99 Locations of New York

99 Locations of New York from Menzkie on Vimeo.

This shit is cool.


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St. Louis Police Kill Unarmed Teenager

Lesley McSpadden and her husband, Louis Head, mourning for her son, Michael Brown, who died in the street on Saturday. Credit Huy Mach/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, via Associated Press

The fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager Saturday by a police officer in a St. Louis suburb came after a struggle for the officer’s gun, police officials said Sunday, in an explanation that met with outrage and skepticism in the largely African-American community.

The killing of the youth, Michael Brown, 18, ignited protests on Saturday and Sunday in Ferguson, Mo., a working-class suburb of about 20,000 residents. Hundreds of people gathered at the scene of the shooting to question the police and to light candles for Mr. Brown, who was planning to begin college classes on Monday.

Mr. Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, held a cardboard sign that said, “Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son.”

At a news conference on Sunday morning, the St. Louis County police chief, Jon Belmar, said that a man had been shot and killed after he had assaulted a police officer and the two had struggled over the officer’s gun inside his patrol car. At least one shot was fired from inside the car, Chief Belmar said.

I’m 26 years years old and I’d say I’ve been fairly cognizant of what is going in the world for the last 15 years or so. This shit is getting old man. I’ve been afraid of getting murked by the cops since I realized that as a young black man that there’s a pretty decent chance that I could get bodied by the cops.

It’s gotta stop.

It’s really terrible.

What’s crazy to me, is that every time something like this happens, a person loses their life in a situation that obviously needs to be scrutinized under the most objective microscope ever, the exact opposite happens.

We just watch cover up after cover up. Chavis Carter gets arrested and hand cuffed in the back seat of a cop car. Then he gets shot in the head and the cops say he committed suicide. With his hands cuffed behind his back?

Eric Garner gets choked out on camera, and the NYPD holds a press conference and tells the world that the man we watched says he was not put in a choke hold and promptly arrests the dude that filmed them MURDERING Eric Garner. It never stops. No accountability at all. Fuck accountability, no honesty at all.

And honestly it’s a pretty simple fix. Instead of giving NBA rookies Google Glass to wear to the NBA Draft … MAKE EVERY FUCKING COP IN THE LINE OF DUTY WEAR GOOGLE GLASS. Stop fucking protecting terrible humans. For every good cop there’s gotta be 32 dirtbags who figured the pension and power that comes with a handgun would be better then sitting at a desk.

We need higher standards for those whose job is to Serve and Protect. We need to hire a higher caliber of HUMAN to be police.

If our society doesn’t fix this issue, it’s only gonna get worse.



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#FESTIVALFIENDS | @Osheaga 2014

One of the best weekends we’ve ever had.

Montreal is like a Parisian Chicago.

Amazing city.

Amazing festival.



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Last Winter Tour Toronto x Pregame With @FiendBassy + @Dreamville + @hustleGRL + @SMFiends



We fucking love Toronto and what better way to get this weekend started then by hitting NYC’s Canadian cousin for the Last Winter Tour.

Shit you already know the deal.

Bas on stage performing the shit out of a little bit of Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II and a bunch of Last Winter.

But we decided to make today a little special.



Our first ever Pregame before a show. Some of the Dreamville fam will be there. A few of the FIENDS will be there. HUSTLEGRL providing the music. Some fiend providing drinks … and prolly someother fiend providing mook.

Come fuck with us around 7pm and then mob to the show at 9.


PS. You know we brought that #FIENDS merch out to TDot for the low low.

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Yo @NFL What’s Really Good?


Last year I picked up Josh Gordon on my big money Fantasy Football team and real shit… dude is a fucking BOSS out there on the turf. Fast forward to the Championship Game of our league and my WRs put up no numbers and we lose by 30. Where was Josh Gordon? Suspended for testing positive for Codeine. Really let the squad down man. Fast forward to last week and Josh gets suspended for mook AGAIN. This time cooking Money Manziel and company EARLY in the year.

Rewind to earlier this past offseason where Ray Rice, RB for the Baltimore Ravens gets caught on security camera knocking out his wife and dragging her limp body out an elevator. Him and his wife get on TV and talk about what happened Fast forward to this past week where the NFL hands him a 2 game suspension.

I’ve been thinking bout this shit for a minute now. NFL players are allowed to drink alcohol in excess, they are allowed to get prescribed pain killers, say what you want but they pretty much are able to take an enhancement supplement on the face of the earth … but Weed? Nah you can’t smoke weed. Peep this excerpt from Mike Florio’s article about Josh Gordon’s suspension. He gives some insight into the whole process and this is the crux of Gordon’s appeal:

Urine samples routinely are split into two bottles, the “A” bottle and the “B” bottle. If the “A” bottle generates a positive result, the “B” bottle is tested. Amazingly, the “B” bottle doesn’t have to independently show a violation. Instead, the substance abuse policy states that the “‘B’ bottle Test need only show that the substance, revealed in the ‘A’ bottle Test, is evident to the ‘limits of detection’ to confirm the results of the ‘A’ bottle Test.”


