Ceelo With The G’s | Official Video

Ceelo With The G’s.

Revenge of The Dreamers.

Last Winter April 29th.

New joint next week.


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VIA @FiendBassy: D’usse for breakfast

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.55.24 AM

Los Fiends going up for GRAMMYs weekend.

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I’m Tha Man – Cozz (@Cody_Macc)

I get it, I get it, it’s Monday
Whoa, get it together one day,
but why wait five days for Friday
don’t worry ’bout my name
I’m the motherfucking man

Go get that Cozz & Effect.


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Mook In New Mexico – Bas (@FiendBassy)| Official Video

Last February we decided to get on a plane and fly to New Mexico and get mooked in the desert.

We brought a camera out there with us and ended up with this visual.

Fat shouts to everyone in New Mexico that helped us create this.

Big ups to the homies Nic and Gunna for the vision/execution behind this movie.


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All this 2015 festivals talk is getting us really excited for festival season and more #FestivalFiends.

Gonna be a really fiended year. Can’t wait.

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PS – Which festivals you gonna hit this year?

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@Dreamville Season Vol.1 (New Years Mix by @DJMoma)

Fire flames.

Happy New Year.


PS. I took this picture and it’s dope as fuck.

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Bas (@fiendbassy) – My Nigga Just Made Bail feat. J. Cole (Music Video)


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Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 6.33.13 PM

I’m so fucking hungover from Bas & The Fiends at Webster Hall last night for Just Blaze’s House Party. I really don’t have shit to say.

Thank you to everyone that came. Love you all.

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NPR Microphone Check x @JColeNC “Ain’t Enough Of Us Trying”

Take an hour to listen to this interview.

It’s amazing.

This is what our culture needs.

More intelligent conversations.

Aint enough of us trying.

You can read the transcript in 15 minutes if you crunched for time HERE


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Via @VibeMagazine: You Know The Man Behind J. Cole’s Dreamville Movement? – AKA @KingOfQueenz


Dream Come True
J. Cole’s right-hand man and Dreamville President Ibrahim Hamad is set on creating a music dynasty of the people

Ibrahim Hamad is feeling like a springtime Santa. It’s 12:07 a.m. and Last Winter, the debut studio LP from Dreamville’s lottery pick rapper Bas, has been on sale for exactly seven minutes. And here is Hamad scrolling Twitter for fiends anticipating the label’s first retail release. “If you can’t get that #LastWinter right now for [f]inancial reasons or you not sure yet about Bas… send me your email, I’m a iTunes gift you,” tweets the 29-year-old Queens native, who co-founded Dreamville with J. Cole back in 2007, announcing a label deal with Interscope in January. He’ll continue donating digital downloads—too many for him to remember—until the iTunes store’s fraud protection kicks in.

It’s all part of the grassroots philosophy that’s catapulted Cole to rap’s most grounded superstar. “People feel emotionally connected,” says Hamad of his former St. John’s University classmate, whose third album is on pace to sell 300,000-plus albumsfirst week with no marketing bells. “We understand the Internet but we also understand real-life consumers; we know how to speak to the fans.” The towering executive shares his business plan for dream world domination.

J. Cole’s brand is very reserved. Because he doesn’t tweet or Instagram much, it’s more special when he says something. People have to pay attention. That rubs off on our Dreamville brand.

Aftermath is the label I’ve liked the most. Not only did Dr. Dre push Eminem; he let Eminem have his own shit. Then Em signed 50, and they pushed G-Unit. When it worked for Dre, that shit went all the way.

Bas has a real lifestyle with the Fiends—he wants to grow a creative marketing company. I enjoy pushing the artist and their movement, ’cause if the movement gets stronger, Bas gets stronger and we get stronger.

Cole really wanted to do the Beyoncé [surprise album] thing. We thought about that shit before, but that’s probably better when you’re even bigger. That move was possible because of our generation of artists who’ve done that with mixtapes. Beyoncé probably saw the reaction online when we dropped Friday Night Lights, when Drake dropped [So Far Gone], when Chance dropped Acid Rap. But it was genius.

I don’t have a certain type of artist I want to sign, just whatever makes me a fan. I’m looking for a girl singer but it could be a fucking rock band if the shit is hot. I’m such a hard critic—if you can get me excited, I know you’ll get a majority of people excited. I want to build careers, not just something hot for now. —John Kennedy


^^^^^ Click this shit so hip-hop media knows we want more articles like this about real people doing real things and not that bullshit.

I don’t want to get all EMO because it’s #FiendFriday and shit, but Ib is hands-down one of the best and smartest people on the planet. Since Day 1 he’s always believed in us the most, and without him none of this could be possible. Beyond that, every step of the way he has always looked out for me and included me in absolutely amazing experiences I thought I would never get to see in my life. He’s done things for me that I can never repay back, and he has no idea how much it means to me. He has truly changed my life. I can never, ever, thank him enough. All I can try to do is work my hardest to try and pay him back someday.

Glad he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. He deserves all the credit in the world and more. Some of his ideas are absolutely incredible and i’ve seen him blow away some of the biggest agencies in the world.

If you are reading this, from the bottom of my tar-covered, kushed-out, black heart, THANK YOU. You are truly an inspiration and role model to me.

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PS – What’s good with this photo Ib? Vibe couldn’t get anything more recent? What is this circa St. Johns ’07? #HateHard

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