Classy girl. Really like this one.

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Snoop Dogg Tried to Rent Liechtenstein


Snoop Dogg tries to rent Liechtenstein. Snoop was reportedly trying to shoot a music video in the tiny Western European country, but was rebuffed … and not because trying to rent an entire country is a crazy thing to do.

Says Liechtenstein property agent Karl Schwaerzler, “We’ve had requests for places and villages but never one to hire the whole country before. It would have been possible, but Snoop Dogg’s management did not give us enough time.”

It would have been possible! Okay, any other tiny European countries willing to step up to bat here? Monaco? Luxembourg? The Vatican?


I always get on Bas because I feel like he has some of the crazier video demands. Every time Bas has a song with a specific place in the title, he has to actually go to that place to shoot the video. “Charles de Gaulle to JFK”, this fiend had to fly to France to shoot. “Mook in New Mexico”? The motherfucker is on the next flight to New Mexico. I try to tell him, most people don’t do that shit. They just go to a studio in LA and fake it. But it’s too late to get through to him now. I just hope he starts making some more budget friendly songs; “Harlem to LES” or “Mook in Wave’s Crib”.

But Snoop just raised the shit out of the stakes here. A whole fucking country? That’s genius. I don’t even know what that really means. Not sure if you just have free range to shoot wherever of if you can do whatever the fuck you want. Either way…


Seriously Bas, I take back everything I said. We need to rent out a whole country ASAP. Start thinking of the next song title.

Fiends, what country should we rent?

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PS – Best part of the article is “It would have been possible, but Snoop Dogg’s management did not give us enough time.” Like the problem wasn’t the ridiculous request of renting out a country, it wasn’t giving enough notice. That’s awesome.

PPS – Snoop has been giving me inspiring fiend ideas for over 20 years now.

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Bas The Real MVP


Speechless on this one.

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Love Our #FIENDS via @BluntAssBrenda


“@SMFiends Fo real!”
Via: @BluntAssBrenda

$ & AD – LA

So the Los Fiends got to see Bas, Cozz, Omen, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J. Cole for a DOLLAR? You fiends need to thank the shit out of whatever god you worship.

Tour of the summer.

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Black & White is the New Orange


Now that orange has become the new black, black-and-white stripes have become the new orange — after a Michigan sheriff gave his inmates a wardrobe change to keep them from looking “cool.”

The once all-orange jumpsuits at Saginaw County Jail in Michigan took on a different meaning amid hype surrounding the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel said.

So, Saginaw County went back to basics — the horizontal stripes reminiscent of 19th-century prison garb. Federspiel told Reuters the decision was spurred by a juror who recently wore all orange during a trial.

“When the lines get blurred between the culture outside the jail and the culture within the jail, I have to do something to redefine those boundaries because they’ve been blurred far too often in public culture,” he told MLive.com, referring to clothing that depicts prison culture, including some that are stamped with “Property of the Saginaw County Jail.” “I’ve seen that,” he added. “It’s like ‘What are you doing? Really?’”

Federspiel said he doesn’t expect the uniform change to be complete until the end of the year, though some inmates are already voicing opposition.

“For me, it was an easy decision,” he told Reuters. “It was a cost savings and it breaks away from that cultural coolness. It’s not cool to be an inmate of the Saginaw County Jail.”


I dunno if you will find this funny, but this is hysterical to me.

It’s a fucking TV show bro. Calm down. I had no idea they even got Netflix in prison. Do they even?? I guess they have to right? I dunno, it sounds to me like the Michigan Sheriff is the one watching too much Netflix here.

TV shows and film have glorified and depicted jail in a positive light since Shawshank Redemption. Jail always looks fun as shit in movies. Just a bunch of famous actors fucking around, cracking jokes and overcoming some obstacle while making lifelong friends and shit. The Longest Yard literally made me want to drop out of school and go play ball with Terry Crews, Nelly and Adam Sandler.

