NYC Mourns For Eric Garner

That shit really hit home last night. I’m super cognizant of race. Have been my whole life. The gift and curse of being half white and half black is you’re always thinking about the fact that you’re black and white. You feel like a chameleon sometimes. I’ve got some of the whitest people in the world that are my best friends and LITERALLY my mother. I also know some really black folk that span from my Nigerian dad to some true NYC street goons.

Mike Brown hurt. Going to Ferguson and hearing the words of the people and seeing a community coming together and then watching Don Lemon scold his own fucking hurt. But nothing hurt like last night. It hurt so much cause I knew it was coming. I knew that even though we have video footage of multiple police men confronting one man and murdering him that nothing was gonna happen.

I fucking knew it and so did everyone of my peers but we still held hope. How the fuck does one get away with murder when it occurs on film? How does one of the chosen protectors find it not only OK to murder a human but finds it amusing enough to lowkey kinda smile and joke around as he is choking the life out of a father of 6.

It hurts that I’m on a plane right now. It hurts that I’m not in the streets with my own. It hurts that for the first time in my life I’m fucking scared. I look at my brothers and see how hurt they are. I hear them talk about becoming vocal parts of a new young black movement to raise our culture and I’m scared. I’m scared because they have a platform and want to speak. I’m scared because today I read that 45 years ago the FBI assassinated Fred Hampton because J Edgar Hoover was scared of a cohesive movement empowering black Americans.

I’m scared to raise my kids cause no matter what my wife looks like they’re going to be black at night. I’m scared that no matter what I do I’m Black and we live in a Society that’s chosen to belittle my culture. I’m scared of how the world views America. I’m scared that I’ve seen so many young black men murdered by the NYPD and never seen a storefront burn. I’m scared because I know this is deeper than Black vs White. This is Rich vs Poor and all of the poor don’t see it because they’ve been tricked into thinking this is Black vs White.

I’m scared cause I’m fucking huge. I’m as big as Eric Garner. What the fuck do I do if I’m wrongly being choked out by the cops? I know what he could have done. He could have thrown those fucking cops. I know cause that’s what I would have done. He could have fought back. He didn’t. He screamed that he was choking. He screamed for his life. And he was murdered.

I’m scared that our president thinks body cameras are the answer. They aren’t. We just saw a man get murdered by our chosen protectors and then had the Medical Examiner of NYC declare it a homicide, then watched an officer get cleared. I’m scared that our president hasn’t spoken up louder even though his grandsons will one day wear hoodies and walk to the store to buy some Skittles.

If you don’t feel for Eric Garner’s family then fuck you.

If you don’t feel for Mike Brown’s family then fuck you.

If you don’t think that we as a society need to change then fuck you.

I hurt everyday because injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere and in 2014 the world is strife with injustice.

I have hope that our generation and those younger will change our country.

I have faith in information.

I have faith in good people.

I have faith in humanity.


PS. Pardon the typos, this was unedited and inspired by Brooklyn Lager 10,000 feet up.

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Time to get…LIT

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Friday Fiend of The Week: Dude Pretended To Be In A Coma For Two Years To Avoid Court


Alan Knight faked being a quadriplegic and pretended to be in a coma for two years.

The Swansea 47-year-old – who claimed benefits for a “spine injury” that he claimed caused him seizures, leaving him in a “comatose state” – conned his pensioner neighbour out of £40,000 over two years and used the money to go on shopping trips and holidays, Swansea crown court heard.

He was caught on CCTV shopping in a supermarket and driving his car. Knight’s wife, Helen, was in on the scam, and pretended to “care” for him in hospital and pushed him around in a wheelchair.

Swansea crown court was told that doctors at the hospital (where he admitted himself at least twice to avoid court) noticed something was wrong when Knight – who claimed he was paralysed from the neck down – was seen eating, wiping his face, and writing.
Knight pleaded guilty to theft and forgery and is due to be sentenced in November.

