Prince is always hysterical.

4. This nigga Bonnie Bear really won a Grammy for “Best New Artist” even though he dropped an album in 2007.


PS. On the low, SNL been getting funnier every week

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That Blue Ivy heavy in the streets right now…

The hottest new strain of weed being sold in Hollywood is named after Blue Ivy Carter.

 According to TMZ “OG Blue Ivy” can be purchased at legal marijuana dispensaries throughout Hollywood. So not only is Blue Ivy the youngest person to ever chart on Billboard, she’s also the youngest to have a strain of weed named after her.

I swear, these mook heads that run these dispensaries are some of the most creative people on the planet. Every single time they find an amazing way to market their shit directly to their target demographic. I’m just amazed at this point. Straight genius. Like something catastrophic can happen and they still find a way to market that shit. 10,000 people could die in a natural disaster and the next day “Hurricane Haze” is flying off that shelves.

PS – I need this Blue Ivy! I’ve been smoking straight boo-boo for like 2 months now. That’s cause 66 Holds became the official boo man in the Super Mookin’ Fiends set. If you see 66 Holds on the street be like “what up King of Booooo”, or call him “Chief of Boo Nation” he loves that shit, trust me.

PPS – Craziest weed strand I ever bought was “Bloody Haze”. Dude swore on everything that he could CONFIRM at least 2 people that died bringing this bud over from Afghanistan. I don’t believe him one bit. He was literally one of the most fiended out dudes I’ve ever seen but we still make jokes about that “Blood Haze” till this day.



My main man Lloyd Bankfiend  just read this and highly disagreed. He said the best strand name we ever bought was “Helen Keller Haze”. I totally forgot about Helen Keller Haze. Most likely because it made you blind and deaf so all my memories are blacked out. But he’s right, that shit was the most cray because you LEGIT lost the ability to see or hear instantly.  The best part was, we randomly decided to buy a higher quantity than usual, so we had a SHIT TON of this Helen Keller Haze. We were just mookin everyone out, so at any given time on campus you had like 15-20 super mookin retards with disabled hearing and vision.

Good Times.


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