Shout Out To @ComplexMusic @ComplexMag for including @FiendBassy Last Winter in the Top 40 Albums of 2014

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Earlier this year, Bas joined J. Cole as the only other rapper signed to Cole’s new Dreamville/Interscope imprint, and with good reason. Born in Paris but raised in Queens, Bas has spent the last few years honing his skills on the mixtape circuit before rising to the occasion with memorable guest verses on Cole’s Born Sinner and DJ Khaled’s Suffering From Success in 2013.

Last Winter, his debut album, finds Bas on the front line of success, and for someone who is so close to Cole, he does a great job of distinguishing his voice with homegrown narratives and stellar production from close friend and in-house beatmaker Ced Brown. While Bas is clearly more comfortable working within this aforementioned space, cuts like “Your World” also prove he can step into a different lane and make a pop rap record. This will be the last winter you didn’t know about Bas. —Edwin Ortiz

VIA: Complex - Bas – Last Winter 

Comin in hot at #39. Don’t see an album better on the list, but we’ll take being invited to the party for now. Beat Michael Jackson though…

Wouldn’t be reconized if it wasn’t for all the support from all of you and everyone that bought copies of Last Winter. Truly appreciate it. The year aint over yet though! Let’s keep pushing that shit up #FIENDS.

Next year we taking the whole shit. I don’t even really know what that means, but we doing it.

Shouts to Complex for including Last Winter on their list and Edwin Ortiz for the write up. You can view the whole Complex list HERE.

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Building Blocks | Bas

Building Blocks till the ceiling pops…

The Dub has never looked so fucking fire.


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Compton Reacts To Magic

Yo man. This shit is amazing. How is Compton Reacts to Magic not on ABC right now? I’m dying. Why do black people have the best reactions to shit? It’s amazing. I’d watch this kid walk around the hood doing magic tracks for 2 hours a night if the world let me.


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I Don’t Fuck With Ball Pits

First let’s just take about 3 minutes to:

Laugh our asses off at this huge chick tryna stabilize her core in order to get out of this ball pit.

Then let’s take about another 3 minutes to:

Feel terrible about America as a whole because we’re so goddamn fat that we just spent 22 seconds watching a huge chick try to stabilize her core in order to get out of this ball pit and then 3 minutes laughing at her.

Seriously though, I don’t fuck with ball pits. That shit is just a super nasty fucking premise. Have you seen kids? Have you smelled kids? Have you ever been to McDonalds? Let’s go ahead and add all of those different components together. Then let’s toss in some Sweet and Sour sauce, three chicken slime nuggets, four kids sized Minute Maid Fruit Punches and some chocolate fudge covered peanuts that have been sucked dry and spit out by BobbyJo the 3 toothed 6 year old who likes pinching strangers.

I’m gonna send my kid into that breeding ground for disease? Now that I’m really thinking about it, what the fuck was wrong with my parents? Why would they let me in that pit of germs? Was I really that annoying as a child? So annoying that my mom would risk me catching Face Herpes for a moment of solitude with a Big Mac? (YES FACE HERPES IS A THING)

My kids are getting turkey sandwiches, carrot sticks, water with lemon slices and trail mix. When they’re done eating we’ll go to the park where they can run sprints pretending that they are cheetahs, or whatever wild shit their brain dreams up of. No McDonalds and Ball Pits. That shit is unhealhty. Plus poppa oakshades can’t covertly hit a one hitter inside of a McDonalds Play Area and he definitely will be able to do that at an outdoor park.


PS. Why the fuck does McDonalds taste so different from when we were kids. That shit was delicious. Now I gotta be high as shit and that shit needs to be fresh out the oven for me to even enjoy a bite.

PPS. Or drunk. Everything tastes amazing when you’re drunk.

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Jim Carrey Dropping Knowledge About Dreams

I remember asking the universe to let us make tshirts and rap music.

I also asked the universe to let me be the light skinned version of Dan Blizerian but that hasn’t happened yet.

Fiend for your dreams tho.



PS. Dear Universe, I’d settle for me being Dan’s intern or something. I just wanna be rich and have guns and party in Ibiza with dimes.

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In Honor Of Clint Dempsey Being Such A Beast, We Look Back At When He Was A Rapper

This shit is still so flames.

Clint Dempsey became my favorite player in all of soccer back in 2006, not because he showed signs of being the next big promising player from the USA, but because he dropped this BANGER.

I’m not even fucking around, this easily might be my favorite athlete rap song of all time. I used to bump this shit like for real back in the day. It’s old now, he put this out in ’06. But with how he has been playing in this Cup, it’s more relevant than ever to share.

Lol, love how he made USA soccer look hood as shit in the video too. This is just all around great.

Really wish those motherfuckers won yesterday. Can’t believe that shit. 30 more seconds and we would have advanced. Can’t get too upset though because our squad looks legit. We are playing and beating REAL teams out here for REAL. I’m mad proud. Dempsey and JJ are legit monsters out there. They are playing some of the best soccer out of anyone in the entire World Cup.

