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Ow Ow.

The lovely @thebarbiedia bringing the fucking heat this summer Fiend Friday.

Got the Last Winter Tour t-shirt too. Love it.

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Shout Out To @ComplexMusic @ComplexMag for including @FiendBassy Last Winter in the Top 40 Albums of 2014

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Earlier this year, Bas joined J. Cole as the only other rapper signed to Cole’s new Dreamville/Interscope imprint, and with good reason. Born in Paris but raised in Queens, Bas has spent the last few years honing his skills on the mixtape circuit before rising to the occasion with memorable guest verses on Cole’s Born Sinner and DJ Khaled’s Suffering From Success in 2013.

Last Winter, his debut album, finds Bas on the front line of success, and for someone who is so close to Cole, he does a great job of distinguishing his voice with homegrown narratives and stellar production from close friend and in-house beatmaker Ced Brown. While Bas is clearly more comfortable working within this aforementioned space, cuts like “Your World” also prove he can step into a different lane and make a pop rap record. This will be the last winter you didn’t know about Bas. —Edwin Ortiz

VIA: Complex - Bas – Last Winter 

Comin in hot at #39. Don’t see an album better on the list, but we’ll take being invited to the party for now. Beat Michael Jackson though…

Wouldn’t be reconized if it wasn’t for all the support from all of you and everyone that bought copies of Last Winter. Truly appreciate it. The year aint over yet though! Let’s keep pushing that shit up #FIENDS.

Next year we taking the whole shit. I don’t even really know what that means, but we doing it.

Shouts to Complex for including Last Winter on their list and Edwin Ortiz for the write up. You can view the whole Complex list HERE.

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@Oakshades New F(r)iend

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.47.16 AM

What the hell was he doing this weekend?

She kinda dope thou. Wife that Oaks.

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Love Our #FIENDS


VIA: @Mayraacakes

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Can We Talk (Shit) About The Game of Thrones Finale Yet?


It aint nothin to cut that bitch off.

How about Tyrion Lannister making K Camp proud? As bad as I wanted to talk about this yesterday, I waited a day to let everyone catch up. Sunday was a big night in TV with the World Cup, NBA Finals, and other shows. Some motherfuckers might have used that young DVR.

Anyway, I’m so glad this buns show is over for the year.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a Day 1 Game of Thrones fan that has never missed a single episode live. I know Bas and @oakshades think I’m the biggest Games hater, but I do like this show. I’ll be the first one to stand up and tell you I think some of the writing and plots were pure genius. I would go as far as to say some of the more shocking episodes changed TV forever.

Overall, I pretty much enjoyed each episode of this season. They were all entertaining and worth my time. But at the same time, this shit is starting to wear me out. It’s still a good show, but that’s it. It’s just a good show. I used to think this was one of the greats.

That’s what i realized at the end of this season. This is not one of the greats. This is not a Sopranos or The Wire. It’s not even close. This will not be remembered past our generation.

Maybe that’s my fault. Maybe it’s unfair to compare a story that was intended to be read as a series of books to a show like Sopranos that was written for TV (and the best TV writing of ALL time). It probably is. But that doesn’t change the fact that this show is starting to lose it’s luster for me.

Like are you really satisfied? Did you walk away from this season feeling like the 12 hours you spent on this show left you with any satisfaction? It just didn’t do it for me. It didn’t touch on any emotions. It caused no feeling in me. That’s what great TV and stories are supposed to do. It’s supposed open your mind and actually effect you at your core. It’s supposed to change you. Honestly “How I Met Your Mother” evoked more emotions in me this year than Game of Thrones. That’s real talk.

I think at the end of the day, I don’t really fuck with magic and dungeons and dragons and shit. It’s just not my thing. I didn’t mind it being part of the overall story, but each season this show creeps more and more into the land of CGI and fucking magical shit. I hate that.

The season finale really made a statement here. Yea, Tyrion choking Shae and killing his pops was cool, but more or less this shit is going straight Magic the Gathering on me. That weird little kid throwing fireballs at the whitewalkers? What the fuck is this shit?

Like I said, I’m not a full blown hater just yet. I still respect this show. It’s just not one of the greats. Your kids will not know about this show or talk about it. It won’t stand the test of time. I promise you that. I’m not sure how much more I have left in the tank but I will give it one more season. Because more than I love hating on shit, I love any excuse to sit down and mook on a sunday. And HBO Super Mookin Sunday-Funday is a lifestyle.

If you strongly agree or disagree let me hear it. More than open to a discussion about this.

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VIA: @RapRadar: Bas (@fiendbassy) Sold Out Concert at SOBs

Saw that Rap Radar posted an article over the weekend about our Last Winter NYC show last Thursday at SOBs. They also had this above video from EME.

You can check out the whole article HERE.

Shouts to Rap Radar and EME for showing love. Appreciate it.

Pretty sure @oakshades is cooking up some original footage from the show right now, we’ll get that to you soon. In the meantime you can get your fix from the video above.

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Love Our #FIENDS


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#FIENDS At #GovBallNYC: @fiendbassy Surprises Crowd During J. Cole’s Set at Governors Ball




Little surprise yesterday for everyone at Governors Ball. After Bas finished rockin with Austin, TX Saturday night for the Last Winter Tour, we got that fiend on a plane and flew him straight to NYC for the festival.

Midway through Cole’s set, Bas surprised the crowd and performed LIT.

Bas – Lit feat. J.Cole and KQuick (Prod. by Ced) by FIENDBASSY

Shit was pretty wild. The crowd was amazing and you can’t really get much bigger than Gov Ball. Great show.

Glad we could surprise a few fiends last night. If you live in the NYC area and missed it, all good. Cause the Last Winter Tour comes to NYC this thursday at SOB’s.

Tickets are almost completely sold out, get em fast: BAS LAST WINTER TOUR: NYC SOB’s TICKETS

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#FIENDS in LA: @Fiendbassy Last Winter Tour


So far the Last Winter Tour has been everything we could have ever imagined. I haven’t seen Bas this happy in maybe my entire life. This is entirely because of you fiends. All you fiends that came out and supported us during our first run ever, it’s just a little extra special and we can’t thank you enough.

Last Wednesday we hit up LA at the Viper Room.


And we want to EXTRA thank you Los Fiends, because it was our first sell out show of the tour! And Bas’s first sell out show ever. Congratulations to him and like I said, you fiends are the fucking best thank you.


Fiends had Viper Room POPPIN.



The energy you gave, was felt by every single person in attendance. Especially the fiend king himself. Ya’ll know the lyrics just as good as he does.


Some fans looking on. I’m gonna keep it 100. We might not have alotta fans yet, be we sure as hell got the best ones…and some of the best looking ones. Some of you girls at these shows. Straight fire.


Burn holes in all my clothes…but I GOT MERCH AND THERE’S CASH FOR IT.

Lastly, what would a Fiend show be without some surprises…



The big homie Cole came through. Fiends didn’t see that one coming.

Thank you again LA for the first sell out and ana amazing night. Can’t wait to do it again.

#FIENDS IN TEXAS. We with you this weekend. Dallas was fucking incredible last night. Gonna have some footage soon.

Tonight we got H-TOWN!


See you there.

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Tyrion Lannister’s High School Yearbook Photo Is Great


I feel like this dude has just been killing it his entire life.

This is why you can’t waste time thinking about your physical shortcomings and what you don’t have. Just go ball the fuck out.

Dude is 4 foot and has been crushing movies and TV for years now. Gets more money and donk of the days than all of us. SALUTE.

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PS – They can’t kill this dude off the show, right?

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