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Featuring the lovely @lydia__rosex.

This is exactly what I hope happens tonight. Being so fucked up that the gorgeous girl in the #FIENDS gear in front of me looks like 2 gorgeous girls in Fiends gear.

“I was seeing double but I knew she was the one”.

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PS – @lydia__rosex, you are pretty FLAME.

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Don’t Fuck With The 328

Girl with a Red Sox fitted tries to fight the whole section 328 at Yankee Stadium…

I don’t post a lot of fight videos because I don’t like to promote lose-lose situations (win; you go to jail, lose; you got knocked the fuck out). But bitches dropkicking each other from the tope rope is always a win-win.

Seriously, was that the Undertaker’s daughter? Hogan’s sister? At the very least it had to be Kane’s niece. That shit was too fucking funny fam. Not only because it was one of the most text book “big-boot-to-the-face”s every executed outside WrestleMania, but because she even had that classic WWF “dazed” reaction before the big fall.

Lol see what I mean:


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