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Friday Fiend of The Week: Dude Pretended To Be In A Coma For Two Years To Avoid Court


Alan Knight faked being a quadriplegic and pretended to be in a coma for two years.

The Swansea 47-year-old – who claimed benefits for a “spine injury” that he claimed caused him seizures, leaving him in a “comatose state” – conned his pensioner neighbour out of £40,000 over two years and used the money to go on shopping trips and holidays, Swansea crown court heard.

He was caught on CCTV shopping in a supermarket and driving his car. Knight’s wife, Helen, was in on the scam, and pretended to “care” for him in hospital and pushed him around in a wheelchair.

Swansea crown court was told that doctors at the hospital (where he admitted himself at least twice to avoid court) noticed something was wrong when Knight – who claimed he was paralysed from the neck down – was seen eating, wiping his face, and writing.
Knight pleaded guilty to theft and forgery and is due to be sentenced in November.

The court was told that the pensioner who was targeted by Knight has been reimbursed by her bank.



What a fucking asshole.

Honestly, I’m just insanely impressed at the dedication of this fiend. 2 years!??! He acted like he was dead for 2 years?? I can’t sit still for 5 fucking minuets. That is truly unbelievable.

I just don’t know how in 2 years they didn’t make a run for it. Like what was his long term plan? Was he really going to sit this shit out for the rest of his life? I have to imagine his plan was to eventually make a run for it. But what the fuck was he waiting for? How do you not pull the trigger on that after the first year.

I think my biggest question is: you can fake being paralyzed or in a coma? I totally thought that was some shit you could do a test for. Like how is that fake-able? Don’t they have brain wave monitors and shit? I feel like they absolutely have to apply pressure to your body to see how much you are paralyzed. Am I crazy? Is this just some shit you can easily fake? Because in my opinion, every idiot at the hospital that got fooled is just as much of an asshole as this scumbag is.

I know I should be more disgusted at this dude, but I can’t get over how amazing that is. That is true fiend dedication right there. When all else fails, fake dead.

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PS – Shouts to Dreamville for the link.

PPS - There are some really ridiculous fiends out there. Like this insane couple. But you know what? They were a COUPLE. These psychos both found love. So all those single people bitching they can’t find a “good” girl/man, need to look in the fucking mirror if these nut jobs were able to get married. That’s real shit.

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#FIENDS x Food Drive x Thanksgiving Party = #FIENDSGIVING

November 26th | 10PM | 128 Elizabeth Street, NYC | 21+


Fiendin for a good cause.

- Super Mookin Fiends

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#FIENDS x Mack Wilds


Ran into the homie Mack Wilds at the Wiz show last night. Love that motherfucker. Funny as hell and just an all around great dude. Mad talented too. Hope to work with him again.


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PS – Wiz show was fire by the way. Great set and energy. You could tell he was digging it too and going all out. That’s New York for you.

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That’s a rap. #THESEDAYSTOUR

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.25.27 PM

50 shows in 56 days.

What a fucking fiended out tour. Thank you to every single person that came out to support the These Days Tour. Much love for that.

Shouts to Ab-Soul and everyone over there. Couldn’t have been a better group of fiends.

Until next time. #FIENDS x #TDE



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Final Show Tonight. @abdashsoul X @FiendBassy: #TheseDaysTour


Last day of #TheseDaysTour. Final show tonight in NEW MEXICO.

Couldn’t have been a better tour. All you #FIENDS that came out was love. Soul and everyone couldn’t have been a better group of people.

Let’s finish this shit strong.

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I’ll Be There For You…#FIENDS

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.21.39 PM

Don’t know who made this, but genius.

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Happy Halloween #FIENDS

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.06.01 AM


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Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.40.32 PM

Mystery girl takes us into the weekend.

Everyone fiend out and be safe this weekend. And go to the #TheseDaysTour if you are in Oregon or Sacramento.

Also, little treat for monday to look forward to:

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.43.01 PM



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