For Gordon, the “A” bottle showed a concentration of 16 ng/ml, only one nanogram per milliliter above the limits of 15. The “B” bottle showed a concentration of 13.6 ng/ml — less than the threshold.

Just to make sure you got that. Two samples. A and B. You test A then you follow up with a test on B. A was 16 ng/ml and B as 13.6 ng/ml. So if B was A, Josh would be catching fly routes from Johnny Football. But it wasn’t.

You know what’s crazier? This mug Josh Gordon has passed 70 drug tests in the last year.


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.43.49 PM

THE WORLD ANTI-DOPING AGENCY ALLOWS FOR 150 NG/ML????? and we’re busting homies for 15 ng/ml? Come on man.



I’m not one to like OD comment on someone’s personal relationship with their girl but goddamn what the fuck man? Like I hope Ray Rice and his wife figured out what the fuck is wrong with their relationship but come on man. I can’t sit here while dudes are losing full years of their prime cause they got mooked and we got homies beating women’s faces in and suiting up for Game 3.

What kind of messaging is that for young meathead RBs all over the country? I don’t get it. Shit is fucked. What up NFL? It’s cool to beat up women but not get high and listen to Last Winter?




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Cannot decide if Jibo is

a. Going to turn into an evil robot and murder us all in our sleep.
b. Built by the NSA to track all of us.
c. Dope.
d. Officially ends the past and propels the present into “THE FUTURE”.

How you fiends feel bout this?


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“Repeal Prohibition, Again” via @NYTimes

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 1.39.38 PM


Pretty cool that The New York Times is being proactive in this mook debate.

Also pretty obvious that there is too much money being made in Denver and Washington for other states to be sitting by doing nothing.

War on Drugs is failing every fucking day.

Legalizing marijuana is gonna change America in a very good way.



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Pallet Surfing

Yo this is genius man.

This shit is also like 6 years old and I just came across it today.

I also think someone is gonna now die trying to mimic this shit.

How mooked was dude when he thought of this?

This is definitely a highdea.

My favorite part of this video is the reaction of all of the Bratislavan fiends watching this fiend fly by them.


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Bare Knuckle Fighting via @VICE

I lowkey really enjoy watching fighting. So much so that I had to ban myself from watching WSHH knock outs cause at a certain point it can’t be healthy to just see fiends getting viciously knocked out over and over again.

I watched this doc and fucked with it but I have one really big problem with it.

Kimbo Slice woulda bodied every single one of these fiends so easily.

Step your shit up UK.

If you make this shit legal, I’m pretty sure America would dominate this shit just like we do pretty much everything else but soccer.


PS. And we kinda suck at Tennis and Hockey sometimes but Canada is basically America so that counts for the Americas. I just realized that Hockey is Canada’s replacement for Baseball. Wow I also just figured out the last component to making America dope at Soccer.

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It’s Still @NYKnicks Over Everything But It’s Cool That Cleveland Bron is Back

This shit is fucking crazy. I’m sad and happy man.

I’m sad as shit that Melo and Bron aint gonna be fulfilling their destiny as the best duo to ever play in the NBA. All while doing this in orange and blue. BUT I’m happy as shit that Bron is no longer playing for the Heat and that #HeatNation are gonna be terrible for a long long time.

I love hoops man, Basketball has pretty much the guiding force in my light since I was a kid. I’ve met all my best friends, my brothers because they either hooped with me or we formed a bond talking about how trash the Knicks were and why we would make better General Managers then Scott Layden or Isiah Thomas.

How could I not love LeBron James growing up as a die hard hooper. The next dude that actually could be better then MJ?? The kid who was 2 years older then me but was dominating fiends on ESPN?

I remember the summer of 2003 vividly. It was the last summer I went to Basketball camp. I remember hooping for like 10 hours at camp, coming home and iceing my ankles. I remember the AND 1 Mixtape Tour on TV and then reading about how fucking dope Bron was about to be on the Cavs. Basketball was still dope to me even though the Knicks sucked cause I fucked with Bron.

I always knew Bron was gonna dip from Cleveland. Lowkey I thought he was gonna be out after his first contract was up. Before he signed that three year extension. It woulda been perfect. I remember being so heated at the Knicks because there was no way we could even offer him NYC as a home.

Do you remember the 2006 Knicks team?