We still have a great chance to move on, so I’m not trippin. We got this. Just gotta tell the Germans: DON’T TREAD ON THIS.

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PS – While I was typing this up, I told the #FIENDS group chat that this was my favorite athlete rap song of all time. That shit was obviously controversial to those opinionated motherfuckers. Sparked a little debate. A Lot of people got love from Allen Iverson to Kobe Bryant. But ultimately, according to the Super Mookin Fiends, these are the top 3 athlete rap songs of all time:

Deion Sanders – Must be the Money

Shaquille O’Neal feat. Notorious B.I.G. – Can’t Stop the Reign

Roy Jones Jr. – Ya’ll Must Have Forgot

What you fiends think?

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Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 1.04.57 PM

Great day to wake up and be a FIEND. It’s #FIENDFRIDAY

VIA the lovely @layla_noal_

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PS – Got another one for you later too. I feel bad that I forgot to post last #FIENDFRIDAY because I got too shitfaced at Bas’s show at SOBs.

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Rare Historical Photos, You’ll Never Forget


One of the reasons I love the internet so much is the to access to such amazing visual content from around the world. It’s truly astonishing to see such power photos.

I think the biggest issue I had growing up in school, is the lack of visuals in History lessons. It’s one thing to hear a story or learn about important people and events in history, but it reaches entirely new levels when you actually see what happened. When you actually see the faces of these people and realize these were real humans, just like you and me. I find the emotion captured in photo to truly add a new layer to my understanding of history.

So I always love stumbling upon a great collection of rare photos, such as this article I stumbled up from Micky Wren of Atchuup. You can view his full article here. But below I curated some of my favorites:

An airman being captured by Vietnamese in Truc Bach Lake, Hanoi in 1967. The airman is John McCain.


The second guy from the right, is a 14 year old Osama bin Laden


Martin Luther King, Jr removes a burned cross from his yard in 1960. The boy is his son.


The first day of Google.


Nagasaki, 20 minutes after the atomic bombing in 1945


The crew of Apollo 1 practicing their water landing in 1966. Unfortunately, all of them were killed on the launch pad in a fire.


Ferdinand Porsche (yeah, that Porsche) showing a model of the Volkswagen Beetle to Adolf Hitler in 1935


A liberated Jew hold a Nazi guard at gun point


The first McDonalds

h22 (1)

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Love Our #FIENDS


VIA: @Mayraacakes

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Can We Talk (Shit) About The Game of Thrones Finale Yet?


It aint nothin to cut that bitch off.

How about Tyrion Lannister making K Camp proud? As bad as I wanted to talk about this yesterday, I waited a day to let everyone catch up. Sunday was a big night in TV with the World Cup, NBA Finals, and other shows. Some motherfuckers might have used that young DVR.

Anyway, I’m so glad this buns show is over for the year.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a Day 1 Game of Thrones fan that has never missed a single episode live. I know Bas and @oakshades think I’m the biggest Games hater, but I do like this show. I’ll be the first one to stand up and tell you I think some of the writing and plots were pure genius. I would go as far as to say some of the more shocking episodes changed TV forever.

Overall, I pretty much enjoyed each episode of this season. They were all entertaining and worth my time. But at the same time, this shit is starting to wear me out. It’s still a good show, but that’s it. It’s just a good show. I used to think this was one of the greats.

That’s what i realized at the end of this season. This is not one of the greats. This is not a Sopranos or The Wire. It’s not even close. This will not be remembered past our generation.

Maybe that’s my fault. Maybe it’s unfair to compare a story that was intended to be read as a series of books to a show like Sopranos that was written for TV (and the best TV writing of ALL time). It probably is. But that doesn’t change the fact that this show is starting to lose it’s luster for me.

Like are you really satisfied? Did you walk away from this season feeling like the 12 hours you spent on this show left you with any satisfaction? It just didn’t do it for me. It didn’t touch on any emotions. It caused no feeling in me. That’s what great TV and stories are supposed to do. It’s supposed open your mind and actually effect you at your core. It’s supposed to change you. Honestly “How I Met Your Mother” evoked more emotions in me this year than Game of Thrones. That’s real talk.

I think at the end of the day, I don’t really fuck with magic and dungeons and dragons and shit. It’s just not my thing. I didn’t mind it being part of the overall story, but each season this show creeps more and more into the land of CGI and fucking magical shit. I hate that.

The season finale really made a statement here. Yea, Tyrion choking Shae and killing his pops was cool, but more or less this shit is going straight Magic the Gathering on me. That weird little kid throwing fireballs at the whitewalkers? What the fuck is this shit?

Like I said, I’m not a full blown hater just yet. I still respect this show. It’s just not one of the greats. Your kids will not know about this show or talk about it. It won’t stand the test of time. I promise you that. I’m not sure how much more I have left in the tank but I will give it one more season. Because more than I love hating on shit, I love any excuse to sit down and mook on a sunday. And HBO Super Mookin Sunday-Funday is a lifestyle.

If you strongly agree or disagree let me hear it. More than open to a discussion about this.

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