Seriously though, the movies and shows are all fun and games, but that doesn’t actually make jail cool. I don’t know why this Sheriff is trippin. There are a ton of reasons, fair and unfair, why people are locked up in this country. But because Orange is the New Black is not one of them. Nobody in their right mind would think its cool to go to jail because of that TV show. And if you do, you are probably a motherfucker I don’t want in my society anyway.

The Industrial Prison Complex is one of the worst things that ever happened to our country. Top 3 worst things. Fueled by racism, it has literally ruined our society and culture in many parts of the United States. The second they privatized prisons, is when they started a chain reaction of problems in our country we can now never fix.

Worry about the Industrial Prison Complex, not the fucking color of the clothes because of Netflix.

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PS - And yo, if you are watching Orange is the New Black and thinking that shit is cool, I would suggest you go back and watch the old episodes of Oz on HBO. See how cool that shit is.

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Final Destination Fiends: Dude Was Supposed to be on BOTH Malaysia Airlines Flights

Holy shit. This is absolutely INSANE.

So this motherfucker was supposed to be on BOTH Malaysia Airlines flights. BOTH. Let that sit in for a second.

He had a ticket for the plane that went missing and changed it the DAY OF. So he dodges that bullet, luckiest shit in the world. Then weeks later, he has a ticket for this plane that was shot out of the sky…and changed it, DAY OF.

Is that not the craziest story you have ever heard in your life?? I’ve been sitting here freaking out since I watched this trippy shit. Thank god I’m not with Ron right now shrooming my face off when I saw this. This is just mind-blowing, it’s incomprehensible. What are the fucking odds to have both tickets period? Then to change both flights?

Seriously. If I’m this fiend right now, I’m playing the lottery every day. Booking a trip to Vegas and playing every slot, every table, betting every game. Because either he is literally the luckiest fiend in the world right now, or he needs to lock himself in a padded room ASAP. Cause this is some straight Final Destination shit. And those fiends in the movies only cheated death once! This fiend did it twice! Do you know how sour Death must be right now?


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PS – Not making light of either situations. Both incidents are absolutely terrible and my worst nightmare. Can’t imagine what those families are going through. But this story is literally out of this world. I can’t get over it.

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Is This A Picture of $ & AD Raleigh…Or Some Shit in A History Book?

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.30.39 PM

Jesus Raleigh, NC. This is absolutely insane.

I thought this was some picture in like my high school history book or some shit, it’s fucking 3 days ago at $ and a dream Raleigh.

Never seen a movement like this before. $ & AD. Dreamville X #FIENDS

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$ & A D – NYC

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.31.36 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 4.30.24 PM

Nothing like a home game.

2 shows in NYC was nothing short of incredible. Goosebumps type of shit.

Been MIA while I was in Liverpool last week, but wanted to share these pictures. You FIENDS waited in the fucking rain for this shit. That’s unbelievable and the type of shit that drives Dreamville and the #FIENDS. We can never thank you enough for that type of dedication and support.

This tour has been unbelievable. Everyone we met is more interesting than the next. This is the beautiful shit that happens when different people come together.

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PS – Rowdy ass NYC fiends

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Bare Knuckle Fighting via @VICE

I lowkey really enjoy watching fighting. So much so that I had to ban myself from watching WSHH knock outs cause at a certain point it can’t be healthy to just see fiends getting viciously knocked out over and over again.

I watched this doc and fucked with it but I have one really big problem with it.

Kimbo Slice woulda bodied every single one of these fiends so easily.

Step your shit up UK.

If you make this shit legal, I’m pretty sure America would dominate this shit just like we do pretty much everything else but soccer.


PS. And we kinda suck at Tennis and Hockey sometimes but Canada is basically America so that counts for the Americas. I just realized that Hockey is Canada’s replacement for Baseball. Wow I also just figured out the last component to making America dope at Soccer.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 6.48.46 PM

2 for the price of 1. Via: @no1str

I love this shit.

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