The court was told that the pensioner who was targeted by Knight has been reimbursed by her bank.



What a fucking asshole.

Honestly, I’m just insanely impressed at the dedication of this fiend. 2 years!??! He acted like he was dead for 2 years?? I can’t sit still for 5 fucking minuets. That is truly unbelievable.

I just don’t know how in 2 years they didn’t make a run for it. Like what was his long term plan? Was he really going to sit this shit out for the rest of his life? I have to imagine his plan was to eventually make a run for it. But what the fuck was he waiting for? How do you not pull the trigger on that after the first year.

I think my biggest question is: you can fake being paralyzed or in a coma? I totally thought that was some shit you could do a test for. Like how is that fake-able? Don’t they have brain wave monitors and shit? I feel like they absolutely have to apply pressure to your body to see how much you are paralyzed. Am I crazy? Is this just some shit you can easily fake? Because in my opinion, every idiot at the hospital that got fooled is just as much of an asshole as this scumbag is.

I know I should be more disgusted at this dude, but I can’t get over how amazing that is. That is true fiend dedication right there. When all else fails, fake dead.

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PS – Shouts to Dreamville for the link.

PPS – There are some really ridiculous fiends out there. Like this insane couple. But you know what? They were a COUPLE. These psychos both found love. So all those single people bitching they can’t find a “good” girl/man, need to look in the fucking mirror if these nut jobs were able to get married. That’s real shit.

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Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time

Okay, first off, shout out to the Grandma on the far left! She’s 100% mooked before. That’s not how someone who is mookin for the first time acts at all. There was zero lack of knowledge there or any hesitation on her part. 30 seconds in the video, and not only is she taking All-Pro bong rips, but did you see here directing those old chicks? Straight pro. Not a weed smoking amateur bone in her body. Genius move on her part lying to Complex to get free mook. Kudos Grandma.

When will America just wake up and realize mook is so much safer than alcohol? Look how happy these little old ladies are! Just giggling, eating Pringles and shit. There’s no problems, issues, beefs. Just love and good times. WAKE UP. And this is coming from a fiend that drinks 5 times a week.

I don’t understand how all old people don’t just mook all day. What else are you fucking doing? They just sit around the house all day, lonely, eating and watching movies. Throw some moo moo into that mix, and that’s literally my dream day.

Every old person in the world should watch this video.

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#FIENDS x Food Drive x Thanksgiving Party = #FIENDSGIVING

November 26th | 10PM | 128 Elizabeth Street, NYC | 21+


Fiendin for a good cause.

– Super Mookin Fiends

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#FIENDS x Mack Wilds


Ran into the homie Mack Wilds at the Wiz show last night. Love that motherfucker. Funny as hell and just an all around great dude. Mad talented too. Hope to work with him again.


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PS – Wiz show was fire by the way. Great set and energy. You could tell he was digging it too and going all out. That’s New York for you.

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That’s a rap. #THESEDAYSTOUR

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 12.25.27 PM

50 shows in 56 days.

What a fucking fiended out tour. Thank you to every single person that came out to support the These Days Tour. Much love for that.

Shouts to Ab-Soul and everyone over there. Couldn’t have been a better group of fiends.

Until next time. #FIENDS x #TDE



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Final Show Tonight. @abdashsoul X @FiendBassy: #TheseDaysTour


Last day of #TheseDaysTour. Final show tonight in NEW MEXICO.

Couldn’t have been a better tour. All you #FIENDS that came out was love. Soul and everyone couldn’t have been a better group of people.

Let’s finish this shit strong.

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MONSTER Energy Drink is Satan’s Weapon

Not gonna lie…

Top 5 Illuminati/Satan argument I’ve watched on Youtube.

She was coherent, a great public speaker and had to scale demo props.

Kudos to this chick.


PS. What an amazing viral campaign by Red Bull. Nothing gives your profit margins a boost like linking your biggest competitor to the devil.

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