#FIENDS at MSG 01.28.14


We been going to Madison Square Garden for years. Maddd years. You know how crazy it is to walk those halls as part of a concert, instead of as a heated Knick fan or trying to sneak mook inside for a show? Yesterday was an an all around amazing day. We’ve watched Cole and Ib build Dreamville for the last seven years. Tuesday night was a culmination of mad hard work. Seeing dreams turn into ideas that are coming to fruition is the most inspiring shit in the world.

Everything was crazy about last night. Shouts to all you fiends that copped hoodies and beanies. It was wild walking around and seeing our fellow New Yorkers reppin for us. Shouts to all the fiends from Queens up in the balcony. I was bodied mobbing up there during “Lit” and I almost turned into one of those news stories about the drunk idiot that falls to his death. Shouts to the NYU fiends that mobbed to the show 30 deep. Hearing the crowd cheer for Bas’ pops was also a really dope moment.


Everything from seeing the first couple fans realize that Dreamville signed a deal with Interscope, to them seeing Revenge of the Dreamers to hearing Bas perform New York Times in New York to Hov passing out $2 bills to hearing Bitchez in the club for the first time to waking up hungover as shit to 5 am post turn up mook session was fucking fun as hell.

J.Cole "What Dreams May Come" Tour - New York, NY

Tuesday made us greatful for what we’ve been able to accomplish and inspired us to work even harder. We’re not stopping till we have a residency at MSG like Billy Joel.

photo 2

Last Winter.

photo 1


PS. Send us any pictures you took. We wanna see your memories of the night.

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From Hillside to Madison Square…@FiendBassy

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.58.07 PM

Shouts to the king fiend. You deserve this. You got this.

Now let’s FIEND OUT.

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FUTW: #FIENDS and @Dreamville Edition

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.57.13 PM

It’s a complete #FIENDS and Dreamville NYC takeover tonight with the #WDMC Tour at MSG followed by the big homie Cole’s birthday party.

This is a dream come true for us, but with all this excitment and all these fiends on our home turf, you know some real fiended shit is going down tonight.

I can’t fucking wait.

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Tomorrow…Home Game

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.12.55 PM

I know I saw first hand all the work that Bas and our team put in over the last few years, but that doen’t make seeing “With Special Guest Bas” on the MSG sign any less crazy for me. I literally get goosebumps every time I see this photo.


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Mike Tyson at MSG

Iron Mike baby. Just cursing on live tv and shit. AWESOME. How has nobody given him a TV show yet ala Anthony Bourdain? I’d love to see Mike go to Toronto eat some oxtails, watch a baseball game and hit a local gym to talk with trainers. I don’t even like boxing and I’d watch the fuck out that shit. I hate how dumb TV/Hollywood execs are.


PS. I think these MSG interviews would be way more amazing if they just interviewed random NYC fiends up in the nosebleeds.

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Swedish House Mafia at MSG

Aight so I was born and raised listening to Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Fela… around the age of 10 I started listening to Hip-Hop and by the age of 14 I was a die-hard rap fiend. Around 17 I started listening to guitar centric music and found some gems here and there. This kind of shaped my ear and opened my horizons to other types of music. One thing I’ve never really understood was Techno. When @chimington came back from Prague and was an #EDM fiend and then @Lloydbankfiend and @D0UBI started talking about this shit more and more I became intrigued. Couple of months later I noticed EDM was creeping into mainstream culture and along with it came the Rave culture that was prevalent in the 90s. I dabbled here and there. Chuck’s raves in BK… Mad Decent Block Party…EDM tent at Bonaroo. I kinda got the appeal, but it wasn’t until this past Friday that it really clicked in my head. Straight up SHM blew my fucking mind at MSG. This EDM shit is bigger then just the music. EDM has legitimately formed a multi-faceted culture that I have never experienced. As a diehard hip-hop fan, I can honestly say that our culture just doesn’t hold a candle to the live show aspect of EDM. Outside of the DIME PIECE FUCKING HOES EVERYWHEREEEEEEEEEEE and the plethora of awesome mind blowing/face melting drugs and also the amazing visual spectacle that accompanies the wild synths and bass it’s the genuine ‘have a good time’ attitude of the EDM culture that supersedes anything I’ve ever experienced. I’ve become accustomed to going to hip-hop shows and acting too cool for fucking school. I walked into MSG and it was completely different. There were all types of people wearing all types of wild shit, smiling and high fiving anyone and everyone. Motherfuckers showed up to have a good time and that’s all that mattered. My sneakers didn’t matter, my dope smartphone didn’t matter, my limited edition Nike snapback didn’t matter and most importantly no body cared if they big ass black dude danced for 2 fucking hours straight. Am I giving up Hip-Hop to grub face on ebombs for the rest of my life? No, not at all. Did I realize that more black people need to roll face and go to a rave? Yes. I didn’t do any hard drugs (ok maybe a lil bit earlier in the evening) and I really enjoyed myself. I plan on bringing all the fiends to one of these shows… we all need some EDM and snow bunnies in our lives.


PS. Here’s the last 7 minutes of the show :

PPS. Floor seats for free = FUCK WITH ME

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Crazy that with all the ‘sources’ speculating on the NBA coming back, one person had a legit blood relative tell him what was good and that person was @wave_bandana . Nice to know that hoops will be back dominating the Top 10 and that us Knick fans will finally be able to watch a good team play in MSG. (MY MOTHERFUCKING STOCK BETTER START CLIMBING CAUSE I ATE SHIT WITH THAT PURCHASE) That being said, what do the Knicks do now? Vegas has a prop bet saying CP3 will be a Knick by Christmas. <=== WHOA Crazy if it happens. LOWKEY THOOOOOOOOO What I want to see is us play this year out with our squad, watch Iman Shumpert turn out to be a steal… PLEASE LORD JESUS TEBOW MAKE IMAN SHUMPERT BE A STEAL… and sign DWIGHT MUFUCCKIN HOWARD. Amare gets to play the SF/PF hybrid he wants to be, Melo gets to be the game closer and creator off the dribble, Dwight gets to be the best defensive player ever and gets to DUNK THE MOTHERFUCKING BALL EVERY OTHER POSSESSION. Dwight takes our biggest weakness and makes us the best rebounding/paint clogging team in the league just by putting on that #12. MAKE IT HAPPEN TEBOW!!! @oakshades

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