Center of Gravity Festival x @FiendBassy


#FIENDS in Kelowna

We’re heavy out in Canada this summer.

Can’t wait for this shit.


Who coming to fuck with us?


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Thank You #FIENDS in London

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.57.39 AM

What a way to kick off the Dollar & A Dream Tour. 2 epic shows in London back to back. Just wild.

That shit felt like it was a Last Winter Tour. Everyone knew all the words to all the records. Not a lot of places in the World that fans could come and rock out like that for the opener. But you Dreamville #FIENDS in London 100% did that. Had us feeling like it was our show and shit.

We have seen enough though now to know we have to do a Bas London show ASAP. Already started talking to booking. Stay tuned, fiends.

@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

PS – Cole killed it. This show is unreal.

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Upcoming @FiendBassy Shows (JULY)


Dollar And A Dream.

Last Winter Tour coming to Vancouver (link coming soon), Toronto and back to Chicago.

Quebec City Festival, Center of Gravity Festival and Osheaga Music Festival.

July is gonna be a hectic month.

Come fuck with the #FIENDS.


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Last Winter Tour – Bas | TX-DC-NYC (Official Video)

The second part of The Last Winter Tour took us thru Texas to DC and then back home to NYC.

We met some really dope people on this leg.

Saw some cool fucking cities.

Performed for diehard fans at legendary venues.


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Jim Carrey Dropping Knowledge About Dreams

I remember asking the universe to let us make tshirts and rap music.

I also asked the universe to let me be the light skinned version of Dan Blizerian but that hasn’t happened yet.

Fiend for your dreams tho.



PS. Dear Universe, I’d settle for me being Dan’s intern or something. I just wanna be rich and have guns and party in Ibiza with dimes.

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J. Cole: Lights Please (Official Video) X @MTV Special


Hopefully you got to catch that awesome J. Cole MTV Special over the weekend for the 5 year anniversary of The Warm Up. Great interview with Sway for all the Dreamville fans out there, and he finally premiered the Lights Please official video. You can check out all the footage here:

J. Cole MTV Special Segment 1 

J. Cole MTV Special Segment 2

J. Cole MTV Special Segment 3 X Lights Please Video

Shit brought back mad memories. Seems like forever ago. I still remember when Cole and Ib handed @oakshades a stack of the Warm Up CDs, and we just passed that shit around NYU’s campus.

No one knew who he was. 5 years later and GOD DAMN.

We made it.

Also, get ready for this shit:


@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

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#FIENDS at SOB’s #LastWinterTour


Ron’s face is the only way I can accurately describe how last night felt. Real shit what a fucking homecoming. SOB’s was fucking packed. Front to back filled with …



I got to the venue at 6:45 pm for soundcheck and what do I see? A full on Brazilian band including chicks in those wild dresses doing the salsa and shit, but also a crazy fucking line of fiends and dreamvillains waiting to get in to the venue.


Shit paid off cause you guys got a great view of the show.


It was a family affair so Bas brought out Quick for Fiji Water In My Iron. Fucking dope as shit to see Quick and Bas perform for the first time on the same stage. I’m so used to being mooked as shit watching them make music, not perform it.


Seeing Mama in the front row rocking out was fucking crazy. I heard my mom was out in the crowd flipping Fiend tees for the low. How fucking funny is that shit?

_MG_4501 (1)

Look how bodied this fiend Gunna is. He prolly launched 15 tshirts into the crowd yesterday.




Funny story. We told this fiend Dre to jump into the crowd. Fiends got a little too hype and launched him into the crowd. Normally a crowd will catch a fiend. Not in NYC tho. Fiends sidestepped him with the quickness, but on the second go around he was lifted to the sky like mook smoke out the lungs.


Shouts to these two fiends for putting together a dope vibe for the show.

_MG_4632 (1)

Shouts to all the fans that not only copped a ticket, but copped a CD, a tshirt, told 4 of their friends. Shouts to everyone that has been showing us love man.


Shouts to Sheets for holding everyone down with the fresh FIENDS gear.


Last summer we turned crazy at Westway. There was about 200 of us in there getting shitfaced. Bas performed like three songs. Shit was amazing. An all around crazy night. Fast forward less than a year and this fiend sold 450 tickets at SOB’s.

Last Winter forreal.


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Bas | Last Winter – The Tour Trailer

It’s almost that time. Can’t wait to see all of you #FIENDS.


6/05 – DALLAS, TX – THE LOFT –
6/12 – NEW YORK, NY – S.O.B.S. –


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Happy #FIENDDAY @FiendBassy


Fiends are getting old man. Feels like just yesterday this mug Bas was bodied on The Carter rooftop telling Jota that he doesn’t rap. Fast forward to today and we’re putting together our first tour. Fucking dope. Here’s to many more happy and healthy years fiend.


