Bar Shut Down After Girl Gives Blow Jobs to 24 Men

The Playhouse Bar and Club was forced to shutdown after an 18 year old girl from Ireland performed oral sex on 24 men in return for a free holiday. However, the men tricked her and didn’t give her a holiday vacation but instead a drink at the bar called the holiday drink. Authorities in Spain are forcing the club to pay a huge fine and shut down for a year. The panel reacts to the story and shares their opinions on the matter.


I know we joke around a lot and started the #TeamNoDaughters movement, but real talk, most of SMF has sisters and shit and we love our moms. So we are hyper sensitive to women’s progression and moving toward a fair environment where women aren’t mistreated or oppressed directly or indirectly.

That being said, there is literally no conceivable scenario where you should ever be sucking 24 dicks.

Like really think about that shit for a second. 24 dicks in a row. She literally beat most people’s lifetime blowjob count in one sitting. I pray to God I don’t see 24 dicks in one century, let alone one night.

Without question the dudes that tricked her are kinda scumbags, and the club exposed themselves to legal sanctions when they allowed illegal activities to take place in their establishment. But if you are looking for someone to blame, it’s 100% this girl. She’s 18. That’s the age of being considered a full adult. At 18, YOU are accountable for your actions. There is no dispute here at all.

I know people still do dumb shit at 18. I still do dumb shit now. But for the love of God, you cant be sucking 24 dicks for ANY reason. You can’t claim being tricked there. No one gets tricked into sucking 24 dicks on accident  That’s a decision. As the saying goes: “Give one dude a blowjob, shame on you. Give 2 dudes a blowjob, shame on me”. They never even got to what happens when you give 24 dudes a gummer because THERE IS NO SITUATION WHERE THAT SHOULD BE POSSIBLE.

Let this be a lesson to you ALL though. For every legal contest there has to be a little thing called Ts & Cs (Terms and Conditions). This is the fine-print that has to be clearly presented by every competition. Read that shit. If they don’t have them, it’s not legal. So then don’t go sucking 24 meats.

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PS – Love how the women in this video turned this story into a 5 min YouTube video talking about themselves. What the fuck where they talking about? That one chick was talking about losing dude’s suits for like 3 mins.

PPS – I still don’t get why you would ever even want your dick sucked by the same chick. Granted, I’m not really a gang bang or train kind of guy. I don’t even really fuck with double teams. I know that some people including my close friends heavily disagree with this based on their life choices, but I dunno that shit is not for me. I won’t even kiss a chick that has made out with another dude in the same night. But getting a blowjob right after mad other dudes? Fuck that man. Maybe I could be #1 to #3, #4 to #24 are buggin.

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Need Some Gas?

So yesterday was my birthday, to celebrate the homies came thru to mook mad bud and play mad 2k. (Monday night birthdays have to be executed to near perfection and seeing that we are fiends we obviously ended up trying to mobilize at midnight and ended up eating Mamouns at 1am instead.) Anyway what I was tryna bring up was that Bas took the subway in from Queens. This nigga never rides the subway. Why was he forced to F train it in? There is still no fucking gas anywhere in NYC/LI/Jerz. It’s so real that homies have stockpiled gas and have taken to Craigslist offering unleaded to hoes ready to suck and fuck.

I’m dead ass. Peep game.

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Blowjobs + Swallowing = Cure for Morning Sickness

ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSDC) – Pregnant women have used natural remedies such as a teaspoon of ginger or a mint to help battle morning sickness. But now, one medical professional believes you can add oral sex to that list.According to Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany, the best way to cure morning sickness during pregnancy is sperm.But not just any sperm, it should be the sperm of the person who got you pregnant. Gallup believes the reason a pregnant woman gets morning sickness is due to the unfamiliar semen in their body due to the pregnancy.Gallup says in his findings that the woman’s body will initially reject the father’s semen as an infection and react to it by vomiting. Gallup says the best cure for morning sickness is to ingest the father’s semen so her body can build up a tolerance to what’s already in her body.Gallup agrees with the 2000 abstract from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which showed that oral sex and swallowing sperm is correlated with a diminished occurrence of preeclampsia.PubMed Health defines preeclampsia as when a pregnant woman develops high blood pressure and protein in the urine after the 20th week, which is usually in the late second or third trimester of pregnancy.

I was super geeked after I read this and then I remembered how creepy those preggo porno vids on YouJizz are and then I was like ‘ewwwwwwwwwwwww preggo porn’. Killed my whole fucking vibe. Pregnant bitches should watch soap operas and eat random food not get fucked on camera for cash. My whole day is ruined thanks to thinking of preggo bitches fuckin and suckin.


PPS. How retarded is it that this is a legit article from CBS’s news division?


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Oh That’s Nasty

Nope. This is borderline necrophiliac territory.


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