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 1.09.01 PM

I was tight. You gotta have cap space the first time LeBron James can be a free agent. The New York Knicks were such a bad franchise that when I was 12 I pretty much researched every step I would have to take to one day run that team. I went to NYU and majored in Sports Marketing and planned on going to Law School simply because I was so tired of rooting for a team with no vision.

I remember the decision. I remember sitting in my boy’s room. There was like eight of us in there. We smoked a few blunts and we’re drinking forties. I was ready for everything about the New York Knicks to change. It was time for Bron to leave and the Knicks had cap space for DAYSSSSSSS.

I was so convinced that he was going. Boys and Girls Club in Connecticut. That’s a chopper ride away from MSG. I swear on my fam, I invested every penny I had to my name in MSG stock because Bron was coming home.
The Knicks invested a Billion dollars into transforming the Garden the same year Bron was a free agent. They knew some shit was bout to go down. I was ready for all the years of being a Knicks, Mets, and Jets fan to get a little easier. And then he said he was going to Miami.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 2.05.17 PM

I’m not gonna even front, I was salty like a chick who just got dumped. I helped start that twitter. @HeatHaters. I was literally a woman scorned. I unfollowed Bron. Immediately vowed to hate his new homies Bosh and Wade. Tweeted the saltiest tweets. I couldn’t watch Heat games. I changed the channel during their Highlights. That shit made me sick to my stomach man.

I was so happy when Dallas beat them. Closest I’ve felt to winning a chip has been seeing Bron lose to Dallas and Brady lose to the Giants. Being a Knicks, Jets, Mets fan fucking sucks, my happiness derives in watching people lose instead of watching my team win.

It hurt when Bron won a chip. I really wanted that chip for the Knicks and instead fucking Miami got it. South Beach, pastel, choncletas to the game in khakis with my trophy hoe fans got that chip. Hurt my soul man. This is the peak of my Bron hate. I started watching the highlights like a chick goes on her ex’s Facebook page. His new team was so good. The highlights hurt my feelings man. I got angrier.

Then I kinda grew up and got over it. The London Olympics did this man. I could root for Bron again cause it’s USA over everything and goddamn he was good as shit. I realized that I was missing out on watching one of the best basketball players to ever touch the court play cause I was being a bitch.

Don’t get it twisted. I still rooted against the Heat and was on cloud 9 when the Knicks swept them in the regular season. But instead of purposefully not watching Heat games, I watched them. I allowed myself the privilege of watching amazing basketball.

I also realized that Bron did the right thing. He was a child star in his hometown tat got drated by his hometown team. Dude needed to leave. He had to leave and why wouldn’t he go hoop with two of his boys and collect rings. I started to think of everytime I went to the gym when in college. I hooped with my brothers and we washed teams off the court. We didn’t play fair. We would win six games in a row and then go crush trays of food in the dining hall. That’s what Bron, Bosh and Wade did. They won chips and then shut down LIV with Tiesto.

I really enjoyed watching the Spurs wash the Heat this year. That was amazing basketball. That’s really what LeBron has taught me. I’m not gonna miss amazing basketball any more. I didn’t watch Kobe hoop cause I thought he was a MJ biter. I missed alot of that dude’s career being a hater. I got tired of being a hater. I knew that shit was over in Miami. You could just tell the way that series ended that Bron knew it was a wrap. It felt like when he walked off the court in Cle.

I knew it was time for him to leave again. And then I realized that with some clever trades Phil Jackson might be able to pull it off. Then those reports dropped and I really thought the Knicks had a shot this time. Yea it was pretty delusional and kinda was a running joke for me and my boys. Lowkey we don’t even know what Melo bout to do. This was supposed to be his summer but goddamn did Bron change that.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 2.16.30 PM

This is pretty crazy man. I really can’t believe he left. I’m sad he didn’t come to the Knicks but honestly I’m happy that I can lowkey watch the Cavs play and not straight up want them to lose. Even though it’s kinda OD that they got four first round picks in a row and have three next year AND they got Bron back. That’s some WWE storyline writing right there.

As for me and my Knicks? I think we should resign Melo. I also think we should keep Amare and Baragani. This year should be about getting Derek Fisher and Melo on the same page. Developing the young talent while playing hard as hell and earning a playoff spot. The culture of the Knicks needs to change and if Melo wants to retire here as a Knick, he has the opportunity to write that ending.

BUT he could also bounce. He could go hoop in Chicago and you know what? I wouldn’t be mad at him. He’d be chasing a ring and he deserves to actually hoop on a real fucking team. He’d have dudes that would play defense around him and a system that would allow him to drop buckets while playing within it.

Regardless what happens its Orange and Blue till the death of me … plus you know KD tryna move to NYC and shine at MSG in 2016 right?


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