Electric Zoo Countdown PT. 2 + Intro to PLUR

Aight fiends, we got 5 muthafuckin days till Zoo. You know what that means? Crunch time, so Imma be layin the tune dosage on ya heavy.

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SMF x High Times Magazine at Catalpa Music and Arts Festival


Pretty fire that us weed lovers got approached by High Times Magazine to do some real shit. Think about that. We smoke so much mook that a magazine dedicated to the Mook culture asked us to get mooked and go to a music festival for them. I know @wave_bandana wrote an article about how we did way too many drugs and had way too much fun ‘working’ to ever go back to being ok sitting at our fucking desks listening to dumb fucking clients. We battled a fucking hurricane and molly comedowns to film and finish this shit. Shouts @delifreshfilms aka #Fiend Gunna for the filming/editing and shouts to Fiend Geo for hooking all this shit up.


PS. We have so much dope footage that would end niggas careers so we didn’t use it.

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