First of all I’m so mad that I have yet to find an agent to represent us in our Voiceover careers. There is not a doubt in my mind that Hollywood would fuck with @wave_bandana and I fucking killing it as cartoon characters. I can do 32 different voices and 4 TERRIBLE accents. I’ll charge 12% of what any of these fucktards charge. FUCK WITH US.

That being said… HOW DARE YOU UNMASK THESE VOICES??? Did you know that at Disney World, if you take off your mask you’re immediately fired? Like one dude’s costume caught on fire and he was trying to get out ALIVE so he ripped the head off and shit. DUDE GOT THE AXE. How is this any different? Fuck you man. I don’t want to know what any of my favorite cartoon characters actually look like. You know how traumatizing it was when I found out that Bart Simpson is actually a chick. I called my self a fag for 12 weeks straight as a 14 year old. I was so mad. This is terrible. I’m legitimately upset at this shit. I will NOT be watching this in theaters. No Super Mookin Sunday Funday for this.


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