Men In Black 3 Trailer

Without question this is a Super Mookin’ Sunday Funday event of the year. I can’t wait for this shit!! I almost shitted myself about 2 years ago when Will said he announced MIB 3 and Bad Boys 3.

That being said, why aren’t mugs as excited as me??? Like did ya’ll really really forget?? I know we’re not in elementary school anymore but, GOD DAMN, mugs are making me feel like I’m trying to play “Magic: The Gathering” with them or some shit. Seriously, I started calling my friends up to tell them about this trailer and everyone was all like “dude, I’m at work”.

Did ya’ll really turn your back on Will?? You gonna really turn your back on the MIB franchise? Son, those movies changed the game. You could go to those movies with your whole family or take a middle school bitch. There was something for everyone, it single handily bridged the gap between old white people and young black people. Shit was one of the funniest movies ever and produced a BANGER of a track.

If you weren’t EXTRA geeked when the Men in Black song came on at a school function, then I really can’t fuck with you because I can already tell yo grew up to be someone I don’t like.


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