#FIENDS at SOB’s #LastWinterTour


Ron’s face is the only way I can accurately describe how last night felt. Real shit what a fucking homecoming. SOB’s was fucking packed. Front to back filled with …



I got to the venue at 6:45 pm for soundcheck and what do I see? A full on Brazilian band including chicks in those wild dresses doing the salsa and shit, but also a crazy fucking line of fiends and dreamvillains waiting to get in to the venue.


Shit paid off cause you guys got a great view of the show.


It was a family affair so Bas brought out Quick for Fiji Water In My Iron. Fucking dope as shit to see Quick and Bas perform for the first time on the same stage. I’m so used to being mooked as shit watching them make music, not perform it.


Seeing Mama in the front row rocking out was fucking crazy. I heard my mom was out in the crowd flipping Fiend tees for the low. How fucking funny is that shit?

_MG_4501 (1)

Look how bodied this fiend Gunna is. He prolly launched 15 tshirts into the crowd yesterday.




Funny story. We told this fiend Dre to jump into the crowd. Fiends got a little too hype and launched him into the crowd. Normally a crowd will catch a fiend. Not in NYC tho. Fiends sidestepped him with the quickness, but on the second go around he was lifted to the sky like mook smoke out the lungs.


Shouts to these two fiends for putting together a dope vibe for the show.

_MG_4632 (1)

Shouts to all the fans that not only copped a ticket, but copped a CD, a tshirt, told 4 of their friends. Shouts to everyone that has been showing us love man.


Shouts to Sheets for holding everyone down with the fresh FIENDS gear.


Last summer we turned crazy at Westway. There was about 200 of us in there getting shitfaced. Bas performed like three songs. Shit was amazing. An all around crazy night. Fast forward less than a year and this fiend sold 450 tickets at SOB’s.

Last Winter forreal.


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Things That Are Wrong With The World

I really fuck with these Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski. Takes #FakeDeep to a whole nother level. I had a good ass time reading into each one of these pictures.

Click to see the rest. Read more ›

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Watch This Fiend Make A Perfect Hamburger

We finna hire this fiend to chef up for our BBQ this summer. Shit … should we throw a dope ass BBQ this summer somewhere in the city? Who doesn’t love a good ass BBQ? Gotta do it in the city tho. Queens BBQs get way too hot in the summer.


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Shit White People Do : Base Jumping With Their Dogs


I mean it really doesn’t get much better then this dude taking his dog up a fucking mountain and jumping off it with him strapped to his back. At first I was like holy fuck this is fucked. Like imagine being this dog. What the fuck is going through his head. Then I realized that maybe this dog doesn’t have a goddamn clue he’s up a mountain? Then I was like maybe he likes being up on this mountain? Dogs kinda enjoy everything outside of being beat on and inclement weather. So who knows… maybe this dog is having the time of it’s life?



PS. I’m bout to upload footage of Wave bungee jumping with his family’s cat.

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Bas | Last Winter – The Tour Trailer

It’s almost that time. Can’t wait to see all of you #FIENDS.


6/01 – BOSTON, MA – MIDDLE EAST – http://fiends.co/1kFhPgh
6/02 – SAN FRANCISCO, CA – BRICK & MORTAR – http://fiends.co/1kFi5vE
6/04 – LOS ANGELES, CA – VIPER ROOM – http://fiends.co/1mvgnhK
6/05 – DALLAS, TX – THE LOFT – http://fiends.co/1jxz6dc
6/06 – HOUSTON, TX – WAREHOSUE LIVE – http://fiends.co/1onjlpN
6/07 – AUSTIN, TX – EMPIRE CONTROL ROOM – http://fiends.co/1nlNlmb
6/11 – WASHINGTON, DC – U STREET – http://fiends.co/LW_DC
6/12 – NEW YORK, NY – S.O.B.S. – http://fiends.co/1niY40o
6/17 – ATLANTA, GA – VINYL AT CENTER STAGE – http://fiends.co/1nlNlmb
6/18 – CHICAGO, IL – SUBTERRANEAN – http://fiends.co/LW_CHI


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Happy #FIENDDAY @FiendBassy


Fiends are getting old man. Feels like just yesterday this mug Bas was bodied on The Carter rooftop telling Jota that he doesn’t rap. Fast forward to today and we’re putting together our first tour. Fucking dope. Here’s to many more happy and healthy years fiend.


PS. Please send all Happy Fiendday gifts to The Dub. We are accepting all quantities of mook addressed directly to Oakshades or Wave_Bandana.

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Holy Shit This Chick Can Talk To Animals

Seriously thoo…


We got a living Dr. Doolittle and I didn’t find out about this till 3 am this morning? What the fuck is wrong with us? Someone needs to be studying this chick. She should be in the Rainforest talking to parrots about Global Warming. How is she not the head of the World Wide Fund for Nature?

I’m not gonna lie, I was mad skeptical about this shit but then I watched and then remembered how much I feel like I can talk to the trees when I’m on mushrooms and yea this could be feasible.

Who tryna throw in for this dvd tho?


PS. Dude woulda given her 3 million dollars if she asked for it after talking to Spirit.


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Ibrahim Hamato – Nothing is Impossible

Goddamn this shit is inspiring but also makes me feel like such a fucking lame. This is the kinda shit that makes me feel mad worthless. I be taking any and every excuse to quit at shit. This dude loses both arms and still is out here in these streets busting dudes ass at table tennis. This the kinda shit that make me wanna be better at life.


PS. I’m so fucking bad at table tennis.

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Bas (@FiendBassy) takes @MTVNews to Queens

Get More:
Music News

Shouts to Nadeska on this piece. Real shit it’s brick as fuck in that basement. I’ve spent a few nights mooked as fuck tryna sleep while Bas and Ced were cookin up. Mad funny seeing the crib on MTV.


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Defend Net Neutrality

Come on now. We’re bout to fuck up the best shit of all time now? Don’t do this shit America. Don’t fuck up the internet.


PS. I really hope these mugs don’t ruin the internet.

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