Eminem – Berzerk (Official Music Video)

Guest appearances: Rick Rubin, Kendrick Lamar, Slaughterhouseand Kid Rock.

I was actually kinda digging how retro/vintage this shit was. Like that actually looked like Eminem from when I was in middle school. I think this video made me like the song a little more which is rare.

I dunno, maybe because yesterday was my 26th birthday and I was super mooked trippin about how old I’m getting, but it was extra trippy seeing this today. Shit gave me some serious mooked out flashabacks (kinda like an acid flashback, but with mook). It was like a trip down memory lane right when I needed it.

These kind of #fiend coincidences are why @Oakshades thinks we are on the Truman Show when he’s freaking out on Molly.

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PS – How insane is it that there’s about to be a The Marshall Mather LP 2?

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Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance [Official Video]

Forgot to post this yesterday.

Nothing groundbreaking in terms of visuals but I fucked with it. I’m a sucker for concert footage and mad cameos (there were a retarded amount of cameos). So yeah, overall I was actually fucking with this. It’s worth a watch.


PS -

HAMMER DANCE! (#Wackadoo)

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{New Music} Slaughterhouse – Hammer Dance

Me, @oakshades, Chim and Jerm were in the G ride last night driving to this party at Yotel in Times Square. This shit came on and we were feeling it. We tried to Shazam and sound scan that shit and we got nothing. Then I go on Twitter this morning and see all the Slaughterhouse members talking about this new song they released last night.

I’m fucking with this shit heavy. Shout out to Flex for putting me on.


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