Lit | Official Video

Las Vegas is prolly the most fiended place in the world. And it’s ALWAYS Lit.

Went out there for Born Sinner Weekend/ my Fiend Day and let the camera run.

Make a movie out the b-roll.

Dreamville x SMF

It’s Lit.

- Bas

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Love Souvenir | Official Video


This is our last visual off of Quarter Water Raised Me Vol.II and it couldn’t be a more fitting one.

The past 7 months since the release of Vol.II have been truly life changing and with the help of director OG we put together a video chronicling our travels on the What Dreams May Come Tour.

This is just a thank you note from me to you, you, and you. My Dreamville team and the FIENDS.

- Bas

PS. Last Winter

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A 2Dope Year End List 2013: Mixtapes


2DopeBoyz is one of my favorite blogs in the world because they actually show me new music to fuck with. Dope as fuck to see Shake recognize Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II as one of the best 10 mixtapes of 2013.

Click the picture to check out Shake + Meka’s lists.


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Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II



Man, been working on this one for a minute.

I wrote my first raps just under 3 years to this day. May 27, 2010 on my 23rd bday, I was reborn. I had just finished DJ’n ( shouts to DJ MoMa!) a party in the West Village. Got back to the Bleecker St. Carter at like 5 am and me and Jota started post-gaming ( fiend shit). Bout a hour later at Jota’s request, we had a garage band track recorded over Kanye & Ludacris ” Breathe in, Breathe out”. A year later we dropped Volume. I Been off to the races since.

I think I recorded close to 60 records for this project just finding my way, discovering myself as an artist and a young adult. Most of them will probably never see the light of day, others just didn’t fit the mold of the project.

At the end of the day, I just wanted to make music to mook to.

Shout out to my Dreamville x SMF family. All the producers that worked on the project, as well as everyone who contributed on the visual end.

Lets ride.


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The Source Presents: The 25 Best Mixtapes Of 2013

J. Cole‘s rise to rap and pop prominence this year opened the public’s eyes to his direct understudy, Queens, NY native Bas. Bas has been releasing music for years but the second installment in his Quarter Water Raised Me series is an intimate, extended journal entry, very reminiscent, thematically, of what J. Cole was able to accomplish with his breakout mixtape The Warm Up. The best thing Bas has going for him is his delivery: it’s refined, and it makes a large majority of this mixtape sound radio ready. “Lit” and “Love Souvenir” utilize R&B samples but the verses are void of melody. He’s able to dance around a plethora of sounds without changing his style too much to suit them, and that’s a veteran thing.


Shouts to The Source for sharing Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II with their audience.

Last Winter coming soon.


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Dying Fast | Official Video #FIENDFridays

This is easily one of my favorite joints off Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II.

This video started off as a mooked conversation and now it’s out in the world for you fiends to consume.

Shouts to Nic for killing this shit.

If you fuck with the video … tell a fiend.


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Thank You, Fiends #FIENDFridays


Sup Fiends,

Fiend Friday’s back and this one’s for y’all.

We’ve had such an amazing year here at SMF. It’s truly been life changing.

This time last year Me and Ced were at KMA studios (on a Born Sinner budget! haha shouts to Cole) chopping up Miguel’s “Do You” and putting finishing touches on Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II.

Today, that “Do You“ sample became “Lit” and I’ve gone on a world tour and performed songs off of QWRM2 in about 60 cities.


I don’t mention this to highlight our accomplishments, but to highlights yours.

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for each and every single one of you fiends who grabbed a friend and told them “check this kid out, he’s pretty fuckin good”.


With that said, we figured keeping our merch exclusive to the shows only would deprive a lot of you fiends that

A. Couldn’t make it out


B. Came to the shows before we had our merch! ( sorry we’re all fiends figuring this shit out too) so go ahead… Cop grandma that FIENDS beanie and wave her up for the ‘Gram.

1 Love

- Bas


PS: I’m working on Last Winter like it’s my Last Winter cause god dammit it’s my Last Winter! Some new new for the new year.


PPS: Dying Fast video up next. take it away @oakshades

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#Fiends In Europe: Get Your Exclusive @FiendBassy CDs and Merch

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.29.19 PM

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 2.31.11 PM


Only available on the European leg of the What Dreams May Come Tour. Get it while you can Europe, this tour is incredible. Ask the US #Fiends.

@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

PS - Don’t worry other #Fiends, we got some new shit coming for you too…

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#WDMC X Europe


Come catch this fiend Bas opening up for Cole when we hit Europe in November. Europe is fucking awesome. Can’t explain how fucking geeked we are to get back over the pond. Come fiend with us.


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Bas Interview With @HipHopCanada


Last week, during the Toronto stop of the What Dreams May Come Tour, Bas sat down with the lovely Tia Gordon of Hip Hop Canada. Bas discusses a variety of topics along with some funny (and fiended) stories and audio clips. Check out an excerpt below:

HipHopCanada: Let’s talk about about May 27th, 2010.

Bas: May 27th, 2010. That was a great day.

HipHopCanada: That was your birthday – a great day that also got you into rapping. So, what happened?

Bas: Yeah! I used to DJ a lot of parties in the city. Mostly for these two guys [pointing to his friends]. They went to NYU, so they brought me in on their party scene – DJ’ing, shit like that, hanging out. That same night, I DJ’ed my own birthday party and we got back to the crib in West Village, probably like, 5AM, and we broke out a bottle of Svedka and uh, [laughing] some other…intoxicants and we just made it a night! We just kept going, probably until 7 in the morning, we were just getting fucked up and he was like “Yo man, let’s put on the Macbook and rap!” I was like “Nigga, I ain’t no fucking rapper! I ain’t doing that shit!” But I was bodied – it didn’t take much convincing. I was like, “Alright, cool.” I think the first beat we got on was Kanye [West]’s “Breathe In Breathe Out” on College Dropout, the joint with Luda [Ludacris]. We got on that beat, it was cool.

We didn’t think nothing of it. We played it the next day, just smoking, getting high and we were like “Yo, let’s do another one!” So, we just went on Hipstrumentals [] and pulled up “O Let’s Do It” Waka’s [Waka Flocka Flame] joint and we rapped on that. Then, it just so happened to be that the month of Ramadan was starting next week and I had good intentions that year to really do it right because I had a really crazy summer. So I was like “I’m gonna try to no drugs, no alcohol for a month and do it like how I’m supposed to do it.” I did! That whole month, I had nothing to do so I was just writing. First of all, you’re fasting, so you’re pretty hungry and you’re not doing any drugs. After the first week, you have a crazy mental clarity.

HipHopCanada: Really?

Bas: You know how they say homies go on hunger strikes and shit and they’re all up here? It’s kind of the same thing, I was just so clearheaded. I did a whole project that month that we never released. It was actually the original Quarter Water Raised Me. It had the title track and everything, but I felt like I got so much better in the next year that I just scrapped the whole project.

HipHopCanada: What was your most surreal celebrity encounter?


See the full interview exclusively at Fiends In Toronto 

Thanks again to Tia Gordon, Hip Hop Canada, and all the #Fiends in Toronto that should us one of the bet fucking times.

@Wave_Bandana / Blogs

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