I Found Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ On Instagram, and I Think I Was Right About Him Being A FIEND

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A while back I wrote this absurd blog called: Bill Nye The Science Guy Is A Fiend

It was pretty ridiculous and just based on complete rumors and stories from untrustworthy fiends I know. But if you were like me and grew up on Bill, it’s a good read. I just wasn’t sure of the legitimacy behind it at all.

This weekend I found Bill Nye on Instagram. I’m not going to say I completely believe all the fiend stories, but he definitely gets it man. I mean that Hov picture is just hilarious.

Here’s the 2 things I gathered from going through his Instagram.

#1 – Bill Nye definitely sniffs cocaine.

#2 - He’s for sure at least kind of a fiend.

Either way, after hearing all the stories I blogged about, seeing his photos were funny as fuck.

He’s just always doing fun shit with cool people.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.38.48 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.39.09 PM

Chillen with Donks of the Day:

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 9.37.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 2.46.49 PM

And just acting like a Fiend.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 2.49.07 PM

Overall, I feel like my blog was legit now. I’m pretty positive this dude is just crushing blow and acting a Fiend everywhere from public access television to the white house.

Bill Nye, if you ever see this; cop a bag of that fresh Science Guy raw, and come party with the Super Mookin Fiends. At least come to the Bas Last Winter release party. I promise you, it will be worth it.

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The Dub


@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

PS – If you ever hear Bas or us mention “The Dub”, it’s pretty much the #FIENDS Headquarters. Actually, more like a Fiend Hotel. Where business and pleasure meet on a day to day basis. Ask any fiend or anyone in Dreamville about the legendary DUB.

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#FIENDS Love Dominican Girls

photo (39)

We love all #FIENDS. Every race, gender, and age. Makes no sense to me with all the beautiful people out there that you wouldn’t love them all.

However, today is a special day. It’s Dominican Independence Day! Where the Dominican #FIENDS at?

We have a SMF group chat on What’s App that has all the members of SMF across the world. It’s supposed to be for business, but 90% of the time it’s just a bunch of fiends sending pictures of chicks and talking about bullshit. I know for a FACT, that a large portion of Super Mookin Fiends fucking LOVE Dominican women. They literally never shut the fuck up about it.

Without question, the two biggest lovers of Dominicans in SMF are @_Dredakiss and @DeliFreshfilms. At least 5 times a week I get about 20 pictures of Dominican vixens sent to my phone from them. Both are on record saying they are going to marry Dominicans.

I mean look at Dre in his trip to the Dominican Republic. Have you ever seen a motherfucker so happy in your life?

photo (40)

Cause I sure as hell haven’t.

So in celebration of Dominican Independence Day and appreciation of all the sexy Dominican ladies out there, @_Dredakiss and @DeliFreshfilms have joined us to share some of their favorite Dominican women and thoughts on the subject. Take it away, #FIENDS.

Because some of their photos are a little NSFW, click MORE to see:

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Tonight – #FIENDS in Gainesville: @FiendBassy X @chancetherapper X @JcoleNC

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 12.18.56 PM

Tonight is the night for all you University of Florida #FIENDS.

I have a bunch of good friends that went to UF and I have been to Gainesville myself. You crazy motherfuckers DEFINE the word Fiend.

Seriously, UF people…you got some issues. You all are a wild bunch. I don’t think I know one person that went there that’s normal (that’s a good thing).  Gainesville is one of the most fun places on earth. It’s like walking through Ultra 24/7. Literally feels like you are rolling face (because you probably are) with sun-tanned DIMES everywhere and like fucking Tim Tebow.  I feel like every girl that goes to UF is a hard 10…or at least looks like one in those bathing suits.

I asked one of my UF alumni f(r)iends if he could sum up his time there. This is what he said verbatim:

“Basically Gainesville is a fiend empire of people who were smart, got in and all we do is party and do drugs, never go to class because it’s all online, have awesome sports, perfect weather, sorority dimes, pool parties, road trips, themed socials that turn into fuck fests”

I have no idea how accurate that is, but it sounds dope.

UF has an unreal music scene, but in my opinion, this is going to be one of the best shows in Florida all year. You can’t mix the Super Mookin Fiends and UF without something INSANE going down.

Have Fun Tonight.

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PS – The #FIENDSHOP will be up and running at the show tonight. Stop by for all your fiend needs.

photo (38)

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Happy Fiend-Day @KingOfQueenz









We really gotta stop getting so fucking Lit on weeknights.

The big homie Ib always has a legendary birthday party every year. It’s pretty special because it also marks the date Cole got signed. So every year it’s like his fiend-day plus a Dreamville anniversary celebration. Basically, shit is always extra ridiculous.

Last night was no different. Actually, last night might have been the most fiended one to date. The problem is you got the Dreamville crew which has been in the game a while now. So they really live that life. Which means they party on fucking weeknights and have no regard for regular people’s jobs and lives. Then you got the #FIENDS that want to party every night anyway and always max that shit out to level 10. You mix the two together and it’s bad news. Plus we rented out the whole spot so fiends felt extra empowered.

I really wish I could tell you about it and all the funny stories. But I honestly don’t remember shit. I forgot to eat dinner and got blacked out early.

I have some visions of Ib stumbling around in a fucking king’s crown with this giant magnum sized bottle of something. Ib is actually a funny ass drunk because he can’t walk or talk for shit. So he was in full force.

I think around 3-4am Bas and Cole broke out in a full performance of Lit.

And all the Super Mookin #FIENDS were just running around doing illegal shit in plain site like it’s normal. I’m pretty sure one of them fucked the coat check girl and another one fucked the bartender.

Basically everyone was just fucked up and out of their minds. But that party was a fucking blast. Today was the worst I ever felt trying to do my work. God’s speed to anyone that had to do anything productive today.

In all seriousness though, Ib has always looked out for us since day1 and has shown nothing but loyalty and love. He’s a true stand up guy, and I’m proud of his success. No matter what, he always holds it down for us and acts like it’s not big deal at all. Can’t thank him enough for the past few years and can’t wait for the future.

Happy FIEND-DAY brother.

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PS – Update:

Oh shit, I was right after all:

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Oh là Fiend


I think I love you, fiend.




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Shouts to @Nike

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 7.19.10 PM

This is real.


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Bas Interview With The @thecomeupshow

A few weeks back we posted that dope interview The Come Up Show did on Bas.

We were also lucky enough to have them do a great video interview as well.  They just sent it over, check it out above.

Thanks again to everyone over at The Come Up Show. Appreciate it, #FIENDS.

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“Fiend, roll a swisher please. Cause the Mook it gives me epiphanies.” – @fiendbassy

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.33.45 AM

-Super Mookin Fiends

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Billboard: J. Cole on His Dreamville Label Deal with Interscope’s Joie Manda: Like ‘Dr. Dre to His Jimmy Iovine’


I was finishing up work for the day and just about to go home. I was signing out of my Gmail and at the last second I got a Billboard newsletter email. I decided to check it.

The cover story was an article on Dreamville and the Interscope deal with a great section on Bas.

Im thinking I’m gonna see some industry story or something on some pop star…and it’s these #FIENDS.

That’s just too fucking good.

Just Read the Article: http://bit.ly/1cupjhk 

@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

PS – In the studio now, got to show it to Bas.

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