#FESTIVALFIENDS | Made In America 2014

On Saturday we mobbed out to Philly for Made In America.

We got Lit off unlimited cans of Bud Heavy and Thot Juice.

Then we spent the day bouncing from stage to stage.



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Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 2.36.58 PM

It’s been a really fiended summer and a crazy ride for us.

We got Bas and Cole at Made In America tomorrow in Philly, let’s close this motherfucker out right.


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Jon Stewart on #Ferguson

“Race is there, and it is a constant. You’re tired of hearing about it? Imagine How fucking exhausting it is living it.”

Absolutely goes in on em’. Was a little iffy at first about humor being mixed in with the murder of a young man, but the message in the latter half of his rant is loud and clear.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. That’s my viewpoint that I will never back down on. Although I highly disagree with a lot of people that are on the opposite side of me on this issue and I also think they are fucking retarded, I respect the fact that you are allowed to have an opinion. After all, support of civil rights and women’s suffrage were once unpopular opinions. So we always have to preserve that ability.

What I have ZERO respect for, are the people that try to silence your opinion and give a whole bunch of bullshit reasons to why something shouldn’t be discussed. They are the worst people on this planet.

That was a real appalling sentiment I saw from this media coverage on Ferguson. All those people saying they are tired of talking about race. Really? You are tired of hearing about it? WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT? Because it’s a real, REAL problem in this country. The crazy thing is, for the amount of injustice black people face on a daily basis, it’s not even talked about that much! Just take the cab situation for a second. Non-black people reading this, have you ever seen an empty cab skip you? You are literally fucking SHOCKED and beyond ANGRY. That happens to anyone that is black, literally every time. Whenever SMF or Dreamville goes out, it’s an on-going joke that it’s Wave’s job to get the cabs. I stand on the street and wave cabs down because they will literally blow by anyone that isn’t white. We joke about it and even accept it as part of life. If this was reverse and all the white people couldn’t get cabs, it would be the biggest fucking deal EVER. It’s all the media would talk about. White people would go berserk until it’s solved. But when it’s black people, then “we are tired of hearing about race”.

Another touch point I’m glad he brought up, is the ridiculous notion that we should be talking about all the other black on black crimes, or other murders in the world. What? So let me get this straight, because an un-armed teen is shot by a cop, instead of discussing that we should focus on ALL other murders. Are we God? We can’t be omnipresent and omnipotent. That’s just not how shit works. Something occurred, and we are discussing that. When the Sandy Hook school shooting happened, do we say “why are we talking about Sandy Hook? Why not talk about all the other school shootings and violence?” If I have sex with your wife, and you get upset about it, is an acceptable response from me “well why are you talking about this when there were 44 other wives fucked in Chicago last weekend?” HELL NO. It’s impossible to discuss every topic all the time. Just because other injustices occur in the world, does not mean we can’t discuss a particular injustice. You realize that shit makes literally no sense right?

You are allowed to have an opinion. You are allowed to be passionate about your opinion. But you have to show basic human qualities such as compassion and empathy. Listen and understand how people feel. You don’t have to agree with them when it’s all said and done. But trying to silence this opinion for ridiculous reasons is not how we will progress as a society.

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A Quarter Water & A Fiend



Bas at AfroPunk in Brooklyn, New York

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The Terminator Is An Asian Lady In Real Life

I always knew the Terminators and robot/computer apocalypse was inevitable, I just didn’t think it would come in the form of kinda hot asian chicks (there are other videos this guy made with different androids and some of them are absolute smokes).

Let’s ignore the fact that this is creepy as shit and we are literally ignoring every movie plot line ever. Let me tell you why this is so funny to me.

When the Asian Terminators take over the world, Dreamville and SMF is absolutely FUCKED. Toast. That’s cause at least 40% of Dreamville and SMF absolutely LOVES asian chicks. Like fucking LOVES them. Can’t resist them. 100% will marry an asian chick.

So when the rest of the world is running for dear life from these fembots, Dreamville and SMF gonna be running straight to them and get completely annihilated.

We literally don’t stand a chance. One minute we’re going to be mookin at the Dub, the next minute some fiend is gonna bring one of these home from the bar and she is going to straight murder us all.

Let this be a warning to you fiends.

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PS - The next generation is going to have the illest sex toys ever.

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Vacation – Bas (@FiendBassy)| Official Video

We been to about 125 cities in the last year.

No matter where we are, we take NYC with us.

Fiends don’t go on Vacation.


PS. Shouts to Interview Magazine for premiering the video. Head over there to read their convo with Bas.

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Exclusive Bas Interview and First Look At “Vacation” Music Video With Interview Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.52.14 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.50.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.53.10 PM

FIENDS…head over to Interview Magazine to get the first ever look at the new video for Bas – Vacation off of Last Winter.

Click here to watch.

Dope interview too, shouts to John Taylor and everyone over at @InterviewMag

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Shouts To All The #FIENDS That Got “My Nigga Just Made Bail” To Over A Million Views

Anaconda, Wrecking Ball…#FIENDS  is coming for you.

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Bas (@fiendbassy) – My Nigga Just Made Bail feat. J. Cole (Music Video)


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#FESTIVALFIENDS | @Osheaga 2014

One of the best weekends we’ve ever had.

Montreal is like a Parisian Chicago.

Amazing city.

Amazing festival.



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