PS. Please send all Happy Fiendday gifts to The Dub. We are accepting all quantities of mook addressed directly to Oakshades or Wave_Bandana.

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When we decided to bring our online store to life in March we thought of it as a cool way to bring out our NYC fam and get them all some #FIENDS gear. After we posted some pics online, we saw the tweets coming in asking us to bring the Fiendshop to other cities. Then Bas and I went out to SXSW and mad heads were telling us how dope the Fiendshop looked from social media. After having a meeting of the braintrust, we decided that we needed to go to the West Coast.


So we got the whole team out to LA. Rented a dope ass crib aka Casa de Fiend. And then proceeded to get bodied for a week straight. One 3 am Walmart trip, 15 box FedEx delivery, an expensive ass emergency insurance policy and 20 cases of Dos Equis later, The Fiendshop LA opened to the public. Shit was dope as fuck but we realized really quickly that there wasn’t enough signage. People who knew what was poppin, were coming thru but we were missing mad walkin traffic. So I went on a mission across LA to buy a sign.


Yo do you know how fucking hard it is to find a sign in LA the day before Mother’s Day? Shit was fucking impossible. We went from Hollywood to Beverly Hills to Silver Lake to Downton. NOTHING. Not Home Depot, not Office Max, not Staples … nothing. So Me and L. Ron Hubbard straight quit on the mission and decided to hit Chik-Fil-A. Then I saw a sign. It was beat up and dirty and just sitting on the corner telling people where they could park. I stole that sign. Then I got it painted by Made Rich. And that’s how we got a FIENDSHOP sign.


It was mad cool to see how many fans this mug Bas has. Of course our LA fam came out but there were so many fiends in there talking bout Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II. They were so geeked to be able to cop hard copies. Salute to the youngins who still like having a physical copy of a project. An album used to be more then a click in iTunes, the album art used to mean something. We tryna bring that back.


Bas and Ib got on the beer pong table early in the day and those homies were twisted by like 2:30 PM cause they couldn’t lose. Fans were straight up talking shit to them but they couldn’t get them off the table. It was lowkey mad funny.


We had to bring out a couple exclusive pieces for the LA fiends. We cooked up a Lakers themed SMF tee. Our boy Crooked blessed us with the Cali Bear roaming on the back of the shirt. People were really fucking with it. Then the big bros busted out the Dreamville Baseball jersey which flew off the shelves like fucking hot cakes.


The drinks were flowing thanks to this lovely lady.


My favorite part of the Fiendshop was watching all the Queens Fiends meet their Twitter fans. Shit was amazing. “Oh you’re Matty P the baller I’ll call you in a minute!!!” <== That had me dying. "You just made bail!!! How is adjusting to real life??" <=== That one really made me fucking laugh.


I wish I knew why Matty was giving this face.


Was pretty dope to just step outside into that LA sunshine and turn around to just see NYC flooding the block.


It’s pretty crazy for me personally to see our team throwing pop up shops together as a fucking hobby. We all come from the OG NYC sneakerhead lifestyle. We been doing this get fly shit since we got those unlimited metrocards and started exploring Manhattan. You know how many ‘We should own a sneaker store’ conversations we had BEFORE WE STARTED MOOKING OUNCES OF SOUR? Wild to see that shit come to fruition.



Black + Dep

Shouts to Black Cobain and King Razzle himself.


More Ladiesssss.

Mike and Matty

Young Shiggity was in there ironing T’s for the people. What other record label sends out the executives to iron TShirts for the people? What other record label has their President in flip flops and Js bustin homies in Pong alongside the artist of the hour.

DJ Carisma

There’s just something about the music out here in Cali. Shouts to DJ Carisma for coming thru in the clutch and straight rocking the party all afternoon. Shit was LIVE as fuck.

Punk Rock

I could wax poetically about the diversity of our events but that shit is kinda getting old. But seriously tho, the fact that all types of people come fuck with us speaks directly to who we are as fiends. We don’t see color, we just see fiends.

First ... Lets Take A Selfie

We almost done … but first let’s let these ladies take a selfie.


Shit was jampacked all day. Lowkey I’m not sure how we got out of there exactly at 9 PM. Cops only came once and after I hit them with the ‘How ya’ll doin officers? Everything over is copacetic and we’re gonna keep it that way.’ They were like umm Ok and pulled off.

Shouts to everyone that helped us pull this off. Dreamville for giving us this opportunity. KC for holding us down OD in a city that we fuck with but aint our home. DJ Carisma for coming thru and keeping the vibes on point. All of the FIENDS that came out from NYC to help us get this shit moving. And most importantly anyone and everyone that came thru to show support.

Everbody #FIENDS.


PS. Shouts to @madeleine_dalla for shooting the shop. Beautiful and talented.

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