They Need To Decide If Columbus Day Is A Fucking Holiday Or Not


Is this a fucking holiday or not?

There is nothing worse than a day when some of your friends don’t have to work, and you do. That’s the cruelest shit ever in the 9-5 world. You got those friends that are going out Sunday night and shit, or staying up late and sleeping in while you sit at work tired as shit.

I came into the office for a regular ass day. I was pretty sour at first, but I haven’t had this day off in years now. So I was trying to stay positive. I had to get a check from my bank today for a pretty important reason. So during lunch I walked over to Bank of America. THAT SHIT WAS CLOSED. I can’t even access my own money, but I have to go to work. Then I’m just pissed off trying to walk BACK TO WORK, and there is a fucking parade coming down NYC now, and I can’t even cross the street.

Seriously, this is bullshit. You can’t have half holidays that apply to some and not others. How the hell did we let this shit happen? So half the people get off, the other half have to work and see people having a blast on Facebook and Twitter? I don’t get how we are all okay with this shit. It’s absolutely bullshit and we should’t take it anymore.

Should Columbus day be a holiday? Fuck no. He was a terrible person that literally destroyed an entire race. If you even knew the shit they did to the Native Americans. They used to trade blankets infested with Small Pox to them on purpose. Is that not some of the most messed up shit you have ever heard? They raped, murdered, tortured. Like there is no way with what we know now we should celebrate this shit.

BUT, we should 100% have a day off. Call it Fall Day break or some shit, I don’t know. Make it up, that’s not my job. But we should all get to enjoy this day together, or none of us should. This half shit has got to stop.

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And with that, the first full week of work in 2014 (aka hell week) is done.


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Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. I

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28 days till Xmas

Turkey was delicious. Stuffing banged. Lasagna was on point. Lil sister made amazing Mashed Potatoes. Asparagus was awesome and made my pee smell. Got to sleep. Mooked a shit ton. Hella football. Most important was the four day weekend… all for what?? Now I’m back clocking in, sitting at my desks wondering how V-Nasty is putting out collab mixtapes with Gucci Mane and I’m stuck sitting here reading about V-Nasty putting out collab mixtapes with Gucci. 28 days till the next break.

– @oakshades

PS. Who tryna hit this GMen vs Jets game on XMAS eve? Pretty sure that’s going to determine who @Wave_bandana roots for during the next 3 seasons.

PPS. I know the fucking picture says 42 but there’s no shot my ass was finna try and make that into a 28.

PPPS. Not too long till facerolls at Holy Ship

PPPPS. MOTHERFUCK THE MONDAY MORNING ALARM CLOCK. I don’t even hate Mondays like that anymore, they fly way faster then Wednesday but that alarm at 8:15 am on Monday is the worst thing in the world.

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