Barcelona Go!

Dunno how this fiend accomplished this effect, but now I really wanna go to Barcelona.

I mean I always wanted to go to Barcelona.

Why haven’t I gone to Barcelona yet?

#FIENDS in Barca???


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Upcoming @FiendBassy Shows (JULY)


Dollar And A Dream.

Last Winter Tour coming to Vancouver (link coming soon), Toronto and back to Chicago.

Quebec City Festival, Center of Gravity Festival and Osheaga Music Festival.

July is gonna be a hectic month.

Come fuck with the #FIENDS.


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Last Winter Tour – Bas | TX-DC-NYC (Official Video)

The second part of The Last Winter Tour took us thru Texas to DC and then back home to NYC.

We met some really dope people on this leg.

Saw some cool fucking cities.

Performed for diehard fans at legendary venues.


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@Fiendbassy at Le Festival d’été de Québec


July 5th Bas is out in Quebec City for The Quebec City Summer Festival.

Shit is pretty dope.

It’s an 11 day festival that shuts down downton Quebec for 100,000 fiends tryna enjoy mad different types of music.

Let us know if you gonna be out there.

Bas’s set starts at 7pm on July 5th.


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#TBT – Dying Fast – @Fiendbassy

Last December we linked up with some homies and filmed a video for Dying Fast.

Learned alot about creating during this entire experience.


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What’s On Your Mind? – A Short Film About Facebook

I fucking hate Facebook.

I also check my Facebook like 102 times a day.

I don’t know if my love for Twitter will ever go away like my love for Facebook.

I’m gonna go humblebrag in my status now.


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Compton Reacts To Magic

Yo man. This shit is amazing. How is Compton Reacts to Magic not on ABC right now? I’m dying. Why do black people have the best reactions to shit? It’s amazing. I’d watch this kid walk around the hood doing magic tracks for 2 hours a night if the world let me.


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I Don’t Fuck With Ball Pits

First let’s just take about 3 minutes to:

Laugh our asses off at this huge chick tryna stabilize her core in order to get out of this ball pit.

Then let’s take about another 3 minutes to:

Feel terrible about America as a whole because we’re so goddamn fat that we just spent 22 seconds watching a huge chick try to stabilize her core in order to get out of this ball pit and then 3 minutes laughing at her.

Seriously though, I don’t fuck with ball pits. That shit is just a super nasty fucking premise. Have you seen kids? Have you smelled kids? Have you ever been to McDonalds? Let’s go ahead and add all of those different components together. Then let’s toss in some Sweet and Sour sauce, three chicken slime nuggets, four kids sized Minute Maid Fruit Punches and some chocolate fudge covered peanuts that have been sucked dry and spit out by BobbyJo the 3 toothed 6 year old who likes pinching strangers.

I’m gonna send my kid into that breeding ground for disease? Now that I’m really thinking about it, what the fuck was wrong with my parents? Why would they let me in that pit of germs? Was I really that annoying as a child? So annoying that my mom would risk me catching Face Herpes for a moment of solitude with a Big Mac? (YES FACE HERPES IS A THING)

My kids are getting turkey sandwiches, carrot sticks, water with lemon slices and trail mix. When they’re done eating we’ll go to the park where they can run sprints pretending that they are cheetahs, or whatever wild shit their brain dreams up of. No McDonalds and Ball Pits. That shit is unhealhty. Plus poppa oakshades can’t covertly hit a one hitter inside of a McDonalds Play Area and he definitely will be able to do that at an outdoor park.


PS. Why the fuck does McDonalds taste so different from when we were kids. That shit was delicious. Now I gotta be high as shit and that shit needs to be fresh out the oven for me to even enjoy a bite.

PPS. Or drunk. Everything tastes amazing when you’re drunk.

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Jim Carrey Dropping Knowledge About Dreams

I remember asking the universe to let us make tshirts and rap music.

I also asked the universe to let me be the light skinned version of Dan Blizerian but that hasn’t happened yet.

Fiend for your dreams tho.



PS. Dear Universe, I’d settle for me being Dan’s intern or something. I just wanna be rich and have guns and party in Ibiza with dimes.

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NBA Stars Read Tweets About Themselves

This shit is top 5 segments on TV.

I’d watch a 30 min show where people just read tweets about themselves and then reacted to them.

I’d even go as far as to put the tweeters in the same room as the people they tweeted about to see what their in real life reaction would be.

This also brings to life how fucking funny random fiends in the world are.


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